Farrah Fawcett Wig

The Sexiest Farrah Fawcett Wig Ever!!

Many super-hot women have come in and out of the silver screen for many decades now, especially between 1960 and 1990. Some of those ladies have been supermodels, singers, actors, and even comedians. There is one woman that is an artist and famous actress that is not only notable for a poster she appeared on that sold 12 million copies, but is one of three original Charlie’s Angels under the name Jill Munroe; her name is Farrah Fawcett, and with her good looks and excellent acting, she would easily make the Top 25 list of greatest actresses of all time. Here is a little more about this woman who left our earth in 2009.

The daughter of an oil field contractor and a home maker, Fawcett saw her career begin as a hairspray spokeswoman for Breck as well as the Noxzema face washing cream that is still very popular today. After her commercial stints, she moved on to guest appearances on such hit sitcoms as ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ alongside Barbara Eden and eventual ‘Dallas’ star Larry Hagman. From there she went to the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ and then to get a small role in the 1976 hit ‘Logan’s Run’. Thanks to a friendship Fawcett and her husband had with producer Aaron Spelling, the part of Jill Munroe the detective woman was given to her during the beginning stages of ‘Charlie’s Angels’. She lasted the first season and was then replaced by Cheryl Ladd for season two; Fawcett eventually came back for seasons three and four of the hit show that has been turned into a movie three times.

Fawcett is perhaps one of the more beautiful actresses that came out of the 60′s and it is unfortunate that colon cancer took her away from the world so soon. If you loved the way Fawcett looked in Charlie’s Angels and wish to let her legend live on forever, then you need a Farrah Fawcett wig that you can enjoy for many years to come. Since a wig is easy to care for, you can store this wig for those moments that you wish to look like the Charlie’s Angel superstar. She is an immaculate looking woman that definitely deserves all of the attention she so frequently has received in her life.

Brown Mullet Wig

 The Coolest James Brown Mullet Wig Ever!

If your current character is daring, wild, and a little ‘left of center’, then you definitely fit the hairstyle that has a history of daring wearers commonly called the ‘mullet’, which styles the hair long in the back yet short on the front and sides. No matter if you are a baseball player, wrestler, or an aspiring musician, the mullet is definitely a bold statement in hair culture. Tom Jones, the famous Welsh performer that has sold well over 99 million records in his life, is perhaps one of the first official popular bearers of the mullet hairdo dating back to the mid-1960′s. From that point on, the mullet never looked back and still hasn’t.

The mullet, which is often seen in brown, is not simply gender specific, considering that one of the most famous television moms, Carol Brady, rocked the mullet on the ‘Brady Bunch’ show. Many other popular singing and acting persons have decided to stick with a mullet early in their lives, such as the pop legend David Bowie and the founding member of the ‘Band on the Run’ group Wings, Paul McCartney. Even Michael Bolton and Genesis front man Phil Collins spent their early musical careers wearing this electrifying hair style. On through the 80′s, the style became trendier as the years went on, seeing people like Bono and ‘Sledgehammer’ singer Peter Gabriel jam out with the mullet. As the 90′s began, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus let his ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ be comforted with a mullet while the group ‘The Vandals’ also donned the hairdo. It still continues to be worn today by many; however, it lost much of its luster at the beginning of this decade.

Whether you decide to get a brown mullet wig or shape your original brown hair into a mullet, everyone must at least try this style of hair once in their lifetimes just to see how radical you look. Joan Jett and Pat Benatar had their own rock versions of the mullet, which gives ladies the indication that they, too, can sport a mullet in style. No matter what your race, creed or color is the mullet is a hairstyle that will continue its popularity for many years until the next best thing is introduced to the hair world.


Get your Short-Fro Today

Struggling to keep in style with hair and clothes is a challenge for anyone, especially if you are a woman; there are so many different haircuts and perms to get, and even the opportunity to get a short fro exists. Depending on the style and texture of your hair, there are several options that young women have in terms of short fro’s, and if you are willing to step outside the box and get a different look for yourself, you certainly will have your work cut out for you. There are certain advantages in having a short fro hairstyle and below are the basics you’ll need to ultimately keep in mind when shopping your hairstyles around.

First, in terms of the short fro, you should know that this style is extremely easy to maintain if you can get the hairstyle done initially. With tools such as an afro pick or even a comb with a pointed end, you can easily maintain a short fro for many years. In regards to coloring your short fro, there is little issue in doing this considering you can either color it as you would normal hair, or simply find some paint that will wash out of your hair with ease. You should know that short fros do not have any color lines, since anyone that has the knack for growing curly hair can get themselves a fro look with ease. Jewish people, even Scottish people, can equally enjoy the afro look without being African American as this style is often clich├ęd to belong to.

Finally, you also have the option to purchase a short afro wig that you can wear on top of the natural hair you already have. Since many people are unable to grow this type of hair, it behooves them to simply purchase a wig when they want to go out on the town with the short afro look. There are many different textures and colors to choose from, so you can get the short afro look no matter what. Not everyone will ideally look great with a short afro hairstyle; however, if you want to explore other parts of your hair character, it would definitely be awesome to go the short fro route since it is currently in style.

Doc Brown Wig

The Craziest Doc Brown Wig Online

If you are a huge fan of 1980′s movies, then perhaps one of the better introductions to the future of technology is best done in the ‘Back to the Future’ series that stars Michael J Fox as Marty McFly and his crazy, quirky doctor slash inventor friend he simply calls Doc, known better as Doctor Emmett Brown who is played by Christopher Lloyd. In this epic three movie series, the two go back and forth through time and see how events in their life unfold. In the first of the movies, Doc Brown discovers a means to go back in time; upon showing Marty the invention that he created using a Delorean and exactly 1.21 gigawats of plutonium power, Doc is killed by Libyan terrorists that he is indebted to for the plutonium he got.

Marty then jumps into the Delorean, also trying to outrun the Libyans, and finally he reaches the 88 miles per hour that is required to go back in time. Marty chooses to go back to the time his father was in high school; in doing this, he has the opportunity to change George, his dad, from his nerd-like self always at the mercy of Biff into a well-respected man that actually, in the end, sees Biff working for George as a handyman / car detailer. Marty goes on a wild ride, including his own soon-to-be mother hitting on him, and eventually catches back up with Doc. In requesting the assistance of Doc in getting back to 1985, he attempts to let him know of his future demise at the hands of the Libyans and leaves a letter for Doc. Since the Doc refused to listen, Marty takes off and ends up at the original site of the attack, sees Doc Emmett Brown get shot again, and is happy to find out he read the letter and is now wearing a bullet-proof vest.

This story leads into more adventures for the two, from going to the Wild West days all the way to when Marty and his wife have children that are grown. If you are a fan of Doc Brown, then you really should consider getting the same hairdo and white lab jacket that made the Doc famous; the Doc Brown wig needed is available in retail outlets everywhere as is the lab coat.

New Discount Elvis Wig

The Coolest New Discount Elvis Wig Ever!

Finding low costing and new discount Elvis wigs online poses many challenges both in trusting the sites and knowing if you are getting what you paid for. First and foremost, people are challenged in finding one that is authentic and made correctly; next, people are faced with knowing if they are going to be ripped off or not. Finally, one of the key factors in deciding what kind of discount Elvis wig to buy is the fabric the hair and sideburns are made of. These challenges can be overcome by simply doing a little due diligence before buying your new discount Elvis wig from an online retailer.

As with any product, you first want to find out more about the company that makes these and see to it no complaints exist against the company, such as defrauding their customers or sending the wrong product. It is actually a good practice to find the company, or a list of companies, and call each one with some questions regarding their product. Ask them what kind of material that is used to make these wigs, such as human hair or wool, or some other type of hair that you may have an allergic reaction to. Next, make sure that you completely discuss the looks you need in your new discount Elvis wig as you do not want to get your wig and have it look nothing like Elvis. Finally, you need to make sure you price shop as many people will sell these wigs much higher than need be due to the name attached.

There are other small tips you need to bear in mind while Elvis wig shopping, such as how they will ship the final product to you; certain wigs need to be stored within a certain temperature during shipping and while in your possession, so make sure that you pay attention to their shipping and care instructions. You may even entertain getting a styrofoam wig head to store this wig as this is suggested to keep the correct fit for the life of the wig. Also, you may want to see if treatment products are needed to keep your new discount Elvis wig in tip-top shape. Overall, simply enjoy the look you will have with your new discount Elvis wig.

Pink Bob Wig

Get this sexy Pink Bob Wig today!
All haircuts have some sort of history behind them, and the infamous ‘bob’ is no exception. Wore primarily by women and made popular in the pre-World War era, the bob has seen many different variations, colors, and even some movie stars have worn a pink bob wig in their acting careers. Early on during the 1900′s, showgirls and famous dancers, such as Louise Brooks, wore the bob style hairdo for performances as did Polaire, the timeless French actress. However, many early fashion and news magazines claimed that the bob had met an impasse in the 20′s, thereby squashing the hairdo before it actually became popular.

The revival of the bob was credited to the most famous British hairdresser of all-time, Vidal Sassoon, sometime in the early 1960′s. Since he is well-known for creating inspiring hairdos and shaping generations with his crafty scissors, many people solely call the bob hairstyle his own. During the same time Sassoon revived the bob, the ‘mop top’ hairstyle primarily made famous by the Beatles was born into existence as well. Barbara Feldon, who we more commonly know as Agent 99 in the hit series ‘Get Smart’, wore the bob on every episode of the show; the band known as ‘We Five’, consisting of five women, all wore bob-style hairdos as well. After a brief pause in the 70′s since long hairdos ruled, the bob saw yet another revival through such acts as Cindy Lauper, Siouxsie Sioux, and Linda Ronstadt. Uma Thurman rocked the ‘bob’ haircut in the classic hit movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ playing the part of Mia Wallace.

Even now in this current era, ladies are still sporting the bob with style, such as Madonna has. Many other actresses for different starring roles have also sported the ‘do, as have even some men tried to sport a male version of such. Thanks to an outstanding hairdresser and plenty of revival time, you can still enjoy the hairdo that makes a bold statement. If you are unable to grow hair to a desired length to get this type of haircut, then you can always find yourself an alternative in a bob wig; if you want to add some funk to the look, you can get yourself a pink bob wig to show your wild and different side.

Disney Cinderella

The Cuttiest Disney Cinderella Online!

Childhood stories such as Cinderella are an inspiration to young girls that aspire to be a beautiful princess, or to be able to live a good life and manage to escape evil. The Disney Cinderella story is perhaps the most inspirational tale that you will ever hear, and should you have been unfortunate to have forgotten what the story entailed, we’ll give you a quick crash course so you can get your little girl or wife dressed up as the young princess for the 50′s.

The young scullery maid that you know as Cinderella lived with her mean step mother and two sisters Drizella and Anastasia; the only people that she initially interacts with are the birds and mice that are in the house and around it. While cleaning around the house, she discovers an older dress that was once a possession of her late mother, and vows to have that dress fixed to perfection. After the mice finally gathered the required items to fix this dress, the two sisters discovered that the items came from their own clothes and rip the dress to shreds. As she is crying in the garden area, a fairy godmother appears and, using her magic wand, makes all of Cinderella’s dreams come true, including a fixed dress, a magical coach to get to the ball, and glass slippers. When she arrives at the ball, she meets a prince and they fall in love. Knowing the spell cast by the godmother is broke at midnight, she scurries back home, leaving her slipper in haste. Of course, then the prince finds the slipper and states he will marry the lady who fits into the slipper.

This story has a magical ending, as many wish all stories did. Yet you can relive the magical fairytale every day, should you wish. Simply either role play the parts of the story with your significant other, or dress yourself up as Disney’s Cinderella with her beautiful golden hair and dress. Not every prince is a ‘toad’ in disguise, and if you play your cards right, you can relive the classic tale of love overcoming evil on Halloween, during Christmas, or any other day that suits you best. Since not everyone will fit the slipper, you can definitely fit the love in your life.

Draco Malfoy Wig

The Coolest Draco Malfoy Wig Ever!!

Even books that seem like they have a calm plot, such as the Harry Potter series, have a known bully to make the show more interesting. This interesting twist of cain that was put into the books of J.K. Rowling made Potter’s experience in the Hogwarts School more interesting yet. In this school there were four distinct ‘houses’ where children resided and bore the last names of their specific founders; they were the Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and the Slytherin. These houses were awarded and docked points throughout the school year for various acts of winning or even misbehaving. And one of the Slytherin bullies that gave Potter fits was Draco Malfoy.

Malfoy is a creation of Rowling that sort of epitomizes the bullying she endured as a young girl, and is the character that was created to cause undue hardship on Potter while going through Hogwarts. Their first initial encounter occurred while they were getting their robes in the beginning of entry into the school; Malfoy believes that Muggle-born children should be denied an education in magic, and his forthright hatred for Potter is evident throughout the course of the movie, especially in the infamous contest when they are flying on magic brooms. Being a member of the house that Severus Snape runs feeds into the drama as the Potter series carries on. Malfoy has his own henchmen that are the main focus of opposition for Potter. These kids include Crabbe, Malfoy, Pansy and Goyle, and equally match the main four that run with Potter.

Malfoy, played by Tom Felton in the movie, is a young teen with bright blond hair and wears the signature Hogwarts uniform. Since many people seem to prefer to dress as Potter or even Emma Watson’s character in the movie for such occasions as Halloween or other costume parties, you could be one of the few that dressed up like Draco Malfoy for a special occasion. Simply find yourself a Draco Malfoy wig which is really just a short bleach blond wig, and gather your required uniform which can be found online for a nominal fee, and then find yourself a diary and magic spell book and you will be well on your way to becoming a bully in the magic field.

Harry Potter Wig

The Greatest Harry Potter Wig Ever!

Some people can’t write well unless they are in a certain setting at home or in an office, and then there are some who have the uncanny ability to write and come up with books off the top of their head like it’s nothing. Then you have J.K Rowling, who had the ability to create one of the most popular line of books and movies through her character creation while waiting for a delayed train in London. Of course, we’re discussing the incantation of Harry Potter, the young wizard child that has transformed what people believe in terms of magic and the abilities of the young. Harry, her main character, is the young wizard apprentice with powers he has no clue of early on in her works.

This orphan child, in the beginning phases of the story, discovers at the age of eleven that he has magical powers and he is existing in a world with people that do not have these powers, often referred to as ‘Muggle’. Potter is then introduced to the world of magic in which he is able to attend a school for other kids that have inner powers; the goal of this school is to teach children how to correctly harness their magical powers and become useful wizards in the community. Ready to take the challenge, Potter then heads off to the Hogwarts School, where he will learn useful spells, potions, and get the opportunity to compete in school wizardry contests. Throughout the entire run of the books, you will find that Potter has many flashbacks of other characters in a machine called the ‘Pensieve’.

As we know now, the Potter series was retired following the final movie. However, the series will become immortalized by means of museums, sales of book and movie collections, as well as the story being shared for many years to come with the youth of our society. Harry Potter, with his signature glasses and pretty boy hairstyle, was effectively portrayed in the film versions by Daniel Radcliffe from beginning to end, acting the role as read in the books to perfection. Maybe it is time you went out and got yourself a Harry Potter wig and a wand, exploring your inner wizard while feasting on the knowledge in the books.

Elizabeth Taylor Wig

The Sexiest Elizabeth Taylor Wig Online

Film actresses in the world, both old and young, tend to look up to one of the most well-known actresses of our lives, one that has inspired both beauty, gracious acting, and even one that courted many husbands throughout her life. We, of course, are talking about Elizabeth Taylor, the woman who was ‘damed’ and was well-loved by millions who had seen her on and off-screen. She is known for having a host of husbands in her 79 years on earth, and she is also popular with her dress attire which includes exquisite jewelry.

Taylor was more than just a beautiful actress in her lifetime; she is responsible for setting up important foundations such as AIDS Research Foundation, birthed in 1985, as well as many other forms of AIDS/HIV study projects that could hopefully find a cure or raise awareness. Her acting skills have made her one of the top 10 actresses ever to hit the screens; the British-born actress has starred in many famous movies throughout her years, including ‘Cleopatra’ where she eventually married her co-star Richard Burton, ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’, and the well-known ‘Father of the Bride’. This intelligent superstar is also known for her beautiful and piercing violet eyes that will go down in history as some of the most beautiful.

As stated above, Taylor is known for her extremely expensive and well-known jewelry as well as the development of her own perfume line. Her jewelry estate at the time of her death was valuated at well over $151 million dollars and included such pieces as the Krupp diamond that featured 33 carats worth of the precious jewel, a 69 carat diamond that was bought for her by Richard Burton as a gift, and the infamous La Peregrina Pearl that was previously owned by Mary I and weighed an astounding 50 carats. Her line of perfumes, which include the ‘Passion for Men’ and ‘White Diamonds’ lines, continue to be manufactured even to this day despite her death in March of 2011. Companies that create contact lenses based their final look off the eyes of the beauty queen. If you would love to learn more about this wonderful Dame, then simply Google her and once you are satisfied with your findings, buy an Elizabeth Taylor wig to commemorate her life and achievements.