Treasure Troll Costume

Naming some of the iconic dolls and toys throughout our history, you will see that people tend to remember the Cabbage Patch Kids, Thundercats, Transformers and even Raggedy Ann and Andy. However, one of the more funny looking yet lovable creatures that people fell in love with were the Treasure Trolls, a doll that came out of the sixties with such other nicknames as the Norfin, Wishnik, and Dam Doll. It was produced by many manufacturers and from the sixties, the fad continued through the rest of our time, placing themselves in history as one of the most exciting yet inexpensive freaky-looking toys to own in our era.

Alternatively, you can see that people had taken a loving to these creatures over time. Looking back, doesn’t the Gremlin movie kind of give you the appeal of the Treasure Troll look? It was also copied pretty nicely on the movie ‘Trollz’ which depicts the characteristics of the Treasure Troll to a ‘T’. It seems like many wild hairdos and other iconic memorabilia have copied the original look and feel of these cute little trolls. Now, the only question that remains is this: how do you get a costume put together that would accurately show a Treasure Troll? There are several things that are possible here, and really it is all depending on the time you have to work with.

For an ultra-fast solution, you can simply go to the store and purchase an outfit that would fill your desire for a Treasure Troll costume; this is the fastest and sometimes the least expensive route to take. However, if you have a little time to work with and some extra cash, you can certainly make one yourself. First, find the correct color of leotards that best suit your color preference: most of the time, however, the colors of the Treasure Troll were skin pigment-like, so shoot for that leotard. Next, find some jeweled sequins to put on your belly button area. Then, once you have a hair color picked out, you can find a wild Treasure Troll wig online or at the store and if the color isn’t perfectly what you want it like, just spray paint it to your liking. There you go! Now you are an out-of-the-box Treasure Troll.

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