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Film actresses in the world, both old and young, tend to look up to one of the most well-known actresses of our lives, one that has inspired both beauty, gracious acting, and even one that courted many husbands throughout her life. We, of course, are talking about Elizabeth Taylor, the woman who was ‘damed’ and was well-loved by millions who had seen her on and off-screen. She is known for having a host of husbands in her 79 years on earth, and she is also popular with her dress attire which includes exquisite jewelry.

Taylor was more than just a beautiful actress in her lifetime; she is responsible for setting up important foundations such as AIDS Research Foundation, birthed in 1985, as well as many other forms of AIDS/HIV study projects that could hopefully find a cure or raise awareness. Her acting skills have made her one of the top 10 actresses ever to hit the screens; the British-born actress has starred in many famous movies throughout her years, including ‘Cleopatra’ where she eventually married her co-star Richard Burton, ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’, and the well-known ‘Father of the Bride’. This intelligent superstar is also known for her beautiful and piercing violet eyes that will go down in history as some of the most beautiful.

As stated above, Taylor is known for her extremely expensive and well-known jewelry as well as the development of her own perfume line. Her jewelry estate at the time of her death was valuated at well over $151 million dollars and included such pieces as the Krupp diamond that featured 33 carats worth of the precious jewel, a 69 carat diamond that was bought for her by Richard Burton as a gift, and the infamous La Peregrina Pearl that was previously owned by Mary I and weighed an astounding 50 carats. Her line of perfumes, which include the ‘Passion for Men’ and ‘White Diamonds’ lines, continue to be manufactured even to this day despite her death in March of 2011. Companies that create contact lenses based their final look off the eyes of the beauty queen. If you would love to learn more about this wonderful Dame, then simply Google her and once you are satisfied with your findings, buy an Elizabeth Taylor wig to commemorate her life and achievements.

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