Harry Potter Wig

The Greatest Harry Potter Wig Ever!

Some people can’t write well unless they are in a certain setting at home or in an office, and then there are some who have the uncanny ability to write and come up with books off the top of their head like it’s nothing. Then you have J.K Rowling, who had the ability to create one of the most popular line of books and movies through her character creation while waiting for a delayed train in London. Of course, we’re discussing the incantation of Harry Potter, the young wizard child that has transformed what people believe in terms of magic and the abilities of the young. Harry, her main character, is the young wizard apprentice with powers he has no clue of early on in her works.

This orphan child, in the beginning phases of the story, discovers at the age of eleven that he has magical powers and he is existing in a world with people that do not have these powers, often referred to as ‘Muggle’. Potter is then introduced to the world of magic in which he is able to attend a school for other kids that have inner powers; the goal of this school is to teach children how to correctly harness their magical powers and become useful wizards in the community. Ready to take the challenge, Potter then heads off to the Hogwarts School, where he will learn useful spells, potions, and get the opportunity to compete in school wizardry contests. Throughout the entire run of the books, you will find that Potter has many flashbacks of other characters in a machine called the ‘Pensieve’.

As we know now, the Potter series was retired following the final movie. However, the series will become immortalized by means of museums, sales of book and movie collections, as well as the story being shared for many years to come with the youth of our society. Harry Potter, with his signature glasses and pretty boy hairstyle, was effectively portrayed in the film versions by Daniel Radcliffe from beginning to end, acting the role as read in the books to perfection. Maybe it is time you went out and got yourself a Harry Potter wig and a wand, exploring your inner wizard while feasting on the knowledge in the books.

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