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Childhood stories such as Cinderella are an inspiration to young girls that aspire to be a beautiful princess, or to be able to live a good life and manage to escape evil. The Disney Cinderella story is perhaps the most inspirational tale that you will ever hear, and should you have been unfortunate to have forgotten what the story entailed, we’ll give you a quick crash course so you can get your little girl or wife dressed up as the young princess for the 50′s.

The young scullery maid that you know as Cinderella lived with her mean step mother and two sisters Drizella and Anastasia; the only people that she initially interacts with are the birds and mice that are in the house and around it. While cleaning around the house, she discovers an older dress that was once a possession of her late mother, and vows to have that dress fixed to perfection. After the mice finally gathered the required items to fix this dress, the two sisters discovered that the items came from their own clothes and rip the dress to shreds. As she is crying in the garden area, a fairy godmother appears and, using her magic wand, makes all of Cinderella’s dreams come true, including a fixed dress, a magical coach to get to the ball, and glass slippers. When she arrives at the ball, she meets a prince and they fall in love. Knowing the spell cast by the godmother is broke at midnight, she scurries back home, leaving her slipper in haste. Of course, then the prince finds the slipper and states he will marry the lady who fits into the slipper.

This story has a magical ending, as many wish all stories did. Yet you can relive the magical fairytale every day, should you wish. Simply either role play the parts of the story with your significant other, or dress yourself up as Disney’s Cinderella with her beautiful golden hair and dress. Not every prince is a ‘toad’ in disguise, and if you play your cards right, you can relive the classic tale of love overcoming evil on Halloween, during Christmas, or any other day that suits you best. Since not everyone will fit the slipper, you can definitely fit the love in your life.

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