Pink Bob Wig

Get this sexy Pink Bob Wig today!
All haircuts have some sort of history behind them, and the infamous ‘bob’ is no exception. Wore primarily by women and made popular in the pre-World War era, the bob has seen many different variations, colors, and even some movie stars have worn a pink bob wig in their acting careers. Early on during the 1900′s, showgirls and famous dancers, such as Louise Brooks, wore the bob style hairdo for performances as did Polaire, the timeless French actress. However, many early fashion and news magazines claimed that the bob had met an impasse in the 20′s, thereby squashing the hairdo before it actually became popular.

The revival of the bob was credited to the most famous British hairdresser of all-time, Vidal Sassoon, sometime in the early 1960′s. Since he is well-known for creating inspiring hairdos and shaping generations with his crafty scissors, many people solely call the bob hairstyle his own. During the same time Sassoon revived the bob, the ‘mop top’ hairstyle primarily made famous by the Beatles was born into existence as well. Barbara Feldon, who we more commonly know as Agent 99 in the hit series ‘Get Smart’, wore the bob on every episode of the show; the band known as ‘We Five’, consisting of five women, all wore bob-style hairdos as well. After a brief pause in the 70′s since long hairdos ruled, the bob saw yet another revival through such acts as Cindy Lauper, Siouxsie Sioux, and Linda Ronstadt. Uma Thurman rocked the ‘bob’ haircut in the classic hit movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ playing the part of Mia Wallace.

Even now in this current era, ladies are still sporting the bob with style, such as Madonna has. Many other actresses for different starring roles have also sported the ‘do, as have even some men tried to sport a male version of such. Thanks to an outstanding hairdresser and plenty of revival time, you can still enjoy the hairdo that makes a bold statement. If you are unable to grow hair to a desired length to get this type of haircut, then you can always find yourself an alternative in a bob wig; if you want to add some funk to the look, you can get yourself a pink bob wig to show your wild and different side.

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