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The Craziest Doc Brown Wig Online

If you are a huge fan of 1980′s movies, then perhaps one of the better introductions to the future of technology is best done in the ‘Back to the Future’ series that stars Michael J Fox as Marty McFly and his crazy, quirky doctor slash inventor friend he simply calls Doc, known better as Doctor Emmett Brown who is played by Christopher Lloyd. In this epic three movie series, the two go back and forth through time and see how events in their life unfold. In the first of the movies, Doc Brown discovers a means to go back in time; upon showing Marty the invention that he created using a Delorean and exactly 1.21 gigawats of plutonium power, Doc is killed by Libyan terrorists that he is indebted to for the plutonium he got.

Marty then jumps into the Delorean, also trying to outrun the Libyans, and finally he reaches the 88 miles per hour that is required to go back in time. Marty chooses to go back to the time his father was in high school; in doing this, he has the opportunity to change George, his dad, from his nerd-like self always at the mercy of Biff into a well-respected man that actually, in the end, sees Biff working for George as a handyman / car detailer. Marty goes on a wild ride, including his own soon-to-be mother hitting on him, and eventually catches back up with Doc. In requesting the assistance of Doc in getting back to 1985, he attempts to let him know of his future demise at the hands of the Libyans and leaves a letter for Doc. Since the Doc refused to listen, Marty takes off and ends up at the original site of the attack, sees Doc Emmett Brown get shot again, and is happy to find out he read the letter and is now wearing a bullet-proof vest.

This story leads into more adventures for the two, from going to the Wild West days all the way to when Marty and his wife have children that are grown. If you are a fan of Doc Brown, then you really should consider getting the same hairdo and white lab jacket that made the Doc famous; the Doc Brown wig needed is available in retail outlets everywhere as is the lab coat.

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