Brown Mullet Wig

 The Coolest James Brown Mullet Wig Ever!

If your current character is daring, wild, and a little ‘left of center’, then you definitely fit the hairstyle that has a history of daring wearers commonly called the ‘mullet’, which styles the hair long in the back yet short on the front and sides. No matter if you are a baseball player, wrestler, or an aspiring musician, the mullet is definitely a bold statement in hair culture. Tom Jones, the famous Welsh performer that has sold well over 99 million records in his life, is perhaps one of the first official popular bearers of the mullet hairdo dating back to the mid-1960′s. From that point on, the mullet never looked back and still hasn’t.

The mullet, which is often seen in brown, is not simply gender specific, considering that one of the most famous television moms, Carol Brady, rocked the mullet on the ‘Brady Bunch’ show. Many other popular singing and acting persons have decided to stick with a mullet early in their lives, such as the pop legend David Bowie and the founding member of the ‘Band on the Run’ group Wings, Paul McCartney. Even Michael Bolton and Genesis front man Phil Collins spent their early musical careers wearing this electrifying hair style. On through the 80′s, the style became trendier as the years went on, seeing people like Bono and ‘Sledgehammer’ singer Peter Gabriel jam out with the mullet. As the 90′s began, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus let his ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ be comforted with a mullet while the group ‘The Vandals’ also donned the hairdo. It still continues to be worn today by many; however, it lost much of its luster at the beginning of this decade.

Whether you decide to get a brown mullet wig or shape your original brown hair into a mullet, everyone must at least try this style of hair once in their lifetimes just to see how radical you look. Joan Jett and Pat Benatar had their own rock versions of the mullet, which gives ladies the indication that they, too, can sport a mullet in style. No matter what your race, creed or color is the mullet is a hairstyle that will continue its popularity for many years until the next best thing is introduced to the hair world.

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