Rasta Dreadlock Wig

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In our lifetime, there have been a great number of groups and movements form that symbolize what people believe in; these movements or ‘groups’ come together to discuss their goals, they have a certain belief, and they always stick together when times are good and bad. This is the type of camaraderie you will find amongst the ‘Rasta’, or ‘Rastafarians’, as they have one reigning faith and live a lifestyle they believe is pleasing to their monotheistic deity which is named Jah. The term ‘Rastafarian’ refers to a mixture of ‘Rasta’ which means ‘head’, and ‘tafari’, which is the actual bestowed name of Haile Selassie I, the once great emperor of Ethiopia.

In the Rastafarian lifestyle, it is believed that Haile is the actual rebirth of Jesus Christ, which is the reason they worship this man so closely. It is believed, too, that this entity will lead them to the pinnacle of everlasting life in an area called Zion, which will ultimately become the Heaven for Rastafarians. This religion has many strong beliefs that extend past the traditional Christian-based values; for example, there is a strong worship and necessity for the lion that appears on the Ethiopian flag as well as the fact that Rasta’s use cannabis as a spiritual tool rather than for the traditional recreational ‘high’. It is believed that Haile will return much in the same manner Jesus Christ will; the exact moment or day is unknown at this point. And finally, the true Rasta’s do not believe in any particular government movement or sect; in fact, they attempt to avoid religion at all costs.

The Rasta’s are mainly identified by their extremely long and well-worked hair that is worn in dread locks that seem to look permanent while wearing festive hats that resemble their colors of red, gold and green; these hats, often referred to as Rasta caps or Rasta beanies, are worn by people of all ages and sexes and symbolize their love for the Ethiopian country. And, of course we all know and love the style of music that comes from the Rasta movement which is called reggae and symbolizes the beliefs and written words of the Rastafarian sect. These people are extremely kind and laid back, so if you see one around you give him or her a friendly hello.

Get Your Party On With Party Wigs

Party on! Get these great Party Wigs Now

People for many decades have found various ways to spice up the party through elaborate party wigs to enhance their own personal characteristics, or simply to become the life of the party. Today, people purchase party wigs to playfully spruce up birthday parties, add some extra pizazz to their on-stage impromptus, give their long-time co-worker a nice retirement sendoff, or simply to play practical jokes on family and friends. With such a huge assortment of party wigs available in the world today, sometimes it is hard to find the right groove for the party mood; however there are simply a few things to keep in mind when choosing your party get-up and wish to incorporate a party wig into the mix.

First, it is best to find party wigs that best suit your personality and sense of overall humor while blending in with the atmosphere you will be common to for a period of time. Party wigs for a masquerade-type ball wouldn’t bode well in a circus atmosphere, and vice-versa; so, not only should one choose a party wig according to the surroundings, but those surroundings should match the party wig perfectly. Going to a Def Leppard concert, for example, would be a perfect time to sport a mullet wig or something similar to that; vising a Halloween festival would equally be a great time to incorporate an Elvira party wig and matching outfit as well.

The overall possibilities in terms of what kind of party wigs you can find are literally endless, especially when there are some that make their own from scratch using their massive sewing knowledge. You have the opportunity to really let your inner self out to run loose simply by choosing party wigs that suit who you are and what you are about. Stores from all over the world carry various party wigs, most not having a high cost involved with them; surely, not matter what time day or night you choose to ‘bust a move’, you can find the perfect hairpiece to complement your clothing selection. Simply knowing what you want and the mood that you are in is good enough to being your night’s quest to get your party on, and it can all start with the right party wigs.

Clown Wigs For The Circus Effect

Get This Great Clown Wigs Today

Want to take a night to ‘Freak at the Freaker’s Ball’ or simply want to light up a young child’s birthday party? Or are you the type to take a love for such shows as ‘Shakes The Clown’? No matter your cause, a wide variety of specialty clown wigs can be readily found the world over for any conceivable occasion that one could desire to partake in. Making people laugh and smile is really hard NOT to do when you slip on one of these colorful guises, and with a big red nose, a bicycle horn and perhaps some huge shoes, you can take the part of a modest circus clown, or literally get a ‘Bozo Button’ through a childhood memory of the famous ‘Bozo Show’.

What kind of clown are you? The daring, stunt-devil type who loves to be the center of the show? Are you a jokester clown who loves to roll around a barrel while a charging bull slams his head into your wooden showpiece? Or do you simply love to perform easy magic tricks for children and make their birthday bash a memorable one? Regardless of the clown in you, the clown wigs that you can find, and even decorate yourself in various ways, is a characteristic of both your personality and style. Many famous clowns throughout time have counted on the look and feel of their ‘clown-do’s’ to get them a boost in both showmanship and persona. Having the proper clown wigs to wear – and an assortment of them – helps the clown to put on various acts, thereby giving them versatility.

Attending parties for work or pleasure also has the perfect need for wearing clown wigs because let’s face it: we’re always looking for a means to feel like a kid again, so since the antics of a clown lean towards the playful and joking side, you can relive your storied youth by either wearing a clown wig yourself or being around those that do wear them. So stop clowning around and go out and find your inner funniness through the careful selection and purchase of a few clown wigs so you are prepared for any occasion that will arise, and have something available as a backup plan for Halloween.

Going ‘Mad” For Mullet Wigs

Perhaps one of the most highly regarded hair-do’s of all time, the mullet is a special look that has made the ladies – and even men – over the last four decades go bonkers with delight. If you are one to have loved Steve Perry, the wonderful Brady mother on ‘Brady Bunch, or love the side-throwing save king Dennis Eckersley, the hairstyle with a significant impact on various personalities throughout history can be well-appreciated through portrayals of such figures by wearing an assortment of hand-picked mullet wigs, then running through your town yelling that you “wished you had Jessie’s Girl”.

Ok, so perhaps Rick Springfield isn’t for everyone. However, there are still plenty of colors, styles and imminent uses for the massive mullet wigs in existence. Showcasing your musical talent seems to be the most popular reason today; dressing up with tattered jeans and putting on a mullet wig while singing your favorite 80′s cover tunes is something that everyone dreams of, right? Perhaps you even love to go to office parties and sport a mullet to attract the hearts of old-time Patrick Swayze fans. You can do all of these things and so much more simply by shopping for mullet wigs online, offline, or perhaps your dad’s closet where he secretly keeps his private stash of heartthrob mullet wigs and guises for his playful bedroom times with mom.

There is nothing better than crashing your best friend’s birthday party with a group of guys dressed as an 80′s version of Andre Agassi; however, if your ‘BFF’ is not much into the tennis scene, you could always simply bust out some guitar’s and serenade him or her with some Journey songs to ease the mood. Buying a set of mullet wigs can do so much for a party or gathering, and do just as good for a night on the town with friends.

Some people use mullet wigs to cover up hair loss or to look younger, too. This is a perfectly awesome thing to do as not only are you covering up, but you are rocking out a totally “bitchin’” style that is reminiscent of the old school days when Hulk Hogan was slamming Andre the Giant, or Joan Jett ‘loved rock-n-roll’. Find your inner mullet today by sporting a historically superb hairpiece such as a mullet wig.

Oompa Loompa Wig

We all loved the classic movie ‘Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’, and even more of us have a bit of respect for the little Oompa Loompas, the little green haired guys from Loompaland that sang songs for the children who visited the factory, offering a lesson behind each song. Roald Dahl, the creator of the original book, wanted to mix fun with moral lessons, and did just that with the Oompa Loompa. Four distinct songs were sung by them to teach children about overindulging in chocolate as well as simply lessons into kindness; now, 40 years later, you can ultimately relive the cult classic anytime by finding a totally unique Oompa Loompa wig that can be worn all the time.

The movie was an excellent piece of our movie history, and is still widely shown on network television channels globally. Everyone loves to watch Gene Wilder, the original main actor in the movie, with his funny antics and spirited guided tours that led children through a maze of chocolaty goodness; Johnny Depp later redid the movie, keeping the entire plot in perfect condition, and making modern-day children just as joyful as the old school people who grew up watching the legendary story. Watching this film actually can teach children valuable life lessons, should the adult overseeing the child understand the plot completely.

With orange colored skin and thick white colored eye lashes, these funny little characters have neat dances and songs like the Veruca Salt song, the Augustus Gloop song, the Mike Teavee song and of course, the Violet Beauregarde song. These songs all had separate meanings behind them and were played at perfect times during the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie, I strongly urge you to make it a family movie night date. You will definitely appreciate it for years to come.

Preserve this traditional cult film during any occasion by going to a local retail store, or visiting online stores, and finding an Oompa Loompa wig, then find some thick white lashes, some white bib overalls, and go to town singing about bubble blowing or how eating too much chocolate can give you cramps and other issues. Overall, simply love this movie for all that it has done for our movie history.

Pink Troll Wig

Going through school, we all needed plenty of ways to get through the study hall or boring science classes that we took. In doing this, we needed a wonderful distraction such as a paper football, spit wad, a sharp pencil, or a Treasure Troll pencil topper. These cute little creatures came out around ’63 and had brief stints of popularity throughout the next three decades, capturing the hearts of many who owned the dolls. Several different kinds of fads evolved from this, including wearing hair like a Treasure Troll, color included, as well as making various other toys and objects out of the mix, including pencil toppers. These got me through many a study hall by making various funny hairdo shapes. Those were definitely the good old days, I tell you.

These troll dolls come in literally hundreds of different hair colors, such as pink, blue, green, brown, black, and all have distinct outfits to go with them. While some of the youth today may not recall these dolls, they are often times mistaken for the more common Kewpie doll, which is totally a diss to the Treasure troll market. In any case, a movie came out about them in 2005, called ‘Trollz’; if you want to see some cute little trolls running around, this is a movie to catch. These dolls are known to be imitations of the original Thomas Dam ‘Troll Doll’ that was created around the beginning of ’60.

Grab a piece of cute, lovable and eclectic doll history by getting yourself a troll wig, preferably a pink troll wig, so you can really stand out in a crowd. You can always take a pink troll wig and decorate it to your liking, adding the touches to it that resemble your character. Pink troll wigs can be worn during any occasion, including your birthday, or can simply be used to look cute around the house or at the office. Wearing a pink troll wig resembles your love for the greatest little characters in our era, and no matter which color of troll wig you prefer, pink is an excellent color for a troll wig and just happens to be one of the more popular ones to boot. Search your heart and bring out your inner pink troll.

Troll Doll Costume

If someone would come up and ask you what you’d prefer to be for Halloween, most kids want to find a heroic get-up, such as Superman, Batman, or even a police officer. Even more of your little ladies would aspire to dress like a princess, Wonder Woman, or an angel. Yet there are some in the world that love the mysterious, dark and primal beings that used to – as legend tells it – roam our earth centuries ago, such as a troll. So naturally, for those that want to have this style of party dress, they need to have some sort of clue as to what to expect to look like.

First, your troll doll costume will consist of either a brown-colored outfit with a brown, nappy wig, a tattered top and a tunic for a bottom, or if you are going to be dressed as a green troll, then you will simply need to find some lime or puke-green colored paint and a wig of the same color. Next, you will need to find something to wield, such as a large stone, wooden paddle, or anything else that can be used to beat your food into submission, such as a meat tenderizer. Finally, you need to have a distinct language that only you and a select group of your troll cronies can understand. Now that you have fully prepared to dress as a troll, you need to scope out a place to call ‘home’.

One that has the desire to have a troll costume and play the role needs to live somewhere dark, murky and off the beaten path. Somewhere in the mountains, like around Utah or Colorado, would be ideal. However, if you are a city troll, you can probably pull of living in a basement, sewage drain, or unsecured storage facility. Finally, now that you have a home, you need to have a set of troll values, such as ‘don’t eat each other’ or ‘stay away from Dobermans’. See? Anyone can score a troll costume and play the role of the mythical Norse beings that used to plunder the living folks of Norway and the rest of Scandinavia 800 or so years ago. Read up on the trolls in your local Wiki, and then grab yourself a troll costume thereafter.

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Wig


There are many British pop legends that have sprouted throughout the last 50 years, and no doubt that their musical invasion of the world has had a profound impact on the music you hear today. One of the best pop icons that you will hear even the teens and adult talk about today is David Bowie, the legendary ‘Space Oddity’ composer that stole the hearts of teens everywhere in the 70′s and 80′s. In the early 70′s, he wrote the infamous ‘Ziggy Stardust’ song that was a direct influence of the Legendary Stardust Cowboy, a band that is said to have coined the musical genre of ‘psychobilly’. David Bowie is perhaps one of the most exciting pop legends to watch and listen to in the last 50 years.

Cleverly named after the cult film classic ’2001: A Space Odyssey’ and about a fictitious astronaut named ‘Major Tom’, the hit classic from Bowie, ‘Space Oddity’, is an excellent musical piece that symbolized – in some people’s humble viewpoint, according to lyrics – as the failure of the British space program. No matter what position you take on the song, it is a top 150 hit of all time, with ease. His many other songs that struck the 80′s scene, such as ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Modern Love’, are also great testaments to his musical ingenuity. Listening to the iconic musician today will assist you in gaining a better perspective of this assessment.

So, how can one show their appreciation for this musician the best? Why, of course the answer is to get yourself a legendary David Bowie wig and sing away the night. Going to a rave, a party, or simply visiting old friends in a stylish David Bowie wig can certainly show your true grit for the musician who swept away generations of musical fans through many great on-stage acts as well as musical video performances. No matter what taste of cultural pop you prefer, some of its modern day roots are credited to the style and sound of David Bowie; search all over the net or go to a store that is around your city and see if you can score yourself this classic mullet man’s hairdo, securing your place in pop history as an excellent look-alike.

Big Troll Wig

Often found dwelling in isolated and dark parts of the world such as rocks, woodlands, or caves, the troll is a creature of massive girth and originally a part of the Norse mythology. Trolls were known to be rock or club-wielding creatures that were grotesque looking and possessing low intellect, and in some tales, are known to turn to stone upon contact with sunlight, which is the reason for remaining in dark areas. These beasts were known to be flesh-eating beasts that had a completely unique language of their own, had no sense of religion or care what or who they attacked. Overall, these beings instilled fear into the Scandinavian and Norse folks who inhabited the area at the time, not having much care for anyone.

Perhaps these creatures were ugly, morose and perhaps a threat to any society. Still yet, they are a part of our modern history and deserve to have some proper respect, too. Besides, knowing that they tend to dwell in pitch black areas of the world should give you a hint as to where you need to stay away from. At least, that is, if you do not wished to be bludgeoned to death with a club, have a large rock slung at your skull, or put into some mother troll’s stew. Of course, there is a good side to being a troll: they have large hands and a strong frame; therefore, if you can manage to tame one, they would make a wonderful farm hand or construction worker.

For any occasion that calls for a gruesome appearance, you can easily find yourself some tattered clothing, paint, and a troll wig, and hit the town with a dark-colored treat limb or Louisville Slugger, causing fear or mayhem throughout the shopping mall. Perhaps you could appear at the night club you frequent and scare a bad man away from a woman you like; alternatively, you can just get a troll wig and be-bop around the house and wait for supper to come home. Preserve the Norse legend of the troll today by wielding a troll wig and speaking in a funny language to your friends; you will certainly win their envy and perhaps form a militia of troll-like beings around the neighborhood

Green Troll Wig

When you initially think of a troll, you envision a large and possibly lethal beast of folklore that will simply rumble through your trash and possibly destroy your human possessions, or worse, eat your legs off your body. However, the myth behind the Norse creatures actually depicts them as ‘big dummies’, possessing little intellect as well as the need for darkness. This style and way of life allows them to stay out of the light, which has said to turn them to stone upon exposure. However, there are many other fun facts about trolls that you should be made aware of.

Ok, so these anti-social creatures like to dwell in the darkness and tend to have big, nasty warts on their bodies. And yes, they tend to either wield large clubs to smash their food to be eaten, or toss huge boulders at ongoing traffic. We can surely forgive them, right? After all, they do have an excellent place in video games such as Runescape, Final Fantasy and other types of mythical RPG’s, yet they really do not cause a ruckus unless they are either provoked or controlled by some wizardry. So, aside from those facts, green trolls are actually shorter than your regulation trolls are, and are even more anti-social then the other trolls that are alive today, if they even are. However, in doll form, they are a lot cuter and tamable, and for some reason, they attract quite the following amongst children still in our society.

If becoming a green troll legend is a part of your thoughts, you should consider getting a green troll wig, painting your skin a pea-colored green, and getting a ball bat. Next, you should probably find yourself an excellent place to call home, such as your parent’s attic, the corner of an interstate overpass, or in the sewer access tunnels of your city. Now that you are fully prepared to bludgeon your prey to death, start out by finding rats for practice, and when you feel you have the concept of green trollhood down to a science, it is time to find some other beast to demolish, such as an abominable snowman, or the meter reader. Either way, green troll wigs are easy to find and fun to wear.