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The most prolific cult classic that has infamous ‘virgin slave auctions’, named Rocky Horror Picture Show, stole the hearts of many people that loved the movie genre that is portrayed in this classic 1975 film starring Tim Burton and is one of Susan Sarandon’s first known film acts. The whole story is told, in the background, by a criminologist that is attempting to try and investigate the things that Frank-N-Furter is doing. He appears in the movie briefly throughout and especially towards the end of the saga. If you are into the transvestite sort of films then this is definitely one that you’ll want to enjoy.

The creation of the ‘Rocky’ is a long experiment that was conducted by Furter to prove that he had the secret formula in creating life. It also becomes Furter’s love interest due to his sexual orientation; and then the rest of the movie sort of encompasses the fact that Rocky is developing a mind of his own coupled with the two stranded motorists, Brad and Janet, that are cordially invited to the incantation ceremony of Rocky. Meatloaf is also featured on the show, crashing the entire party with a rock song before being chainsawed to pieces and served for the feast that is meant for Rocky’s celebration of birth. As the movie winds down, Riff Raff and Magenta kill off Rocky, Frank, and Columbia before ascending back to the planet of Transylvania. Much more music, acting and dramatics in between happen in this show that came from a musical and is continued to be shown in special theaters today.

Costumes that were worn by Frank-n-Furter are particularly common and relatively easy to come across; it is the other costumes for Riff Raff that may be sort of a pain to conjure up. However, if reliving the cult classic is really what you’d love to do, then our worldwide weirdness of the internet is at your disposal to find these items with relative ease. Rocky Horror wigs, in fact, are just as popular as some of the other classic films in existence. Columbia and Magenta can easily be copied, too, because they wear relative normal clothing throughout the show. For more ideas, simply rent the classic film and check out the actors and actresses that aced the show.

Rockstar Wigs

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So, you want to be a rockstar yet have no idea where to start, yet you know what you want to look like and what instrument you wish to master. Perhaps you even have some songs written that you’d love to perform for the world and just need someone to notice you. Becoming a rockstar is more than just wearing rockstar wigs and clothes while playing the air guitar; a rockstar is a way of life that most people aren’t prepared to handle, especially if they have dependents at home needing their support and love. However, if you are the fortunate one who is single and have no tie downs, then here are a few steps to consider when deciding on the rockstar lifestyle.

The first step that you need to keep in mind is having the guitar or instrument that you want picked out and kept in mind first. The reason behind this is to make sure that you are able to play this instrument to near perfection, no matter what position you may be in. Next, figure out who your influence is going to be, considering that everyone has a major influence or reason for wanting to get into the rock genre. Once identified, you should read up on their lives and listen to their music to get a better understanding of their messages. Finally, once you are comfortable with your knowledge of rockstarism, then you can pick out your signature outfits and get ready to find a manager to promote you on a local level, since that is how nearly everyone gets their start.

With rockstar wigs and your guitar case firmly in hand, your manager will get you booked into local venues, perhaps even on an amateur music night. The hopes are that you’ll be lucky enough to have a major record representative that is getting drunk in the bar or club so you can get noticed and perhaps even signed to a record deal. With the proceeds that you make from your first deal and the album, you should have enough to get a tour bus, even if it is small. Now you are ready to book gigs across the country, then globally, which will ultimately launch you into rockstar status for sure.

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Most people today have at least heard brief bits about the young lass named Rapunzel that was virtually stolen at birth by a witch in exchange for the freedom of the baby’s father since he was caught stealing the ‘Rapunzel plant’ from the witch’s garden. This young tale, which is striking similar to the story of Persian story of the young Rudaba, has many different morals that can be taught to young ladies contained within the story. It is also a good idea to know some small bits of history should you want Rapunzel costume and wigs to mimic the character in a play or even to change up your current identity to match this beautiful woman with a long lock of hair.

Of course, Rapunzel is kept in a room with no doors and only one window, requiring the evil enchantress to climb up Rapunzel’s long lock of hair to visit her. One day, the son of the King received word of the captivity of Rapunzel, and approached the tower where she stayed, asking her to let her hair down so he could climb up to speak with her. Eventually, the two strike up a love and the prince devises a means to set her free; yet, this doesn’t work for too long as eventually the evil witch casts Rapunzel out of the tower, making her live in a desert, while the prince gets thorns in his eyes and spends his days eating berries from the forest and wondering what happened to his dear Rapunzel. Reading this story in full will teach you a lot about character traits that ladies should have.

The hair that Rapunzel had spanned the entire length of her tall body, and even extended further. Since it could take years for a young lady to grow hair to that length, you simply could get a Rapunzel wig which has the hair already to the desired length. Her dress was a one-piece blue sun-type of dress, so if you would like to get the complete costume, simply shop at your favorite department store to find this wig and dress set. Finally, don’t forget the signature bow that she has in her hair, which is tied to the end of her golden lock of hair.

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Punk rock has been on the scene for nearly four decades as of this date, bringing bands from Australia, U.S. and the U.K. Many great punk acts have come from the infamous ‘British Invasion’, namely the Clash and Sex Pistols with their electrifying lead singer Sid Vicious. This type of music tends to be hard core with plenty of loud percussion and short meanings while donning dress styles that include wild spiked hair that is often brightly colored, along with spike bracelets and other types of rebellious jewelry and fashion. Punk rock still lives today and is the choice music of many teens and even some Generation X people.

Going from the traditional sounds of the bands like the Ramones, punk has evolved over time to a new style called ‘pop punk’ with bands such as Green Day and The Offspring leading the pack. Most of the messages that are contained in punk-like lyrics revolve around dislike for government with anti-establishment being one of the main messages along with the right to not have to conform to the set government standards of living. Other known associations of punk include ska, rockabilly, protopunk, and even garage rock. It is safe to even include the widely known Kinks into the mix of the punk scene. But the one person, or group, that is best associated with fathering punk into what it has become today is Iggy Pop, who many believe is responsible for birthing the musical style into existence.

As depicted above, the general look of a punk band member is going to be different with each person, considering their dress is a direct expression of how their may feel at the time. Generally, tall spiked hair and even makeup usage is common amongst the punk genre. It is also common to find people with mohawks that are spiked up as well; even the bald folks have been known to flood the punk scene to commemorate their possible German ‘skinhead’ ties. All told, the punk scene is alive and doing well, with many other bands being influenced by the Ramones and Sex Pistols even today. Dressing up like a punk would be really cool, even if you just got a few friends together and bought some punk wigs.

Pirate Wigs

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The word ‘pirate’, which is nothing more than a bandit that commits the act of ‘piracy’ or robbery, is often associated with ships and captains, along with treasure and other plundering’s. However, there is more than just a Jolly Roger behind the true act of piracy, especially in today’s society. We have actually shifted the meaning of the term to the internet world where thieves are stealing copyrighted good such as music for their own further benefit. Yes, there are still pirates on ships today, as you can see by the many run-ins with the Somalia pirates. In either sense of the word, our society struggles to bring these people to justice.

One issue that occurs on the ships is that pirates will go on board and either steal or kill their people, dump their bodies, and then disappear out of sight; the same issue happens on the internet with people that trade goods behind closed doors and mask their internet addresses, making catching the villains impossible to do. Whereas the internet piracy is punishable with a fine or imprisonment, the true pirates are often killed in combat or are punished in other ways, such as public hangings or guillotine deployment. Both are wrongful acts, no matter what movies portray a ‘good pirate’ to be. It should be noted that both pirates have had movies made in some form or another about them.

If you intend to dress up as one of these types of pirates for an occasion, you should probably make it the famed pirate that loves to navigate a ship through unchartered waters seeking treasures of others. First, you will obviously need to shop for pirate wigs and even a hat with the famed skull and crossbones. Since kids are always dressing up as pirates, this costume should be a cinch to find. Next, get yourself a complete costume including the pants and shoes, and maybe even find a hook to put in a free hand so you can get the appeal of a truly well-versed pirate. Finally, you probably ought to get yourself a ship, unless you plan to invade a pirate ship and take it over with a full crew. If you have the moxie and desire to be a truly genuine pirate, you may as well do it right.

Native American Wigs

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It is well known that the first people to actually live and inhabit our soil in the U.S. are the Native American tribes. These people, going from having much land to roam to being pushed to small reservations all over the land, have the richest and most storied traditions than any other race. They are separated and even slightly protected by the government, and they will hopefully one day expand into bigger cities across the country, reclaiming the land that the ‘white people’ took from them. If you are the lucky person that gets to stay on a reservation for an extended period of time, you can see many rich and ethical traditions still practiced by many tribes.

The Native American family is very close and heavily guarded by the men of the family, as it always has been. They still carry on the traditions of sweat lodges, pow-wows, tribal dances as well as storytelling. They are rarely, if ever, the center of national controversy unless it is started by some other entity or organization; they live very private lives that are separate from the American ‘standard’ of living. It is unfortunate to see that only about one and a half percent of the current U.S. Census consists of Native American tribes or people, a testament to the damage our greedy society has caused to the people who originally got bullied out of the land by people simply wanting to take the land for themselves. This is why many people who actually adore the Native American race have a deep respect for the people and what they represent.

People are still working hard even to this day to rekindle the Native American race and continue to grow their numbers. Even chiefs still operate their villages and tribes today: Wilma Mankiller is one of the latest people to be of notoriety; she unfortunately passed on in 2010 after losing a battle to pancreatic cancer. She had over 1200 people attend her services, a statement to the fact that Native Americans stick together through all phases of life’s events. And dressing up as a Native American for events, sporting a Native American wig, or involving yourself with the happenings of the tribes across the land is the best way you can give back what our greedy discoverers took from them.

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Singers that come from other countries add a special flavor to our society and even produce some of the greatest music on radio today. For example, a band like ACDC, which is an Australian-born outfit, owns the second best-selling album ever produced. Other artists, such a Canadian-born Shania Twain, have also contributed heavy amounts of music to the American scene for which we should all be thankful. One of the hip-hop and R&B ladies to enter our scene from a foreign entity is the Trinidad & Tobago born super diva Nicki Minaj who has already sent waves of goodness through the music world with such hit tunes as ‘Your Love’.

Minaj was born in St. James of the country noted above, and eventually came to Queens when she was a young girl. Her actual first recording period began around 2007 when she recorded mix tapes for several different labels and eventually made her way on the cultural hit magazine ‘XXL’. From there she was discovered by Lil Wayne and has sprung into much success from that point forward. Her music, despite what earlier female artists had done to boost sex appeal, lacks the heavy doses of sexual content because she wants to reach out to women that have always thought sex is what gets you through life. She believes heavily in God, and has a nifty tattoo on her arm that states such. Although many people speculated that her routines and music implicate her as being bi-sexual, she has cleared the air in many interviews, stating she dates neither women nor men. She is a truly great inspiration to other women that wish to put forth music that is wholesome.

Much like Gaga and Katy Perry, Minaj tends to dress in loud colors with a bold fashion statement. She wears wigs to compliment her outfits, and also wears a variety of different shoes to her performances. Those people that are interested in becoming a superstar rap or hip hop woman, even for just an office party or other festival, can pick up Nicki Minaj wigs and outfits at virtually anywhere, considering her style of dress is becoming ever popular amongst the masses in our new society. Nicki Minaj has plenty of songwriting life left in her, and we all hope she continues to pump out messages that make sense in music.

Marilyn Monroe Wigs

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Should someone come up to you and ask you who Norma Jeane Mortenson was, you probably would be clueless if you weren’t historically inclined or weren’t much of a fan of hers. Those that do know, however, can easily identify her as the stunning blond bombshell that acted, sang, and had some famous relationships that still continue to be talked about today. Yes, we are talking about Marilyn Monroe, the attractive woman that left our earth much too early, having racked up a wonderful acting career as well as becoming the future of sex symbol definitions. Her marriage, albeit brief, to baseball legend Joe DiMaggio went down in the history books as well.

The stunning actress and singer that succumbed to the powers of barbiturates much in the same manner Elvis did was well known for acting alongside of some of Hollywood’s best ever, including Clark Gable. She eventually went on to marry Arthur Miller the famous playwright, who lived all the way up to 2005. Monroe was also thought of to have some involvement with the Kennedy administration; since she did die of a heavy concentration of barbiturates, it was speculated by many that either the Kennedy’s, the Mafia or even the CIA may have had something to do with the death. And, of course, the person that owns one of the burial plots next to Marilyn Monroe is Hugh Hefner, who cites that his beginning success of the Playboy magazine are indirectly credited to her and he never met the woman. The plot above the stunning actress was supposed to be bought by a Japanese man for over 4 million dollars on eBay, but he backed out due to their ‘paying issues’.

Monroe is a natural blond bombshell that wore a variety of guises off-stage as well as on the screen. She has a nearly perfect figure and is idolized by many women even up to today. Women can easily find the dress attire and the Marilyn Monroe wigs that could instantly put them in a look-alike contest, or even get the attention of people during Halloween months or other costume parties. These outfits and wigs are sold all over the internet and don’t carry a heavy cost with them, making owning a piece of female history affordable for all.

Lord Of The Rings

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Fantasy stories and epic novels tend to attract a large following and despite the fame of the Harry Potter series, there is another famous trilogy that exists for those that love the dragons and relics in fantasy novels and movies. The next master of fantasy in the line of successful writers and screenwriters is J.R.R Tolkien who is the creator of the epic saga ‘Lord Of The Rings’, a tale that begins roughly in 1600′s-era in the middle of the earth with one dark lord, named Lord Sauren, creating and forging a ring that would become more powerful than the lesser rings held by dwarves, men and elves across the land.

Sauren is eventually killed and the ring goes through a series of possessors before finally becoming lost somewhere in the Anduin River. One day, some river roaming hobbit named Deagol finds this ring and later on is plundered by his relative named Smeagol. This ring eventually corrupts and changes the form of Smeagol into the character most people know as Gollum. The ring is eventually lost and then claimed by the famous character from the Hobbit and the addition to the Ring series named Bilbo Baggins. This epic tale takes many twists and turns, sees epic battles take place and many people perish for this ring, which is eventually given to Frodo to destroy. The masterful writing of Tolkien, as the world has seen in the classic ‘Hobbit’ book, is definitely displayed throughout the book series as well as the movies. If you are a fan of the fantasy realms, it is definitely suggested that you see this movie today.

If you know much about fantasy, then you will be readily prepared when it comes time to dress up like the infamous Lord of the Rings characters for whatever holiday or special event that should arise. A character like Gollum would be easy to portray if you get a full Gollum costume or even just a wig. And the rest of the major characters such as Gandalf would be extremely exciting to dress up like since you many only need a long white robe and a thick white beard along with his hair style. If you need to familiarize yourself with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, rent or buy the DVD’s today.

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Human beings are naturally attracted to the ‘different’ and daring type of people that are living in our world. The louder the statement that can be made, the most people tend to love the boisterous person. This is especially the case with Lady Gaga, the superstar humanitarian slash singer that has transformed the world with her music, the means of her dress, and the millions of fans that she has attracted of all ages. Coupled with her movements that stand up for the rights of gays, transgender, and bi-sexuals, she is an all-around living epitome of all that is good and worthy.

The daughter of an astute internet entrepreneur started her career recording children’s book songs with the hip-hop mogul Melle Mel before eventually moving on to start her own little group she called SGBand – standing for Stefani Germanotta. The band received some local notoriety before Gaga decided to branch out on her own to formulate the music we all know today, such as the ‘Poker Face’ song that has slithered its way into clubs all over the country. She then famously started the Monster Ball tour that continues to run through the country as well as several other world locations. She is achieving all of this success despite living with the possibly fatal disease ‘lupus’; she dismissed any concerns that it would slow down her career, stating that she would simply live a frugal and healthy lifestyle to offset any complications the disease would bring her way. One of the major influences on Gaga’s life is Deepak Chopra whose books are an astounding point of inspiration to her everyday life.

The most noticeable thing about Gaga is her obvious style of dress that seems to follow its own trend. You will rarely find Gaga looking ‘normal’ on stage or for awards shows, donning some of the most controversial yet stunning dresses and outfits one could ever imagine. Her hair color tends to differ as well, since she has been known to sport wigs as well as dresses made of bubbles and even raw meat. There is little left to guess about Gaga since she has her own statement of fashion and since she is still relatively young still, it is safe to say she’ll be around for many years to come.