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Human beings are naturally attracted to the ‘different’ and daring type of people that are living in our world. The louder the statement that can be made, the most people tend to love the boisterous person. This is especially the case with Lady Gaga, the superstar humanitarian slash singer that has transformed the world with her music, the means of her dress, and the millions of fans that she has attracted of all ages. Coupled with her movements that stand up for the rights of gays, transgender, and bi-sexuals, she is an all-around living epitome of all that is good and worthy.

The daughter of an astute internet entrepreneur started her career recording children’s book songs with the hip-hop mogul Melle Mel before eventually moving on to start her own little group she called SGBand – standing for Stefani Germanotta. The band received some local notoriety before Gaga decided to branch out on her own to formulate the music we all know today, such as the ‘Poker Face’ song that has slithered its way into clubs all over the country. She then famously started the Monster Ball tour that continues to run through the country as well as several other world locations. She is achieving all of this success despite living with the possibly fatal disease ‘lupus’; she dismissed any concerns that it would slow down her career, stating that she would simply live a frugal and healthy lifestyle to offset any complications the disease would bring her way. One of the major influences on Gaga’s life is Deepak Chopra whose books are an astounding point of inspiration to her everyday life.

The most noticeable thing about Gaga is her obvious style of dress that seems to follow its own trend. You will rarely find Gaga looking ‘normal’ on stage or for awards shows, donning some of the most controversial yet stunning dresses and outfits one could ever imagine. Her hair color tends to differ as well, since she has been known to sport wigs as well as dresses made of bubbles and even raw meat. There is little left to guess about Gaga since she has her own statement of fashion and since she is still relatively young still, it is safe to say she’ll be around for many years to come.

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