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Should someone come up to you and ask you who Norma Jeane Mortenson was, you probably would be clueless if you weren’t historically inclined or weren’t much of a fan of hers. Those that do know, however, can easily identify her as the stunning blond bombshell that acted, sang, and had some famous relationships that still continue to be talked about today. Yes, we are talking about Marilyn Monroe, the attractive woman that left our earth much too early, having racked up a wonderful acting career as well as becoming the future of sex symbol definitions. Her marriage, albeit brief, to baseball legend Joe DiMaggio went down in the history books as well.

The stunning actress and singer that succumbed to the powers of barbiturates much in the same manner Elvis did was well known for acting alongside of some of Hollywood’s best ever, including Clark Gable. She eventually went on to marry Arthur Miller the famous playwright, who lived all the way up to 2005. Monroe was also thought of to have some involvement with the Kennedy administration; since she did die of a heavy concentration of barbiturates, it was speculated by many that either the Kennedy’s, the Mafia or even the CIA may have had something to do with the death. And, of course, the person that owns one of the burial plots next to Marilyn Monroe is Hugh Hefner, who cites that his beginning success of the Playboy magazine are indirectly credited to her and he never met the woman. The plot above the stunning actress was supposed to be bought by a Japanese man for over 4 million dollars on eBay, but he backed out due to their ‘paying issues’.

Monroe is a natural blond bombshell that wore a variety of guises off-stage as well as on the screen. She has a nearly perfect figure and is idolized by many women even up to today. Women can easily find the dress attire and the Marilyn Monroe wigs that could instantly put them in a look-alike contest, or even get the attention of people during Halloween months or other costume parties. These outfits and wigs are sold all over the internet and don’t carry a heavy cost with them, making owning a piece of female history affordable for all.

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