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Singers that come from other countries add a special flavor to our society and even produce some of the greatest music on radio today. For example, a band like ACDC, which is an Australian-born outfit, owns the second best-selling album ever produced. Other artists, such a Canadian-born Shania Twain, have also contributed heavy amounts of music to the American scene for which we should all be thankful. One of the hip-hop and R&B ladies to enter our scene from a foreign entity is the Trinidad & Tobago born super diva Nicki Minaj who has already sent waves of goodness through the music world with such hit tunes as ‘Your Love’.

Minaj was born in St. James of the country noted above, and eventually came to Queens when she was a young girl. Her actual first recording period began around 2007 when she recorded mix tapes for several different labels and eventually made her way on the cultural hit magazine ‘XXL’. From there she was discovered by Lil Wayne and has sprung into much success from that point forward. Her music, despite what earlier female artists had done to boost sex appeal, lacks the heavy doses of sexual content because she wants to reach out to women that have always thought sex is what gets you through life. She believes heavily in God, and has a nifty tattoo on her arm that states such. Although many people speculated that her routines and music implicate her as being bi-sexual, she has cleared the air in many interviews, stating she dates neither women nor men. She is a truly great inspiration to other women that wish to put forth music that is wholesome.

Much like Gaga and Katy Perry, Minaj tends to dress in loud colors with a bold fashion statement. She wears wigs to compliment her outfits, and also wears a variety of different shoes to her performances. Those people that are interested in becoming a superstar rap or hip hop woman, even for just an office party or other festival, can pick up Nicki Minaj wigs and outfits at virtually anywhere, considering her style of dress is becoming ever popular amongst the masses in our new society. Nicki Minaj has plenty of songwriting life left in her, and we all hope she continues to pump out messages that make sense in music.

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