Native American Wigs

The Coolest Native American Wigs Ever!!

It is well known that the first people to actually live and inhabit our soil in the U.S. are the Native American tribes. These people, going from having much land to roam to being pushed to small reservations all over the land, have the richest and most storied traditions than any other race. They are separated and even slightly protected by the government, and they will hopefully one day expand into bigger cities across the country, reclaiming the land that the ‘white people’ took from them. If you are the lucky person that gets to stay on a reservation for an extended period of time, you can see many rich and ethical traditions still practiced by many tribes.

The Native American family is very close and heavily guarded by the men of the family, as it always has been. They still carry on the traditions of sweat lodges, pow-wows, tribal dances as well as storytelling. They are rarely, if ever, the center of national controversy unless it is started by some other entity or organization; they live very private lives that are separate from the American ‘standard’ of living. It is unfortunate to see that only about one and a half percent of the current U.S. Census consists of Native American tribes or people, a testament to the damage our greedy society has caused to the people who originally got bullied out of the land by people simply wanting to take the land for themselves. This is why many people who actually adore the Native American race have a deep respect for the people and what they represent.

People are still working hard even to this day to rekindle the Native American race and continue to grow their numbers. Even chiefs still operate their villages and tribes today: Wilma Mankiller is one of the latest people to be of notoriety; she unfortunately passed on in 2010 after losing a battle to pancreatic cancer. She had over 1200 people attend her services, a statement to the fact that Native Americans stick together through all phases of life’s events. And dressing up as a Native American for events, sporting a Native American wig, or involving yourself with the happenings of the tribes across the land is the best way you can give back what our greedy discoverers took from them.

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