Pirate Wigs

The Meaniest Pirate Wigs Ever!!

The word ‘pirate’, which is nothing more than a bandit that commits the act of ‘piracy’ or robbery, is often associated with ships and captains, along with treasure and other plundering’s. However, there is more than just a Jolly Roger behind the true act of piracy, especially in today’s society. We have actually shifted the meaning of the term to the internet world where thieves are stealing copyrighted good such as music for their own further benefit. Yes, there are still pirates on ships today, as you can see by the many run-ins with the Somalia pirates. In either sense of the word, our society struggles to bring these people to justice.

One issue that occurs on the ships is that pirates will go on board and either steal or kill their people, dump their bodies, and then disappear out of sight; the same issue happens on the internet with people that trade goods behind closed doors and mask their internet addresses, making catching the villains impossible to do. Whereas the internet piracy is punishable with a fine or imprisonment, the true pirates are often killed in combat or are punished in other ways, such as public hangings or guillotine deployment. Both are wrongful acts, no matter what movies portray a ‘good pirate’ to be. It should be noted that both pirates have had movies made in some form or another about them.

If you intend to dress up as one of these types of pirates for an occasion, you should probably make it the famed pirate that loves to navigate a ship through unchartered waters seeking treasures of others. First, you will obviously need to shop for pirate wigs and even a hat with the famed skull and crossbones. Since kids are always dressing up as pirates, this costume should be a cinch to find. Next, get yourself a complete costume including the pants and shoes, and maybe even find a hook to put in a free hand so you can get the appeal of a truly well-versed pirate. Finally, you probably ought to get yourself a ship, unless you plan to invade a pirate ship and take it over with a full crew. If you have the moxie and desire to be a truly genuine pirate, you may as well do it right.

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