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Punk rock has been on the scene for nearly four decades as of this date, bringing bands from Australia, U.S. and the U.K. Many great punk acts have come from the infamous ‘British Invasion’, namely the Clash and Sex Pistols with their electrifying lead singer Sid Vicious. This type of music tends to be hard core with plenty of loud percussion and short meanings while donning dress styles that include wild spiked hair that is often brightly colored, along with spike bracelets and other types of rebellious jewelry and fashion. Punk rock still lives today and is the choice music of many teens and even some Generation X people.

Going from the traditional sounds of the bands like the Ramones, punk has evolved over time to a new style called ‘pop punk’ with bands such as Green Day and The Offspring leading the pack. Most of the messages that are contained in punk-like lyrics revolve around dislike for government with anti-establishment being one of the main messages along with the right to not have to conform to the set government standards of living. Other known associations of punk include ska, rockabilly, protopunk, and even garage rock. It is safe to even include the widely known Kinks into the mix of the punk scene. But the one person, or group, that is best associated with fathering punk into what it has become today is Iggy Pop, who many believe is responsible for birthing the musical style into existence.

As depicted above, the general look of a punk band member is going to be different with each person, considering their dress is a direct expression of how their may feel at the time. Generally, tall spiked hair and even makeup usage is common amongst the punk genre. It is also common to find people with mohawks that are spiked up as well; even the bald folks have been known to flood the punk scene to commemorate their possible German ‘skinhead’ ties. All told, the punk scene is alive and doing well, with many other bands being influenced by the Ramones and Sex Pistols even today. Dressing up like a punk would be really cool, even if you just got a few friends together and bought some punk wigs.

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