Rapunzel Costume Wigs

The Coolest Rapunzel Costume Wigs Ever!!

Most people today have at least heard brief bits about the young lass named Rapunzel that was virtually stolen at birth by a witch in exchange for the freedom of the baby’s father since he was caught stealing the ‘Rapunzel plant’ from the witch’s garden. This young tale, which is striking similar to the story of Persian story of the young Rudaba, has many different morals that can be taught to young ladies contained within the story. It is also a good idea to know some small bits of history should you want Rapunzel costume and wigs to mimic the character in a play or even to change up your current identity to match this beautiful woman with a long lock of hair.

Of course, Rapunzel is kept in a room with no doors and only one window, requiring the evil enchantress to climb up Rapunzel’s long lock of hair to visit her. One day, the son of the King received word of the captivity of Rapunzel, and approached the tower where she stayed, asking her to let her hair down so he could climb up to speak with her. Eventually, the two strike up a love and the prince devises a means to set her free; yet, this doesn’t work for too long as eventually the evil witch casts Rapunzel out of the tower, making her live in a desert, while the prince gets thorns in his eyes and spends his days eating berries from the forest and wondering what happened to his dear Rapunzel. Reading this story in full will teach you a lot about character traits that ladies should have.

The hair that Rapunzel had spanned the entire length of her tall body, and even extended further. Since it could take years for a young lady to grow hair to that length, you simply could get a Rapunzel wig which has the hair already to the desired length. Her dress was a one-piece blue sun-type of dress, so if you would like to get the complete costume, simply shop at your favorite department store to find this wig and dress set. Finally, don’t forget the signature bow that she has in her hair, which is tied to the end of her golden lock of hair.

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