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The most prolific cult classic that has infamous ‘virgin slave auctions’, named Rocky Horror Picture Show, stole the hearts of many people that loved the movie genre that is portrayed in this classic 1975 film starring Tim Burton and is one of Susan Sarandon’s first known film acts. The whole story is told, in the background, by a criminologist that is attempting to try and investigate the things that Frank-N-Furter is doing. He appears in the movie briefly throughout and especially towards the end of the saga. If you are into the transvestite sort of films then this is definitely one that you’ll want to enjoy.

The creation of the ‘Rocky’ is a long experiment that was conducted by Furter to prove that he had the secret formula in creating life. It also becomes Furter’s love interest due to his sexual orientation; and then the rest of the movie sort of encompasses the fact that Rocky is developing a mind of his own coupled with the two stranded motorists, Brad and Janet, that are cordially invited to the incantation ceremony of Rocky. Meatloaf is also featured on the show, crashing the entire party with a rock song before being chainsawed to pieces and served for the feast that is meant for Rocky’s celebration of birth. As the movie winds down, Riff Raff and Magenta kill off Rocky, Frank, and Columbia before ascending back to the planet of Transylvania. Much more music, acting and dramatics in between happen in this show that came from a musical and is continued to be shown in special theaters today.

Costumes that were worn by Frank-n-Furter are particularly common and relatively easy to come across; it is the other costumes for Riff Raff that may be sort of a pain to conjure up. However, if reliving the cult classic is really what you’d love to do, then our worldwide weirdness of the internet is at your disposal to find these items with relative ease. Rocky Horror wigs, in fact, are just as popular as some of the other classic films in existence. Columbia and Magenta can easily be copied, too, because they wear relative normal clothing throughout the show. For more ideas, simply rent the classic film and check out the actors and actresses that aced the show.

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