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If you need inspiration that anyone with little to no education can make it in the musical world, Katy Perry is just the person to give that inspiration to you. Having completed just one year of high school before deciding to get a GED, Perry has more than proven to the world that anyone with dreams and talent to back those aspirations up can make it in Hollywood. The Santa Barbara-born daughter of two pastors first made an attempt at gospel music, with that album eventually flopping. She then moved on to much better musical acts which made her the center of several distinctions, including becoming the first woman singer to get five hits onto the Billboard Top 100 chart in just one year’s time.

Perry is also tops in having a hit in the Top 100 for a mind boggling 52 weeks, which ended up netting her several Grammy nominations and rave reviews from all across the internet. Perry’s currently married to Russell Brand as she has been for nearly a year, and continues to rise to stardom in the music world while finding the time to voice over Smurfette in the ‘Smurfs’ movie. She has even been a judge on the British version of American Idol called the X-Factor and was an actual guest judge at one point for American Idol in the 9th season. Considering that she is still a youngster at age 27, she should end up with more great tunes and awards further in her lifetime should she keep her current pace of album productions.

You will often find Perry wearing an off the wall type of dress attire, often times wearing bright colors on her dress as well as her hair. She often will wear a wig that resembles the ‘short bob’ in such colors as pink, blue and green. Since she also often incorporates fruits into her attire, mainly consisting of watermelons, she is seen in the public eye as different in the same sense as Lady Gaga. Those that have an interest in portraying her style of dress and hair can get Katy Perry wigs from various locations across the world, since she is the hottest thing on radio and concert since Madonna. If you haven’t listened to much of her music, you should really see YouTube to get some of the latest videos she has out.

Jonas Brothers Wigs

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Women go crazy for boy bands at virtually any age no matter if they are rolling around in a wheel chair or freshly in high school. With the Beatles really becoming the epitome of the boy band several decades ago, there is little room for other boy bands to enter in comfortably. Throughout time, such attempts were made by New Kids On The Block, ‘NSync, the Backstreet Boys and even Boys to Men to become the ladies favorite band through the 80′s and 90′s, yet the fad only lasted for a short while. In our current era of Facebook and YouTube, there are even slimmer chances of a boy band erupting onto the scene. That is, before the Jonas Brothers were introduced to the music world.

The three brothers that consist of Nick, Joe and Kevin are an excellent reason why people should never give up on the boy band ideology. Originally started by Nick as a solo act in the early part of the 2000 era, the Jonas Brothers have seen success through their Disney Channel ties as well as their own Columbia Records albums that have sold several million copies along the way while also putting some of their hard earnings toward the betterment of diabetes research. So, not only is this a boy band that rocks the stage with cool tunes, but they also have a soft side to their characters. In addition to their musical success, they also have a movie to their credit that is titled Camp Rock that is set in Ontario, Canada.

The Jonas Brothers also have strict values when it comes to their religious beliefs, wearing promise rings on their fingers to swear abstinence from sexual misconduct before marriage. Since they stay away from other impurities such as alcohol and cigarettes as well, they are one of the cleaner boy bands to erupt onto the scene in the last several decades. Since their hair is chiefly kept normally cut and their clothes are relatively main stream for your conventional rock outfit, finding the right costumes to dress up as the Jonas Brothers should be a relatively easy task to get through. If you are truly a fan of boy band music, the Jonas Brothers put on a really great show and have meaningful songs.

I Love Lucy

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Do the husband and wife type of sitcoms really get your motor turning? Some of the best sitcoms that are aired late night and even in the morning are usually comprised of the perfect mix of comedy as well as playful candor. Some of the most famous television husband and wife shows include Dharma and Greg, Married with Children, and more famous even yet, the tandem of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz who totally rocked the televisions of the 50′s and 60′s with their hit ‘I Love Lucy’ which is perhaps the hands-down favorite show for many baby boomers as well as even some Generation X folks.

Lucy plays a singer and songwriter alongside her husband Ricky Ricardo in this show that is set in the Big Apple. Lucy seems to take the role of the mischievous and daring type whereas her husband seems to be more laid back and constantly at Lucy about acting right. Both of them are best friends with their landlords, the Mertz’s, and often travel around the United States with them as well as to Europe. Overall, this show offers a delightful mixture of comedy acts along with musical acts that seem to lack much direction in them, even though Ricardo is an aspiring Cuban American performer. Appears that the shadows Lucy is casting on him takes its toll because Arnaz finally left the show with a warm embrace of Lucy being the last time he would attempt television.

Aside from the millions of I Love Lucy memorabilia that is available in the form of posters, dolls, clothing and other types of accessories, you can get yourself some other kinds of I Love Lucy wares, such as wigs of your favorite characters. These wigs come in a variety of colors to match the hair colors of Ricky, Lucy, Ethel and Fred and can complement any kind of clothing style that you choose to go with. Once you have yourself set up and have referred your friends to dress in the same attire, you can begin your own casting of the show, perhaps creating a new-age form of the once popular hit show. Lord only knows that we could use some new shows, and bringing back a classic retro hit like this show would be optimal.

Harry Potter Wigs

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Every young child has the dream of being someone that is larger than life, such as in the case with Harry Potter, the teenage super wizard that endured the slaying of his parents at the expense of the evil Lord Voldemort while coming into his own as a student at the Hogwarts School. Living with his mother’s own living sacrifice to save Harry’s life during the Voldemort attack, the lightning bolt scar on Potter’s forehead was the only physical pain Harry endured aside from the emotional torment of losing his parents at the age of only 1. Due to the age of his parent’s demise, Potter went on to become an orphan child living with the Dursleys.

In the beginning parts of the epic series, the evident rivalry between Harry and Draco Malfoy, along with an even deeper bitterness between Severus Snape and Harry, began right from the initial entry into Hogwarts, making the general consensus wonder if those two didn’t already expect him to come. Upon settling into the Gryffindor house, Potter was able to strike up some friendships that would eventually prove, throughout the remainder of the series, to be extremely fruitful. In terms of Potter’s actual wizard bloodline, he is considered to be a ‘half-blood’ due to the fact that his mother was called ‘Muggle’ or not of any relation to magic, while his father came from one of the most powerful bloodlines that existed before even the Hogwarts school came about. Somehow this mixture of human and wizard becomes a perfect combination that works wonders in Potter’s favor.

Potter is going to inevitably go down as perhaps one of the best books and movies in the fantasy genre ever, and you can easily own a piece of this history today by simply getting yourself a Harry Potter wig and the rest of his well-worn outfit, including the magic want that is made of wood. And if you believe that these are expensive, then you can simply take pictures offline of poses and outfits that Potter has worn and make your own Potter guise to pass down to your children, take with you on Halloween nights for parties, and just to pin up to your wall in remembrance of the greatest fantasy wizard ever.

Gibson Girl

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If you love viewing different artists personifications of women or other objects, then you are probably a well-educated art critic that deserves some heavy recognition; if you simply love to look at pretty pictures of women from the 17th century on, then you could find this blurb about the infamous Gibson Girl to be a useful reading piece for yourself. The famous illustrator of the 19th and 20th century, Charles Dana Gibson, drew several renditions of a woman and how she should be viewed through his eyes; this series of paintings drew both heavy criticism as well as rave reviews from many other astute illustrators of his time.

This woman, as envisioned through Charles’s eyes, is the personified version of the 18th century women that seems to be conveniently classed into ‘his’ category rather than accept the way a woman really is. In his illustrations, the Gibson Girl was described as a lady with perfectly spherical breasts, nice shapely hips as well as the perfect bottom. Her midsection was shaped into a perfect curve that was relevant to her shape, while she possessed long legs that were healthy. Charles believed that the Gibson Girl is what the American woman truly was in her most beautiful form, and eventually took that cliché to his grave. He also believed that as American Gibson Girls evolved, they would actually become more stunning in looks than generations before. Charles even fitted his own wife, the attractive Irene Langhorne, as the ‘Gibson Girl’ quality of woman that he expected.

For a woman to get the Gibson Girl look as specified by the prolific illustrator, it would be next to impossible without totally looking at some of his early works and mimicking the looks that he painted. The women he described back in that time period were tall and thin; if for some reason you cannot get that look to happen, you certainly can get the rest of the outfit and tell the world to love you anyway. The hair was generally kept long and fluffy with expensive hair pins, while the general attire consisted of a dress and a hat. If you gather these items from various resources around the net or in local stores, you can become the new-age Gibson Girl.

Fake Chest Hair For Men

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Having chest hair, in some people’s opinion, is a really sexy feature of a man that women prefer to have on their respective mates. Therefore, there is an increase in demand for products that related to the stimulation of hair growth on the chest area. For some men, having a naturally hairy body comes without effort; for others, getting body hair is an impossible task that seems to take forever. If you are that guy that couldn’t grow three hairs within a decade’s time and you want to show your current woman or future women the love machine you really are, then you need to consider getting fake chest hair for men to help resolve the issue of lacking chest hair.

The main reason women like the chest hair appeal is because it gives them something sensual to run their fingers through during romantic moments. Also, it is a benefit for you because it adds a shield from the cold air during the winter months of the year. Maybe not the best protection from the winter chill, but it will certainly help. You could go through endless surgeries to get the fake hair that you want, yet can do it so much easier if you just go out and purchase the fake chest hair kits that assist you in application and removal of the hair once placed.

Many famous people throughout time have worn fake chest hair, such as Austin Powers in the movies he starred in; you can also add to your own personal sex appeal by getting some fake chest hair that you can share with your loved one, or tease all of the flat-chested and hairless guys that you work with. If you are convinced that you would like to get fake chest hair for men, then simply take your longing to the world wide web and search the many stores that sell this. Yahoo Shopping is an excellent resource for fake chest hair for men, so I would urge you to check them out today as the sooner you get your chest hair applied, the sooner you can begin to reap the benefits of showing off a new sexy chest. This is one worthy investment that bald chested people should make.

Grease Wigs

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Most people associate the famous Grease movie with John Travolta portraying ‘Danny’ and Olivia Newton-John. However, what most people may oversee is that it was actually first a musical starring Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs. The storyline, however, has remained the same no matter who redid the movie or musical over the years: it is a movie that focuses on the working subcultural group of young adults known as the ‘greasers’ who basically make known their penchant for drive-in’s, love and fast cars. The original showing of the musical was rather ‘provocative’ and vulgar, to say the least, and the generations after this original casting would tone down the plot.

In the original film version of Grease, the lover boy named Danny Zuko meets a young woman on the beach who is out on vacation named Sandy Olson, and immediately they fall in love; however, summer is about to come to a close and the school year is going to begin soon. While in school, Danny has the bad boy persona working for him, yet he still misses Sandy and when a friend, Betty Rizzo, arranges for them to get back together he shuns the idea, and Sandy as well. This, of course, upsets Sandy. Without exposing too much more of the plot in the middle, Sandy and Danny somehow mend together the love they first discovered and drive off towards the sunset together. This film has been done in one shape or another over 12 different times since the musical first came out back in ’71.

Many characters on Grease are wonderful for playing dress up for a work party, a Grease convention, or simply to run around the town. If you are one of the Grease fanatics that knows the ‘Grease Lightning’ tune rather well, and have a deep adoration for drive-in eateries and fast classic cars, then you really need to step it up a notch and get a Grease wig to commemorate your love for the characters that played the role you love the most. Grease wigs come in various shapes and sizes, and also are available for both men and women. Relive the great days and the endless summer nights that you stayed up as a kid living the very lives that these characters lived by getting Grease wigs and memorabilia.

Fake Mustache Collection

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If you have extreme difficulty in growing your own moustache due to whatever reason, then it is time to look into building a fake moustache collection so that you have different looks to compliment your many outfits or moods. The history of the moustache is enough for you to make the decision to own a few dozen just for kicks. No two moustache collections will ever be the same and no two reasons for needing them will ever match, either. Now that you are excited and ready to get your ‘moustache on’ today, here is some quick FYI’s about the style and how it evolved.

Ever since the fourteenth century, people have been wearing the moustache, a French name that was derived from the Italian word ‘mostaccio’ and other regional dialects from that time. Obviously, people back in those times had no real means of shaving their faces and getting cleanly groomed; therefore, there had to be a means developed to form a moustache; therefore, when the idea to use a straight razor came about in the 17th century it was the primary means used to keep moustache hair trimmed. As time went on, the moustache grew to be a sense of identity, such as Pancho Villa, the fictional character Fu Manchu, and the cruel ruler Adolf Hitler who had what was known as the ‘two finger’ moustache that measured the width of two fingers in width. Aside from reality, many artists use the moustache to add glamor to their finished works.

A moustache collection can be the perfect touch to your dress or even be a tool to make someone smile. No matter what reason you would have for owning a moustache collection, there are many famous and not-so-liked people that bear the facial hair which gives them a specific identity. While shopping for your fake moustache collection, keep in mind that you will need to have a cool place to store them and even a means to clean them because they will attract dust and other issues may occur with them without the proper care. Therefore it is important to get storage bags and any product that is offered to you to care for the fake moustache collection properly so you don’t have to replace it sooner than needed.

Fake Beard Collection

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There is a time in life when we need to really look at our outward appearance and determine if there are enhancements that can be made to increase the looks we have, or perhaps even to just give ourselves a make-over. However, society has many more playful and purposeful uses for the fake beard, and if you are the type of person that is interested in changing your guise often, you may entertain the thought of getting a fake beard collection. Below you will find some interesting reasons for even considering a fake beard collection.

In certain situations, such as hiding from an ex-girlfriend or even a bill collector, having a fake beard could very well save you from embarrassment, an argument, or even forking over money that you do not intent to give. Always a good idea to keep a fake beard in your pocket for such emergency situations. Also, if you are a shopaholic and know that only one discount can be given per customer per day, you can easily take your first purchases outside to the car, slap on a different shirt and add your fake beard, giving you access to the same great savings all over again. Finally, you can have a fake beard collection on hand for the many Halloween needs you or your kids may have that required beards, such as a hobo, Santa, Grover Cleveland, or any other useful purpose.

Finding yourself a beard collection is much more frugal of a task than actually finding uses for them. Plenty of online and offline store outlets will offer you specials for bulk beard purchases and even some of the well-known fake beard collection sellers will even give you some deep discounts simply for buying one. I have found that one great place to start a search for any kind of product is through Google products search since their search is based off the same algorithm as the normal search except it concentrates solely on products. Or, you can raid your father’s drawers and borrow his fake beard collection when you need a sudden change in guise. No matter what you do, however, it is never suggested to take a fake beard and use it as a means to do evil acts as you will have more on your hands than you bargained for.

Dreadlock Wigs

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Dreadlocks are the epitome of the Rastafarians as well as a fashion statement for virtually anyone that has a useful purpose for these types of hairdos. Other such cultural groups, such as the Sufi Rafaees as well as the Maori tribe of New Zealand, base their hair style off the traditional dreadlocked look that has become just as much a statement of religious beliefs as a statement of fashion indifference. The hair is said to mean that the wearer is a ‘God-fearing person’ due to the origination of the term ‘dread lock’. There is much more interesting lore about the hair style that is just as popular today as it was 30 years ago.

Areas of Africa that were common to the Maasai men were the first known areas where the dreadlocks were discovered. The estimated time this hair style has been utilized by this people is roughly since the beginning of the people’s existence, which is a considerable amount of time. Followers of the Hindu god Shiva were also known to be bearers of the dreadlock hair style as well, which dates back several thousand years ago. Those that may have direct hands-on knowledge of the dreadlock hairstyle can better dictate which resource is responsible for actually donning the ‘dreadlock’ terminology. The root of its popularity, however, is clearly upon the Jamaican people who wear it as a symbol of fearing Jah, or their rendition of Jehovah. The hairstyle today in American culture is simply an offshoot of those customs as well as simply a different look for people who want to be such.

In the beginning era of dreadlocks, the only conceivable means to create them was to never wash the hair, considering traditional shampoos were yet to be discovered. Nowadays, however, beauty salons implement a system that is known as ‘dreadlock perming’ which makes the process of treating hair and prepping it to grow dreadlocks a lot easier. There is another method that you can use to implement the dreadlock style of hairdo, and that is simply buying a dreadlock wig that already has the proper length and style already set for you. With this method, you can have the out of the box Rasta look with little effort on your part: just put on the hat and crank the Buju Banton tunes.