Joan Jett Wig

The Coolest Joan Jett Wig Ever!

Women in rock and roll have been just as equally electrifying in concert as their male counterparts have. Such acts as Pat Benatar, Suzi Quatro, Scandal, Lita Ford and even Heart are actually on many people’s all-time list of favorite bands that are female-based. However, when you want to get down and dirty with some true grit rock and roll that has some great chic flair, then you must listen to the sounds of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Joan Larkin, the name she was born under, is called by many the queen of rock and roll due to her eccentric on-stage performance as well as her riffs. She is the founding member of The Runaways, which one of the original members happens to be Lita Ford.

Receiving her very first guitar at the young age of 14, Jett was destined for rock success from that point forward as she immediately began to write songs that would eventually become some of her trademarks. When she formed the Runaways with Sandy West, Cherie Currie and the members listed above, it became what is now known as one of the great ground-breaking women rock and roll outfits of the early days, and it didn’t take long before she began her solo career which began with the cover of The Arrow’s ‘I Love Rock ‘N Roll’, which ultimately became the trademark of Jett. She followed that hit with such songs ‘Do You Wanna Touch Me’ and ‘Crimson & Clover’, which also peaked high on many musical charts across the states and the UK.

One major trademark of this iconic female rocker is her hair, which is sort of a wild mixture of a woman’s mullet coupled with a punk look. Her hair, in the early days of her career, was a shiny jet black; however, over the years she has went bald and now wears it shorter yet still shows off her black beauty well. If you search high and low online, you will find an excellent Joan Jett wig that will have you rocking all the way back to the 80′s. She is still on stage and selling out concerts, which is a testament to the excellent quality of music that she puts forth while performing.

Hill Billy Beard

The Greatest Hill Billy Beard Online

Those that tend to dwell deep in the mountains areas of the country, or even those who run around with bare feet and dress in a certain manner with matching personality are referred to as a hillbilly. This originally Scottish terminology has spread into many more slang terminologies, such as ‘hick’, ‘country bumpkin’ and other types of local slangs. While many of your hillbilly folk are said to be living in areas of Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas and other southern areas, it is evident through many travels of mine that the hillbilly is very much alive and kicking wherever you go. And no, not all hillbilly folks live in double-wide trailers or small shacks with 16 of their cousins.

The hillbilly way of life is pretty much that of a hard-working man or woman that takes care of their children and doesn’t place strict education requirements of college on their children’s life. The typical hillbilly grows up into a skilled trade and carries that through their lives, passing the skill onto the next generation of the lineage. Although it is said that most hillbillies tend to distill moonshine or ‘white lightning’, this is clearly speculatory until you really know for a fact or have done these things yourself. Lord knows that some areas of the mountainous Southeast do smell like Copperhead Road, per se. In any case, the hillbilly lifestyle is perfect for anyone that loves seclusion from the bustling and often times dramatic city life.

One of the more famous traits of the hillbilly is the beard. It is often grown long and either somewhat groomed or never groomed at all; in fact, if it is more wild it’s better. Not sure if there are any hillbilly women with beards, but you just never know anymore. For what it’s worth, you can very easily get yourself on the road to dancing the ‘Cotton-eyed Joe’ by picking up a hill billy beard at the many retailers that carry such a thing. In fact, you can probably find the material and make one to your liking yourself. But never make fun of a hill billy; instead, have fun with them because they are some of the most down-home people that you will ever get a chance to meet.

Marge Simpson Wig

The Coolest Marge Simpson Wig Ever!!!

The greatest cartoon and longest cartoon series in the history of television is the Simpsons, the brainchild of the cartoonist Matt Groening. The series has been actively running now for 22 years and is poised to begin its next season without disruption. The characters of this cartoon include the ever famous Bart, who rides a skateboard and has the line ‘No way, man!’ to his credit; there is Homer, the nuclear power plant safety inspector; Lisa, the smart saxophonist that is constantly the butt of Bart’s jokes and playful candor, and, of course, there is Marge Simpson, the housewife that is always seen taking care of Maggie, the baby of the family, and has perhaps the most notorious beehive hairdo that seems to amass several feet.

These characters, throughout the life of the show, have taken on various roles, have been through their own separate trials and tribulations while even being at odds with each other. This sitcom has been on mainly at the early evening hours to appeal to the American family, which has worked quite nicely judging by the high ratings they annually receive. The setting is in the town of Springfield, and it is unclear as to which state that it belongs to, although the founder is Jebediah Springfield and in the county of the same name. Although the Simpsons have quite a long running history, it is even more awesome to know it even passed ‘Gunsmoke’ as the longest running sitcom, too. That is a pretty amazing achievement, considering the length of time that the show ran.

In discussing the looks the main characters, we cannot help but to wonder what a Marge Simpson wig would look like in real life, and much to our amazement, it is totally possible to be her. First, it is best to get a really tall beehive that is already blue, or that can easily be painted royal blue; then, find yourself a blue or other colored summer dress and some big hoop earrings to wear, and try to get yourself the same raspy female voice that Julie Kavner, the voice over for Marge and several other characters, has. Finally, you need to practice a funky dance that your friends can capture on YouTube for old time’s sake.

The Grinch Wig

Get This Great The Grinch Wig Today

If you can’t steal Christmas, then who else can? Well, there is always the famed Ebenezer Scrooge, who never gave his hard-working people any sort of Christmas bonus although he had rooms full of gold and frequently responded to Christmas wishes with an emphatic ‘Bah, Humbug’. Or, there is simply the robbers from the movie ‘Home Alone’ who have been casing out the house that the young boy was eventually left home all by himself at, in which he easily wards off the attacks of the burglars. And, of course, there is the infamous Grinch that did, in fact, try his best to steal Christmas in the famed movie with the same name.

The infamous tale on how the Grinch stole Christmas was first told in 1957, while the movie came out a decade later with the character of the Grinch being voiced over by Boris Karloff. It evolved into an awesome book and has been even turned into a musical. Some television shows, such as Glee, have made their own renditions of the popular story. The main plot of the story has the Grinch angry because of the Whos in Whoville and their happiness; from there, he plans and eventually embarks on a tirade to rob the citizens of Whoville of their presents. He eventually realizes the true meaning of the Christmas holiday and returns the gifts to the children of the town and humbles himself on the blessed day. There are ton of Grinch-like people in the world today, so perhaps find one and show them a little love.

Getting yourself setup with a Grinch outfit is relatively simple, and can look convincing if you are able to locate yourself some pea green paint. First, obviously you need to start with a Grinch wig that is ultimately either going to be a Santa hat, or an entire mask with hat. Next, you simply need to find a Santa outfit and cut out the sleeves to give yourself the tough guy look, and finally, get yourself some green-looking footies that resemble the same type of feet that the Grinch has. Now, you are ready to bestow your town with ill-will for the holidays; just try not to do anything that would land you in the pokey, because this is all about fun.

Orphan Annie

The Best Orphan Annie Wig Ever!!

When you think about famous Broadway plays, does the name ‘Annie’ come to mind? The famous movie, featuring Daddy Warbucks, the extremely rich yet temperamental keeper of Annie and her rescued pet Sandy. Some people would dub this as easily one of the most influential movies for children of all time due to the nature of the plot. In fact, it was rated the #1 popular movie of 1937 as reported by Fortune magazine. As you can see, this movie, along with some of the music that is played on it, has had a profound effect on much of the orphaned and otherwise displaced children throughout time, and continues to regularly get shown on classic television across the world.

This whole saga started out as a comic strip that was first introduced to the NY Times in 1924, and from there it hit the big screen, books, and was first a musical on the stage of Broadway in 1977. Two movies were brought into existence in 1932 and 1938, and when the comic strip nosedived into lack of readership, it was finally ended in 2010. With all of the speculation that this movie was targeting a certain group or making fun of people, it managed to shoot straight to stardom. I would look for a new movie to come out in the near future that would depict Annie to perfection, and even put a Daddy Warbucks in the mix with the personality of, let’s say, the sergeant of Full Metal Jacket. All told, you should definitely see the play and movie at least once in your life, if not more.

Those who strive to be like the little orphan girl can expect to simply find a little red headed wig that is curly and relative medium in length. An Orphan Annie wig, along with the proper dress, can have you in the front of the class play singing how the ‘Sun will come out tomorrow’, and living the life of the little girl and her puppy dog. A one-piece red and white dress along with black buckle shoes will round out the rest of the outfit that is needed to perfect the look and feel of the greatest little orphan girl in our time that was created first as a comic strip.

Shaun White Wig

The Coolest Shaun White Wig Ever!!

Skateboarding as well as snowboarding are the two main preferred sports in our current era of snowy sports. Although skiing still is the most widely participated in, the other two snow events are becoming more prominent in Olympic sporting events unlike the days of old. And, of course, when one thinks about snow sports such as that, names like Lindsey Vonn, Picabo Street and even the classic Alberto Tomba pop to mind. However, this isn’t downhill skiing, folks; this is hard-core talent that happens on a small version of a surf board, and the best household name to come to know would be Shaun White, the extraordinaire who has won a few gold medals and even some X-Games recognition in his short life thus far.

The 25-year old Super pipe guru has enough gold medals under his belt to start his own finance company, and his 2008 launch of ‘Shaun White Snowboarding’ became the twentieth best-selling game of that year. He has much talent that not many people can dream of possessing on the snowboard trail, and he is doing all of these achievements with the rare heart condition called ‘Tetralogy of Fallot’, requiring two surgeries before he turned one year old. He is such an amazing character and athlete, and an excellent spokesman for such companies as Oakley Sunglasses and Red Bull. He breaks records, sells games and also helps companies to promote their goods and services. What more can you ask from someone before their 30′s?

Are you ready to take on the signature auburn-colored curly hair in the form of a Shaun White wig? You will surely win the hearts of the party goers with this hairpiece that is an exact replica of the Olympian’s normal natural hair style. Great for costume parties and other non-chalant events such as New Year’s Eve, you can sport this Shaun White wig any day of the year without revealing your hair underneath. You can wear virtually any other type of clothing with your outfit, so the sky is literally the limit in terms of how you coordinate the wig with your dress. Take the world by storm and even hit the half-pipe or a snow trail with the authentic look of the snowboarding king as of this date.

Black Curly Wig

The Greatest Black Curly Wigs Online

Black curly hair is the sign of many different types of cultural icons in both acting and music. There are loads of famous people that wear this hair with style, some are bad influences and some are funny, while others are even yet a little bit on the corny side, and even more are historic. Some of these legendary hairdos belong to such folks as Howard Stern, if you are into the comedy black curly hairstyles. There is also such people as Slash, the infamous guitar slamming and cigarette-in-mouth member of Guns & Roses; on the female side, there are people such as Vanessa Williams, the most well-known talk show queen Oprah Winfrey, Selena Gomez wears her curly hair in style, too. This hair style is worn as much today as in the 80′s.

Moreover, there are many other people in the world that love this hairstyle; look at all of the hair bands that came out of the 80′s era: Cinderella front man Tom Kiefer wore some pretty long black hair, as well as Kirk Hammett of Metallica and various other rockers who loved to have ‘hair flare’ in the era. In fact, it is hard to put a finger on members of any hair band that didn’t have at least one member with curly black hair. It is really one of the more interesting styles that still remain an icon to many today. But, have no fear as you can also look like a true metal head every day if you wish, and all it would take is a black curly wig and some sounds of the rock scene that you can head bang to.

But, of course, you have to make sure you get the right curly look. A character like Lemmy Kilmister has long blackish hair, yet it is straight; so make sure that you research the correct look for your black curly wig. Someone like Billy Dee Williams had shorter black curly hair, yet that may not look correct – unless you are going to try and cover some Menudo hits. Finally, make sure that your new black curly wig fits your personality, style of music and that you can wear it proudly around the town without anyone knowing who you are.

Political Wigs

The Best Political Wigs Ever!!

Most people that are into politics have a particular fashion sense that may attract them towards voting for a candidate. And, if you are like most people, you tend to simply vote for the party that is going to get the job done as promised in the primaries. So, if you are in a position of indecision and wish to wear the correct political wigs to represent your favored party, then you should probably have an idea of the party that you wish to represent. There are several options for you to choose from, so make sure that you choose your political party correctly the first time and stick with it.

Democrats tend to defend the doctrines that are in place within our Constitution as well as protecting the rights of each individual state. They tend to oppose the general infrastructure of the banking system as well as most any other large money propagandas. This is the party that seems to have the historically better luck in guiding the country out of difficult situations such as debt issues. The Republicans, however, is the party that has the interests of the whole in mind. The ‘Grand Old Party’, or GOP, is the party that people have come to rely on for making steep decisions that tend to guide bigger changes in our country. The other few smaller parties of recognition, such as the Independent and Tea Parties, are too small at this time to really be an effective factor in our country’s future direction.

Now that you have a brief crash course into parties, it is time to get your political wigs and begin preparation for the election that is less than a year away. If you search online for different wigs of the political nature, you will find that you can have wigs from many centuries dating back to the Washington administration. Simply choose the political wig that you choose to follow or represent, and wear it well, because when the time comes to cast your vote, wearing a political wig may be just the support a candidate needs from you. Or, if you need to just go to a party and want to give people a lasting impression, then you can buy political wigs for that reason, too.

Pink Wigs

The Best Pink Wigs Ever!

Sometimes, especially with women, it is hard to go out for a night on the town when you do not know what to wear or style your hair. The outfit may just look bland, or your hair will not cooperate with you, leaving you frustrated and possibly late for a meeting with your friends. This situation can happen to the best of us, so it is a great idea to prepare for the unexpected occurrence such as hair styles. One great fashion accessory that can save the day is a pink wig, which can not only turn you into an electrifying woman with a daring personality, but set off virtually any outfit that you should choose to wear. It is a woman’s best friend when her normal ‘BFF’ is nowhere in sight.

There are several key advantages in owning a pink wig, and they stretch well beyond your initial thoughts. First, if you have been daydreaming of having short hair or even a bob, you can have that look instantly with pink wigs that are styled to tailor to your needs. If you want to get the perm look going on, you can get a pink wig that has the perm already in place, leaving you with the menial task of finding a wig cap to hide your other hair. Finally, if you are in a position where you have lots of pink clothing and none of your hair styles seem to match them, your pink wig can again come to the rescue and give you a much needed last-minute accessory. After all, if the task can be done easier, then why not entertain the thought of investing in your fashion future?

If you are concerned that you will not find the proper place to buy a pink wig, then fret not: plenty of stores online are selling colorful wigs at alarming rates with extremely cheap prices compared to what they used to be. If you have a limited budget yet high fashion hopes for your already rich clothing collection, you can still revel in fashion excitement by getting a pink wig that you can wear anytime you want, and simply return to your normal self when you feel ready to put down the pink for a little while.

Orange Wigs

The Coolest Orange Wigs Ever

Partying and acting isn’t very exciting when it happens in black in white as it had in the old days. Television lacked colorful appearances while life in general also seemed to lack the fervor that could have otherwise been delivered through color. Now that we are in the computer generation in full force, there are plenty of colorful reasons to go out and celebrate all that has been created as a result of added colors to life’s many material objects. One of the great objects that now have color are orange wigs, a commonly used item to go out on a Halloween night and scare the dickens out of people or even for the new wave of roleplaying called cosplay.

Orange wigs are generally comprised of several different types of materials: actual human hair that has been augmented to perfection and colored orange; chemical fiber silk wigs which are obviously a manufactured product that can be colored to suit any lifestyle or need; and finally there are the wigs that are a mixture of the two. If you can score an orange wig that is of natural human hair that has been well-preserved, then you should really spend the extra money for this for several reasons, including the fact that it actually will feel like your real hair, and you can obviously wash it in a machine without doing harm to your investment. The chemical silk wigs are really not that bad of a catch, either; there may be certain storage restrictions in terms of temperature, however. Most of the artificially made wigs also cannot be exposed to water over a certain temperature as well.

Now that you have choices to think about, perhaps you should get on the marketplaces and do some price comparisons. Most of the orange wigs that we researched seem to fall between $12 and $22 dollars, with some of the companies even offering free shipping for your new wig. If you can squeeze a Styrofoam wig head and a wig cap into your purchase, it would be suggested to do so for storage and wearing purposes. Finally, be prepared for a wild and exciting new look and adventurous lifestyle when you put on your new orange wig for the first time and leave the house.