Shaun White Wig

The Coolest Shaun White Wig Ever!!

Skateboarding as well as snowboarding are the two main preferred sports in our current era of snowy sports. Although skiing still is the most widely participated in, the other two snow events are becoming more prominent in Olympic sporting events unlike the days of old. And, of course, when one thinks about snow sports such as that, names like Lindsey Vonn, Picabo Street and even the classic Alberto Tomba pop to mind. However, this isn’t downhill skiing, folks; this is hard-core talent that happens on a small version of a surf board, and the best household name to come to know would be Shaun White, the extraordinaire who has won a few gold medals and even some X-Games recognition in his short life thus far.

The 25-year old Super pipe guru has enough gold medals under his belt to start his own finance company, and his 2008 launch of ‘Shaun White Snowboarding’ became the twentieth best-selling game of that year. He has much talent that not many people can dream of possessing on the snowboard trail, and he is doing all of these achievements with the rare heart condition called ‘Tetralogy of Fallot’, requiring two surgeries before he turned one year old. He is such an amazing character and athlete, and an excellent spokesman for such companies as Oakley Sunglasses and Red Bull. He breaks records, sells games and also helps companies to promote their goods and services. What more can you ask from someone before their 30′s?

Are you ready to take on the signature auburn-colored curly hair in the form of a Shaun White wig? You will surely win the hearts of the party goers with this hairpiece that is an exact replica of the Olympian’s normal natural hair style. Great for costume parties and other non-chalant events such as New Year’s Eve, you can sport this Shaun White wig any day of the year without revealing your hair underneath. You can wear virtually any other type of clothing with your outfit, so the sky is literally the limit in terms of how you coordinate the wig with your dress. Take the world by storm and even hit the half-pipe or a snow trail with the authentic look of the snowboarding king as of this date.

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