Orphan Annie

The Best Orphan Annie Wig Ever!!

When you think about famous Broadway plays, does the name ‘Annie’ come to mind? The famous movie, featuring Daddy Warbucks, the extremely rich yet temperamental keeper of Annie and her rescued pet Sandy. Some people would dub this as easily one of the most influential movies for children of all time due to the nature of the plot. In fact, it was rated the #1 popular movie of 1937 as reported by Fortune magazine. As you can see, this movie, along with some of the music that is played on it, has had a profound effect on much of the orphaned and otherwise displaced children throughout time, and continues to regularly get shown on classic television across the world.

This whole saga started out as a comic strip that was first introduced to the NY Times in 1924, and from there it hit the big screen, books, and was first a musical on the stage of Broadway in 1977. Two movies were brought into existence in 1932 and 1938, and when the comic strip nosedived into lack of readership, it was finally ended in 2010. With all of the speculation that this movie was targeting a certain group or making fun of people, it managed to shoot straight to stardom. I would look for a new movie to come out in the near future that would depict Annie to perfection, and even put a Daddy Warbucks in the mix with the personality of, let’s say, the sergeant of Full Metal Jacket. All told, you should definitely see the play and movie at least once in your life, if not more.

Those who strive to be like the little orphan girl can expect to simply find a little red headed wig that is curly and relative medium in length. An Orphan Annie wig, along with the proper dress, can have you in the front of the class play singing how the ‘Sun will come out tomorrow’, and living the life of the little girl and her puppy dog. A one-piece red and white dress along with black buckle shoes will round out the rest of the outfit that is needed to perfect the look and feel of the greatest little orphan girl in our time that was created first as a comic strip.

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