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If you can’t steal Christmas, then who else can? Well, there is always the famed Ebenezer Scrooge, who never gave his hard-working people any sort of Christmas bonus although he had rooms full of gold and frequently responded to Christmas wishes with an emphatic ‘Bah, Humbug’. Or, there is simply the robbers from the movie ‘Home Alone’ who have been casing out the house that the young boy was eventually left home all by himself at, in which he easily wards off the attacks of the burglars. And, of course, there is the infamous Grinch that did, in fact, try his best to steal Christmas in the famed movie with the same name.

The infamous tale on how the Grinch stole Christmas was first told in 1957, while the movie came out a decade later with the character of the Grinch being voiced over by Boris Karloff. It evolved into an awesome book and has been even turned into a musical. Some television shows, such as Glee, have made their own renditions of the popular story. The main plot of the story has the Grinch angry because of the Whos in Whoville and their happiness; from there, he plans and eventually embarks on a tirade to rob the citizens of Whoville of their presents. He eventually realizes the true meaning of the Christmas holiday and returns the gifts to the children of the town and humbles himself on the blessed day. There are ton of Grinch-like people in the world today, so perhaps find one and show them a little love.

Getting yourself setup with a Grinch outfit is relatively simple, and can look convincing if you are able to locate yourself some pea green paint. First, obviously you need to start with a Grinch wig that is ultimately either going to be a Santa hat, or an entire mask with hat. Next, you simply need to find a Santa outfit and cut out the sleeves to give yourself the tough guy look, and finally, get yourself some green-looking footies that resemble the same type of feet that the Grinch has. Now, you are ready to bestow your town with ill-will for the holidays; just try not to do anything that would land you in the pokey, because this is all about fun.

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