Marge Simpson Wig

The Coolest Marge Simpson Wig Ever!!!

The greatest cartoon and longest cartoon series in the history of television is the Simpsons, the brainchild of the cartoonist Matt Groening. The series has been actively running now for 22 years and is poised to begin its next season without disruption. The characters of this cartoon include the ever famous Bart, who rides a skateboard and has the line ‘No way, man!’ to his credit; there is Homer, the nuclear power plant safety inspector; Lisa, the smart saxophonist that is constantly the butt of Bart’s jokes and playful candor, and, of course, there is Marge Simpson, the housewife that is always seen taking care of Maggie, the baby of the family, and has perhaps the most notorious beehive hairdo that seems to amass several feet.

These characters, throughout the life of the show, have taken on various roles, have been through their own separate trials and tribulations while even being at odds with each other. This sitcom has been on mainly at the early evening hours to appeal to the American family, which has worked quite nicely judging by the high ratings they annually receive. The setting is in the town of Springfield, and it is unclear as to which state that it belongs to, although the founder is Jebediah Springfield and in the county of the same name. Although the Simpsons have quite a long running history, it is even more awesome to know it even passed ‘Gunsmoke’ as the longest running sitcom, too. That is a pretty amazing achievement, considering the length of time that the show ran.

In discussing the looks the main characters, we cannot help but to wonder what a Marge Simpson wig would look like in real life, and much to our amazement, it is totally possible to be her. First, it is best to get a really tall beehive that is already blue, or that can easily be painted royal blue; then, find yourself a blue or other colored summer dress and some big hoop earrings to wear, and try to get yourself the same raspy female voice that Julie Kavner, the voice over for Marge and several other characters, has. Finally, you need to practice a funky dance that your friends can capture on YouTube for old time’s sake.

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