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Those that tend to dwell deep in the mountains areas of the country, or even those who run around with bare feet and dress in a certain manner with matching personality are referred to as a hillbilly. This originally Scottish terminology has spread into many more slang terminologies, such as ‘hick’, ‘country bumpkin’ and other types of local slangs. While many of your hillbilly folk are said to be living in areas of Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas and other southern areas, it is evident through many travels of mine that the hillbilly is very much alive and kicking wherever you go. And no, not all hillbilly folks live in double-wide trailers or small shacks with 16 of their cousins.

The hillbilly way of life is pretty much that of a hard-working man or woman that takes care of their children and doesn’t place strict education requirements of college on their children’s life. The typical hillbilly grows up into a skilled trade and carries that through their lives, passing the skill onto the next generation of the lineage. Although it is said that most hillbillies tend to distill moonshine or ‘white lightning’, this is clearly speculatory until you really know for a fact or have done these things yourself. Lord knows that some areas of the mountainous Southeast do smell like Copperhead Road, per se. In any case, the hillbilly lifestyle is perfect for anyone that loves seclusion from the bustling and often times dramatic city life.

One of the more famous traits of the hillbilly is the beard. It is often grown long and either somewhat groomed or never groomed at all; in fact, if it is more wild it’s better. Not sure if there are any hillbilly women with beards, but you just never know anymore. For what it’s worth, you can very easily get yourself on the road to dancing the ‘Cotton-eyed Joe’ by picking up a hill billy beard at the many retailers that carry such a thing. In fact, you can probably find the material and make one to your liking yourself. But never make fun of a hill billy; instead, have fun with them because they are some of the most down-home people that you will ever get a chance to meet.

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