Joan Jett Wig

The Coolest Joan Jett Wig Ever!

Women in rock and roll have been just as equally electrifying in concert as their male counterparts have. Such acts as Pat Benatar, Suzi Quatro, Scandal, Lita Ford and even Heart are actually on many people’s all-time list of favorite bands that are female-based. However, when you want to get down and dirty with some true grit rock and roll that has some great chic flair, then you must listen to the sounds of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Joan Larkin, the name she was born under, is called by many the queen of rock and roll due to her eccentric on-stage performance as well as her riffs. She is the founding member of The Runaways, which one of the original members happens to be Lita Ford.

Receiving her very first guitar at the young age of 14, Jett was destined for rock success from that point forward as she immediately began to write songs that would eventually become some of her trademarks. When she formed the Runaways with Sandy West, Cherie Currie and the members listed above, it became what is now known as one of the great ground-breaking women rock and roll outfits of the early days, and it didn’t take long before she began her solo career which began with the cover of The Arrow’s ‘I Love Rock ‘N Roll’, which ultimately became the trademark of Jett. She followed that hit with such songs ‘Do You Wanna Touch Me’ and ‘Crimson & Clover’, which also peaked high on many musical charts across the states and the UK.

One major trademark of this iconic female rocker is her hair, which is sort of a wild mixture of a woman’s mullet coupled with a punk look. Her hair, in the early days of her career, was a shiny jet black; however, over the years she has went bald and now wears it shorter yet still shows off her black beauty well. If you search high and low online, you will find an excellent Joan Jett wig that will have you rocking all the way back to the 80′s. She is still on stage and selling out concerts, which is a testament to the excellent quality of music that she puts forth while performing.

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