Neon Wigs

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Bad hair days, no hair days, and just days that you wish you could look totally different than you did before are some pretty common reasons that people would want to grab a neon wig and run out the door. Of course, you don’t need to be triggered by depression in order to get the look you want. Stars and even regular Joes like you are wearing neon wigs every day and these are a fashion trend that will probably be around as long as you will be and beyond. There are several things you can do to take your normal hair and spruce it up with a neon wig, and since no one really has an accurate account of the history behind neon wig creation, one can only speculate.

People that are into cosplay and other types of anime tend to wear these neon wigs as they attempt to express their feeling, or project a certain character in a book or movie, making them perhaps the number one owners of the neon wig. Musical sensations such as Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and even Katy Perry tend to spice up their performances with neon wigs, which also creates a fashion trend among their following. The most famous people that seem to wear the neon wigs the best are the Treasure Trolls that were created around three decades ago by various manufacturers; they sported neon colored hair that would eventually become the inspiration for wig manufacturers around the globe.

Wearing a neon wig takes a bold sense of character, especially to appear in public with one on. If you have no cares in the world of how people would react to you wearing a wig that is neon and has bright and blinding colors, then you would be the perfect candidate for neon wigs. There are many different colors of neon wigs that are in existence, and it really is just a matter of what color you are after. Neon is a pretty loose term, so if you are after neon blue or green, then you can find it, or you can get the color you want and simply spray paint the neon wig for the fullest effect. Make sure you take pictures of your neon wig and share with others on social media platforms.

Mustaches & Beards

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Moustaches and beards have been a part of the manly world for many years now; the thicker and longer the beard that you grow, the deeper the respect you can expect to receive in return. From the highest possible ranking Egyptians in the ancient times of the BC era all the way to the Chinese dynasties, moustaches and beards are largely accepted as a sign of manhood, the pinnacle of the pubescent era in a man’s life. The beard and moustache combination means a lot more to many different cultures, and simply buying moustaches and beards may just increase your social stance and attract women that love developed men.

In the middle ages when medieval men were struggling to keep their kingdoms intact and knights were fighting off nagging highwaymen, the beard was worn to convey a message of virility and overall experience. After a few centuries of clean shaven men taking over several parts of the world, the beard made a comeback in the 1800′s, seen best on presidential persons such as Abraham Lincoln and Taft. Some of the world’s great inventors and scientists have sported beards such as Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud during their era of changing the future of the world. Finally, some of the major rulers of the 20th century, such as Hitler and Stalin, wore beards that seemed to signify their command over people and armies. In religion, we’re all aware that Jesus was a beard-bearing soul as was some of the Chinese legends like Confucius and even the most hated fictional murderer, Fu Manchu.

If you are into the traditional meanings and looks that a moustache and beard can give you, then what is necessary from there is completely your prerogative: there are topical solutions that you can use to stimulate hair growth, and there are also plenty of stores around the world that sell moustache and beard sets that can assist you in achieving the look that you wish to obtain. If you are truly wanting to change the way you look, then you would benefit in getting yourself one of these or both, depending on the overall look that you are shooting for. If you wish to more about the lineage of the moustache and beard, simply find a Wiki about it or Google the terms.

Mardi Gras Wigs

The Greatest Mardi Gras Wigs Online

Travelers and people common to the area of New Orleans have a special celebration that brings together people from all over the country and brings fun, food, drink and all-around good times. However, although people tend to associate wild profligation and getting arrested with the annual festival, the true meaning of the celebration has some religious roots behind it: it is actually the celebration that lets people party before the fasting season, or Lenten. The dates of this celebration tend to fluxuate from year to year, with most of the average days falling between ending part of February and the first week of March. The 2012 official celebration of Mardi Gras will commence on February 21 of 2012.

Unbeknownst to most people, New Orleans is not the actually only city in the world that celebrates a ‘Mardi Gras’; although different countries may have variations in their reasoning for the celebration, the actual festival is striking similar across the board. In cities like Binche, Belgium, the festival is the most important day of the year, whereas our big day is Christmas. The celebration that takes place in Sweden is also named Fat Tuesday – in their dialect, it is Fettisdagen – and is the chief day that people go out and eat ‘semla’, which is a pastry-like treat. And even the country of Senegal gets involved with the festivities in the chief city of Dakar. The celebration is a global thing in each specific culture, and people are often excited during this time, even though the end of the party means fasting for the religious person.

One of the major traditions of the American festival is to pass out beads as sort of a symbol of peace or thanks, although women tend to earn their beads by displaying their ‘mammary glands’ in exchange for huge amounts of beaded necklaces. Food is plentiful in this celebration, and it is the biggest grossing festival in the state every year, netting local businesses millions of dollars in the short celebration. Mardi Gras wigs probably do exist in some fashion should you want to come prepared; however, they will probably consist of something with a lot of beads attached to it. Nonetheless, if you are ever in the area around Mardi Gras, there is no cover charge to roam the streets, meet new folks, and party down.

Long Wigs

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Long hair has, for many centuries, played in an integral role in the male-female order of natural selection, aiding people in choosing their mates based solely on attraction rather than worrying about their inner selves. Whether we agree with this or not, this is the way of the world, and seems to be more of a benefit to women than to men. Many researchers tend to link long hair as a symbol of feminine fertility and also a sign of good health, which is actually yet to be proven to be a sound doctrine as of yet. Long hair has existed since the Biblical era began, and even today is still the same symbol of beauty in women as well as some men.

Although there are certain strict standards in military and in certain workplaces that pertain to long hair, that usually doesn’t deter people from having the long hair as they simply buy long wigs to keep for the times they go away from their employer and wish to meet someone or just hang out with friends on the town with their long hair. However, those that naturally keep long hair without restriction have been known to grow it to some extreme lengths: the women’s world record holder for the longest natural hair belongs to Xie Qiuping of China, having an unheard of length of eighteen feet and a quarter. Obviously it is unrealistic to think everyone can grow their hair to that length, yet it sure would be fun to try.

No matter what age you are, you can enjoy long hair anytime simply buy purchasing a long wig that is made of either natural hair or a fiber that is strikingly similar to real hair. These wigs are a great addition to your wardrobe and can be suited to fit any color scheme that you wish to incorporate into your outfits. If you are truly a person that wishes to be like the younger girls, or if you believe that long hair will make you more noticeable, then it is time you made the jump to the next level and get yourself a long wig. The great thing about having a long wig is that if you do not like the long appeal, you can always cut it shorter without spending a dime.

Jesus Wigs

The Greatest Jesus Wigs Ever!!

Jesus, the son that was sent down to pay for the many sins of the world, is perhaps easily the greatest person that has ever walked the earth. Although many other religions have their own rendition of the Son of God, they all sort of lead back to the same truth that Jesus was sent to die on Calvary’s cross to act as payment for what we have done wrong, even before we have done it. This epic event in our history has caused millions to take a look at themselves and evaluate what they have done wrong in their lives. If you are a true believer in this religious doctrine, then you can grab a Bible, perhaps slip on a Jesus wig complete with crown of thorns, and hit the streets pleading your case.

Many people have doubts and still, despite the many miracles that have been proven throughout time, shun the thought of one man – a carpenter by trade – actually having the capacity to come to earth and save the world from their sins, and have that same hold true for sins uncommitted. Yet, if you are a true believer, then you understand that inner peace is the most important part of the human soul, and no other source of encouragement can better be served than the type that can come from the Savior himself. Pretend to know him, make fun of him, and ignore him all that you wish to; the day is going to eventually come that you’ll meet up with him again and, much in the same manner you turned your cheek to him – he just may turn his cheek on you, casting you straight south.

The pictures and drawing are pretty accurate in terms of what Jesus may have looked like, wearing nothing more than a garb that was made of cloth, a tunic, and some sandals that have been copied in our era over and over again. He also has beautiful skin and nearly perfect eyes. Unfortunately, he also received a hat that many people wouldn’t want, consisting of sharp barb thorns that was used to punish the man who eventually became our hero. Finding a simple Jesus wig, however, should be easy since it consists of long wavy hair.

Green Wigs

The Coolest Green Wigs Ever!!

Certain colors mean different things to people in society, and that statement even holds true with regards to hair. Green, to many ordinary people, is the international symbol of earth, recycling, and all good things that have to do with mother Earth. If you are a junkie of the natural resources, or even simply love money, then green is probably the best suited color for your hair. Many stars have decided to dye their hair green in support of saving the trees and natural resources that we have; there are many things that you can accomplish with green hair. It is more than a statement of fashion or indifference; it is a movement that you can grow with.

Green living is the new cool, especially with the cars that are coming out. Gasoline is starting to get outrageously expensive, and since renewable resources naturally can lower emission standards, many car companies are starting to plan for future needs, therefore, have begun to produce the electric and hydrogen-based engines, grabbing the praises of the eco-friendly people all over the planet. Next on the agenda is finding a reliable means to have paper products that will not affect the trees and other foliage that tends to become threatened by tree harvesters. Green is a way of life that is clean and matches what God has intended for his people. By wearing green wigs, you are not only representing that idea, but you are also sticking with the current fashion trends.

Green wigs can be both found to have recyclable materials and normal type of mohair. If you are one that believes in the wrongness of animal cruelty, you should go with the wigs that are eco-friendly. The shades of green that you can get with these wigs range from darker hunter greens to the fluorescent green which sticks out at night, perfect if you ride bikes at night or partake in similar activities. Green wigs are easy to find as well, with many of the wig manufacturers you’ll find on sites like Alibaba and even Google Product searches offering discounts for buying a certain number. This discount would be beneficial if you want to buy green bob wigs, green flip wigs, or any of the other wigs that exist that can be colored green.

Bob Wigs

The Coolest Bob Wigs Ever!!

The bob, one of the most notorious hairstyles of the distinguished and daring woman, is the best hair style currently on our market today, albeit in different forms. Chinese women seemed to have mastered the good looking styles of the bob by cutting their hair roughly at the neck or jawline and having the angle perfectly follow their facial features. Today in society women are cutting their hair in the bob now more than ever before because it actually looks a lot better than layered hair or even perms. If you are wanting the bob pretty badly, then read this short literary snippet dedicated to the ‘bob fanatics’ in the world.

The American singer and dancer Mary Louise Brooks, known best for her active role in the “Pandora’s Box” film, is the technical godmother of the popular bob-style of hairdo, having first rocked the stages with the cut as early as the 1920′s. She went on to star in several other great movies including ‘Diary of a Lost Girl’ which got rave reviews; she even penned a memoir of her life that carried the title ‘Lulu in Hollywood’, along with approximately 17 silent films to add to her many accolades. The bob continued its fame from there, dying off for a short period of time before the most famous hairdresser of all from London, Vidal Sassoon, brought the hairstyle back and tagged it as an exciting expression of a woman. The style, of course, continued through many other decades before settling into the big deal it is today. More about the bob can be read online through news archives from the Washington Post and NY Times.

Bob wigs are the perfect gift and also the greatest hairpiece that a woman can receive; along with a wig cap to cover your natural hair, the bob wig is designed to enhance your looks while having a legendary hairdo on your head whenever you feel like having it. Affordable and easy to store, these bob wigs are a hot item on the block right now, and will probably remain that way until someone famous decides to change the looks of society again. Until that time, enjoy your bob look to the fullest and find the right bob wigs for your style and attitude.

Gray Wigs

The Best Gray Wigs Online

All of the hair colors are determined by the amount of a certain pigmentation called eumelanin, and the specific amount that is found to be present is what gives you the blond hair, black hair, and the likes. However, when people start to age, the body begins to stop producing this pigmentation, which causes the hair to turn white or gray, depending on the color of hair that they had when younger. However, since many women find gray hair to be extremely sexy and a sign of a more distinguished character, you may consider having gray hair earlier on in your life, which is where gray wigs come in handy.

Believe it or not, most people of Chinese or American descent are prone to have gray hair start to form in their mid-thirties whereas the African-American community tends to hold their natural color into their mid-forties. Gray hair is not necessarily a sign of aging or really anything other than the eumelanin output in the hair follicles. Nevertheless, gray hair is a huge part of America, making up for nearly 1/3 of the population currently. And, if you would like to become a gray-haired individual, then there are options available to you that you probably didn’t know existed. The most obvious choice you employ is coloring your hair to the grayness that you’d like, which could actually be a bad thing for the younger generation as gray hair is known to damage your roots extensively. Then, of course, there is going to some beautician and pleading your case with them in hopes they have a solution for you. Yet, there is just one more idea that you can use during this quandary of yours.

Gray wigs, having been worn for many years now, are the perfect solution for anyone that wants the gray look without the effort. You can get these gray wigs, along with a wig cap, and strut your stuff all over town with very little worries. Gray wigs are actually pretty widespread and can be found anywhere offline or online, so if you are ready to turn on the sex appeal and have the mindset to match your new aspiration for gray hair, then hit the ground running today and get your gray wig today.

Geisha Wigs

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Have you ever wondered who those beautiful Japanese women that are seen in movies dancing and frolicking about, occasionally checking on their guests and even sometimes offering a little of ‘extra’ company to the traveler or important business person? That lady is an ancient entertainer – sometimes mistaken as a prostitute – named a ‘geisha’, which is actually an elite club of dancing and entertaining women that are just as important to the Japanese custom as the men are. In fact, geisha are protected by the government and recognized in today’s society as successful business ladies independent and strong.

The woman in geisha training is called a maiko and has limited powers during her apprenticeship; however, a woman can become voted in and skip the apprenticeship process, instantly becoming a full geisha. The most important elements that a geisha has working for them are their extremely elegant and well-colored kimonos, the hair that sometimes takes hours to perfect, and the face paint which is another time consuming process that must be applied properly. As you can see, the geisha are very proud of their traditions, to the point they have their own laws and codes of ethics such as dating clientele and marriage, both which are very strictly enforced. And, like any other organized social group, there are levels involved when becoming a geisha; certain older members are put into an elite class that make money from powerful businessmen, while the lesser geisha, or ‘hot springs geisha’, are mainly found in spas and resorts, often supplementing their low pay with sexual acts that pay higher.

The hair style and care are extremely important to geisha of all levels; in fact, special pillows were created so that geisha women could lay down and not ruin their hair once fixed for an upcoming festival or meeting. Many hours go into the placement of pins and decorations in geisha hair; since common people have little time like that, women of the western world tend to buy geisha wigs that are already styled like the common geishas already are. These wigs, although slightly more costly than regular wigs you will encounter, are well worth the money spent. If you would love to relish in the Chinese geisha world, start off with buying Geisha wigs to see how well you could blend in with real-world geisha.

Colonial Wigs

The Best Colonial Wigs Online

Perhaps easily one of the most important eras in our American history, the colonial era spanned from the time that Europeans first landed on the United States all the way until the day our country declared it was independent from British rule. During the Colonial era, many wars were fought, lives were lost, slave trading was an everyday business, and the Native Americans were nearly wiped out or cornered into small plots of land, enabling the explorers and British inhabitants to set up shop and create cities in the U.S. while attempting to establish tough tax laws and other major legislation that didn’t bode well with most settlers. There are a few reasons we even had the Colonial era to begin with, some of which are illustrated below.

Since most of the Roman Catholics in the Church of England were facing persecution and possible execution from their ruler at that time, Charles I, many folks fled their mother country to settle where they could freely practice their religious beliefs without any bias. Another reason we went through the Colonial era is mercantilism; our land was a prime opportunity to set up shop for free trade and the ability to have taxes raised through the roof without repercussions. With no real formal established government until after we won our independence, people could pretty much ‘run the gamut’ on prices, distribution, and whatever else they wanted. This, of course, caused such incidents as the Boston Tea Party and ensuing wars, ending up becoming our country after all.

Aside from the clothing choices people had back then, most colonials had an interesting means of keeping their hair. For men, the hair was generally grown long enough to put in a ponytail while making sure that the forehead was somehow covered. The ladies of that era wore their hair in sort of a beehive weave look; taking a gander at some of the pictures across the internet of women during that era, it almost looks as if though they are wearing a wig. What you may not know is that, in fact, they were! Colonial wigs have been worn for many centuries now as simply a ‘toupee’ or enhancement to the already nice hair that people have. Colonial wigs are an excellent accessory to have for all occasions, even for just wearing around the town.