Lady Gaga bob

The Greatest Lady Gaga Bob Ever!

There have definitely been some exciting and even ‘crazy’ actors and musicians in our time, each with a style and trademark that is unique to their personalities. Look at the singing and acting of Sam Kinison or Little Richard; they led exciting off-stage lives and had eclectic on-stage performances. In our current time, there is perhaps one of the most exciting live performers and singers that is widely known for wearing seemingly far-fetched and unheard of costumes, like bubbles, a dress made of raw meat, and dresses that even consist of shapes that one could never think as being possible. Of course we’re talking about Stefani Germanotta, better known to all of us as just Lady Gaga.

She is well known for not only her dresses, but for the way she inspires people to be themselves and not follow society’s expectations for looks. Although only 25, Gaga has a large global following due to her freedom in self-expression. Known for her first hit, ‘Poker Face’, the New York-born super singer is also an active humanitarian and supporter of many lifestyles shunned by many, including transgender and gay. She is the owner of several Guinness World records and Time magazine has even dubbed her as one of the most influential people of our present time. It is plain to see that you can express yourself as you wish, yet with tact, and motivate an entire generation to think outside their boxes. Since she is of such young age, there is no telling where this superstar is going to go in her career.

In terms of Gaga’s guise, she is known to wear tons of different dresses, hats, shoes, leggings and hair styles; for someone that is interested in wearing something simple like a Lady Gaga bob, then you could be in luck, considering it appears this is what she is seen wearing the most. The rest of the outfit would be completely up to you as it seems she throws or sells her clothes when done; personally, it has been rare for me to see her wearing the same thing twice. Pick one of her outfits and coordinate that guise with a blond Lady Gaga bob – then you can stroll down the street and turn millions of heads, too.

Ricky Ricardo Wig

The Coolest Ricky Ricardo Wig Online!!

Sitcoms, in some fashion, make gluing ourselves to the television set just a little more fun than other shows as the sitcom is a continuously running story that appears to have no end – until one day, it is taken off air and the show is over. For example, we all know that Gilligan and his crew never made it off that South Pacific island. However, a bold statement can be made about television sitcoms that most argue to be accurate: I Love Lucy is the greatest sitcom ever. Actors Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz portray perhaps the perfect marriage situation of all time with accuracy. And, if that fact is not enough for you, then the fact they were married in real life should be enough to convince you their acting is near perfect.

Ricardo, who is an aspiring musical genius with the hit song from the era ‘Babalu’, portrays a typical husband role in that timeframe, often making Lucy adhere to orders and treating her like a misbehaved child at times, too. You will see him often times relaxed unless he is upset with the actions of Lucy, making him overly excited. The main two shows you know of, ‘I Love Lucy’ and ‘Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour’, became instant classics, yet Ricardo was never to be seen on television again after an episode of the Comedy Hour in which he gives his wife a long hug. This was roughly in April of 1960. They do have one child together, many commonly know as simply ‘Little Ricky’. It should be noted that the older of the two, Ball, outlived the younger Arnaz: she passed on in ’89 while Arnaz, six years her junior, died in ’86.

It is unclear as to why Arnaz simply didn’t take his career into a different direction when he had the chance. The 60′s, especially late parts, brought about some exciting pictures yet Arnaz stayed in semi-retirement for the remainder of his years, mainly making guest appearances on ‘Alice’ and a few NBC talk shows. Arnaz had two wives, yet after the divorce of Ball they always remained really close friends, with Ball calling him just two days before his death to share one last ‘I love you’. The legend of Ricky Ricardo lives on even to this day.

Fake Old Man’s Beard

The Best Fake Old Mans Beard Ever!!

Everyone loves the look of a grey haired old man and his matching beard as it is a sign of experience and distinguished character. Whether short or tall, long beard or short and thick, these beards are not only worn by the men who grow them, but millions of other people that simply want to look different or cover up for some reason. If you are the person that loves to sport a fake old man’s beard as a practical joke or for some serious act, you are in good company; there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a fake old man’s beard, especially if done tactfully – and not to hide your face for anything illegal.

Old man’s beards have been a tradition in many worldwide communities for many centuries; they go by many names, such as the famous ‘Fu Manchu’ look which is long, triangular and pointed at the end. The rock group ZZ Top wears extremely long beards and, even as old men now, still wear them long (except for Frank Beard, who is notoriously beardless). Older hippie men wear their beards really long as well; many Harley riders will do the same. The list of people and reasons for wearing long beards goes on for days and the tradition of wearing it will go on forever. There are many ways you can join in on the old man’s beard festivities quickly and inexpensively as well.

To be simply about the entire process, you could go find yourself a fake old man’s beard to put on or glue to your face. This would enable you to immediately reap the benefits of old age and good looks to boot. For those that are more frugal with their spending, you have the option of making your own fake old man’s beard. Using such fabrics as wool or even braiding some sort of normal hair should do the trick; alternatively, you can simply cut your own hair and glue it together to make it long, then once you are finished, you can glue it to your face. Seems silly to do such a thing and even slightly outlandish yet for those that want a fake old man’s beard bad enough, it will do the trick nicely.

50′s Elvis

The Coolest 50's Elvis Wig Online

We all know about the ‘King’, what he has done for the world of music and his unfortunate demise at the pinnacle of his career. There is probably a lot of inside information that most people are not aware of, however, unless they are die-hard fans of the superstar. So, we’d like to take this opportunity to give you some informative tidbits about this music master that loves peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Grab your 50′s Elvis wig and sit next to the fire as we deliver some interesting FYI’s for you today.

Early on in his storied career, he was originally told he couldn’t sing. After walking into a studio to pay for recording time just to make a two-sided acetate disc for his mom, he was continually asked what kind of singer he was; after he simply replied that “I sing all kinds”, Sun records secretary Mark Keisker continued to drill the young man. The first disc was a flop, as was the second one he did about a year later in ’54. Shortly after this, he even failed to make it as a member of the Songfellows, claiming they said, again, ‘He couldn’t sing’. In fact, many of the early recordings and auditions that he entered flopped early in his career. He made it one time on the ‘Grand Ole Opry’; however, the manager there stated that he was ‘ok’, but didn’t fit the shows growing demand for astute talent. He then, of course, sprung into commercial music stardom with his first RCA recording in 1956.

After RCA Victor finally released Presley’s first album, which was a self-titled piece, it is then that Elvis sprung from an ‘ok’ singing act to the most phenomenal music legend we know of now. He appeared on the Milton Berle Show, which is the spot where he became famous for the cover song ‘Hound Dog’. From the dance you see there – provocative hip swaying and thrusting – the Catholic Diocese decided to deem him a ‘threat to the youth of the U.S.’. People had even dubbed him as ‘Elvis the Pelvis’ because of his maneuvers. And, of course, the most famous statistic of all is the fact that when Presley was booked on Ed Sullivan show, it drew an unheard of 86% of the United States viewing audience at that time.

Willie Nelson Wig

Get Your Willie Nelson Wig Today

The Great Depression seen a lot of up and down financial problems occur, with unemployment rates shooting up over 25%, and stocks slamming to mere pennies. This Depression lasted about a decade, with Roosevelt basically talking the country out of fear and back into operational mode. It was during this era of poverty that one of the greatest voices in country music history was born, and his name was Willie Nelson; raised by his grandma and grandpa, Nelson wrote his first song at age seven, right at the end of the Depression, and was already in a band at age 10. From there he went on to join the U.S. Air Force, only to be let go due to back issues. Upon discharge, he attended the prestigious Baylor University but left that behind to stick with his successful musical career.

In the middle stages of his career, he was involved with the mega group ‘The Highwaymen’ which featured some of the best singers of all time, including Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings. They had such hits as ‘Highwaymen’ which was the cover of a famous Jimmy Web hit; this single hit the charts instantly at #1. Seemingly in financial distress over an alleged IRS tax debt of $32 million dollars, many of the country star’s earnings from mid-80′s albums clear into the early 90′s went to the IRS, along with many of his assets. He recovered, however, to make wonderful hits even to present day, with one of those being ‘Beer for My Horses’, a duet with Toby Keith. He’s even sung with Phish and even Johnny Cash again before Cash passed away in 2003.

Perhaps the most notable feature of Willie Nelson is his long hair that is often kept braided. Even to this day, his grayish hair is either kept long or even still braided, always wearing his bandana around his head and his signature Martin N-20 strapped and ready to strum. Many people throughout time have mimicked Nelson’s look, going as far as getting a Willie Nelson wig to pay homage to the country music great. Show your own spirit for this living legend anytime during the year simply by purchasing his works and, of course, the patented Willie Nelson wig worn by the masses in tribute to his good name.

Jim Morrison Wig

The Greatest Jim Morrison Wig Online

No musical discussion would be quite complete without a blurb about the Doors, being that they shaped some of the most widely used tunes of all time, including ‘Break On Through’, which has been used by several companies to promote their products, as well as ‘Riders of the Storm’, which has seen many other bands and cover bands rehash their basic tune. Overall, these rockers had lyrics with deep meaning that went well beyond the scope of the human eye and behind the lyrical ingenuity was the best lead vocalist in the era, Jim Morrison, better known to his following as simply ‘The Lizard King’.

Born in Melbourne, Florida in 1943, the poetic maestro witnessed an auto accident in the desert at just four years old, which he consistently makes reference to in his music career. With a reported IQ of 149, Morrison was a master of taking poetry to the stage and putting song behind it, which is evident in some of his early-day tunes. And while most people associate this rocker with psychedelic drug use and wild stage antics, this was actually one of the more intellectual rockers of our era, singing about deep and meaningful event in life and in his surroundings. He, of course, went outside the norm with his ‘Hello, I Love You’ tune that is perhaps one of the top 50 great songs ever; however, most of his tunes stayed deep in thought and meaning. It was unfortunate to lose this superstar at such a young age – he passed away in Paris, France in 1971 at the young age of 27. Mr. Mojo Risin will be missed by many generations since this style is a rare occurrence today.

Morrison had patented wavy hair along with many different guises that he wore off stage and on as well. Persons that wish to have a ‘dress-up party’ in his honor should definitely consider getting a Jim Morrison wig which would suit you to perfection if worn with a brown leather jacket and whatever else you can scrape up. Many online pictures accurately depict how he looked which would give you some idea as to what to dress like. Morrison, whose death is still undetermined in terms of cause, will forever rule the minds of the free spirited thinker.

Selena Gomez Wig

The Coolest Selena Gomez Wig Ever!!

Seems that now more than ever musicians are coming of age earlier than ever before since the start of the early 90′s when the duo of Atlanta teens commonly known as Kris Kross brought ‘Jump’ into the mainstream. These phenomenal youngsters have somehow been born with the natural talent to play various instruments, act in shows or movies, and even promote products through commercials. One particular young lady that has been an excellent source of both music and acting for the Disney Channel is Selena Gomez, the nineteen-year old Texas-born singer that includes her backup band ‘The Scene’ and actress starring in ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’. She was also recently crowned a UNICEF ambassador, which is a remarkable achievement for a girl of such a young age.

Gomez, with a Hispanic father and mostly Italian mother, grew up in Grand Prairie, which is a rather large suburb of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Her first name was derived from the famous singer Selena who had died at a young age, just a few years after Gomez was born. Her career began at the age of seven while playing Gianna on the hit show ‘Barney’; also, she has appeared on the made-for-TV movie ‘Walker: Texas Ranger’. While out doing talent scouting, Gomez was discovered by the Disney Channel and was given a two season stint on Hanna Montana aside Miley Cyrus. It was finally in 2007 that Gomez had settled into a main character role of Alex Russo on the Wizards show stated above. She continues to excel in that role while also finding the time to record with her band – which has produced a couple RIAA Gold-Certified albums.

Gomez has a doll face with long dark hair and dark eyes. She is really the epitome of young people that are aspiring to become childhood stars, and it shows in her public appearances and acting works. Should one want to follow in the footsteps of this dynamic superhero singer / actress, you could simply get a Selena Gomez wig which would assist you in becoming her, even if for only a short period of time. Make sure you watch some of her hit shows and listen to the music so you have an idea of her character as well.

John Travolta Wig

The Coolest John Travolta Wig Ever!!

Many great actors throughout time have shined on the big screen and continue to be born right into Hollywood stardom even to this day. We could list thousands here that make the grade of top actor of all time, including Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, John Wayne, Fred Astaire and the names keep going. One such actor that could very well fall into the ranks of the best all-time is John Travolta, an aspiring television show actor that evolved into a top movie actor, dancer as well as a producer. Getting his career started on the famous sitcom ‘Welcome Back, Katter’ as Vinnie Barbarino, he went on to star in many box office hits, including the epic ‘Grease’, ‘Face Off’, ‘Look Who’s Talking’ and ‘Ladder 49′.

Shortly before he was dancing to Grease Lightning, Travolta managed to get a song on the Billboard 100 charts that was named ‘Let Her In’ and even land a starring role in the cult classic ‘Saturday Night Fever’ as Tony Manero. Right around the time Grease launched, Travolta became one of the youngest film actors to ever receive a coveted nomination for an Oscar in Best Acting. It should also be noted that Grease was a family affair, of sorts: Travolta’s sister played as a waitress in the film. Shortly after the ‘Grease craze’ was simmering down, Travolta joined Debra Winger in the 80′s classic ‘Urban Cowboy’. This would eventually begin a host of money problems for Travolta which put his acting on hold; he turned down two noted movies that Richard Gere picked up the acting for: ‘American Gigolo’ and ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’, both which went on to become major hits of their time.

Travolta has changed his guise over the years, going from a gang leader in Katter with thick black hair, to a slicked back guise for Grease, all the way to where he is now, which is a mixture of well-groomed short hair and even some baldness. Since apparently his wife of 20 years, Kelly Preston, digs his ever changing looks, apparently you can also change the way you mimic Travolta by getting several different types of John Travolta wigs that will inevitably show your support for perhaps one of the most versatile actors our screens have ever seen.

Lost In Translation

The Sexiest Lost In Translation Wig Ever

When the television set gets old quickly and you wish to watch some films of distinction, many great choices fall onto your lap immediately, considering literally millions of movies exist from the 1900′s to present day. Should you be in the mood for some comedy mixed with drama, while having two well-known actors playing key parts, then you definitely need to check out a film that takes place mainly in Tokyo with some ties back to the United States, and stars such people as Bruce Willis and Scarlett Johansson; this movie is titled ‘Lost in Translation‘, and definitely has a great mixture of funniness and small bits of drama.

This is about an old school movie star that goes to Tokyo, Japan to film an advertisement for a specific brand of whiskey for which he will be paid handsomely for. While this is going on, a young woman (Johansson) is ditched in her hotel room by her husband who is a celebrity photo taker who is well known. As she sits in her room, she ponders her marriage and if she is happy, while at the same time, Bob Harris (Willis) is shooting his commercial, also contemplating the fall of his long marriage, which has lost its romance and flavor. As the movie progresses, both strike up a friendship and begin to spend time together sight-seeing in Tokyo. More drama occurs throughout the movie and as the plot winds down; Bob eventually kisses the young woman goodbye and departs back to the United States. This movie was an excellent show of romance, slight suspense and reconciliation, making it an instant classic.

The film eventually went up for nomination of 4 Academy Awards and also grossed approximately $120 million dollars on a shoestring budget of four million, which is remarkable. One of the most famous parts of the movie that is discussed frequently is a whisper that is made into Johansson’s ear as she is in tears on the sidewalk; no one has ever known what was said, which is why the mystery behind that scene makes the movie an even better box office draw. Should you run out of television shows to watch, I would highly suggest renting or buying this movie for its value in love and friendships.

Jheri Curl Mullet Wig

The Greatest Jheri Curl Mullet Wig Online

Thinking back to all of the hairstyles that I saw while growing up in the 80′s, the one that stuck out the most as being a sign of cool and sophisticated was the Jheri curl, which is a hair style that was – as the name implies – curly, yet also let off a shiny radiance when properly cared for. Many of my favorite actors and singers throughout the era, including Billy Dee Williams, Philip Michael Thomas (‘Rico Tubbs’ on Miami Vice), Michael Jackson, and even Weird ‘Al’ Yankovich wore this stylish hairdo throughout the 80′s and into the early 90′s. It was the epitome of cool back then, and even those who wear it now still make it look trendy.

This ‘do was brought into existence by Seth Kreiser who was a Jew living in the Big Apple, and from there, it sprung into instant popularity due to the looks and high-gloss appeal it gave off. To get this style perfected, there are several steps involved including the shaping stage, which consisted of the hair going through a solution that gave the hair its curls and allowed them to stay in place, and then the actual ‘setting’ stage, which consisted of chemicals put into the hair to freeze it in place; this combination of materials put into the hair often left the hair extremely dry and even brittle. Just as soon as the fad of the Jheri curl wore off, it made way for the infamous hi-top fade worn by Will Smith as ‘Fresh Prince’ and many other hip-hop music stars.

If you have patience and hair that can be permed then given the ‘Jheri curl’ appeal, then you are doing a lot better than most straight-haired people are. If you just want the instant look of this historical perm, then you can get yourself a wig to wear; should you even want to take it to the next level, then you certainly can by getting what is called a Jheri curl mullet wig, which is a combination of two hairstyles into one awesome look. Having a mullet is simply awesome already, and adding another historical look to it with the Jheri curl is even more spiffy that a plain mullet. Win the hearts and envy of many ladies with your new Jheri curl mullet wig found all over the internet or in retail stores around you.