Poison Ivy Wig

The Meaniest Poison Ivy Wig Ever!

If you are a comic buff, then perhaps you have followed the many happenings of Batman throughout the life of the comic and movie series. Having first appeared in issue 181 of the DC Comic series, the ecological terrorist known as Poison Ivy is definitely the top of the bad guy food chain that you should be aware of. Her basic method of operation is to use the plants for their toxins to do menacing acts to disrupt Batman and Robin from doing their job of protecting Gotham. Her character was brought into the mix when a rising concern of feminism merited the infusion of more women villains in comics, which is what brought Poison Ivy to life, ultimately.

This villain somehow was the center of a dangerous science test that had made her blood rich in toxins that are deadly to the touch. So, throughout the rest of the series up through present day, she uses this to her advantage to raise hell with everyone, trying her best to devise a plan to rule the world, which never seems to materialize if you have watched the movies and the entire television series. In the movie Batman & Robin, Uma Thurman was picked to portray Poison Ivy, which she did to perfection. The animated series was voiced over by Diane Pershing and the cartoon movie had a different voice over. It is said, also, that in the newer series that Poison Ivy had passed away and was possibly reborn into the new Flower Girl, which is a culmination of the old look with the fact Poison Ivy died on top of a flower bed.

The dress and total garb of Poison Ivy is basically nearly the same as Robinhood, except her top is made of leaves and her hair is comprised of poisonous flowers with a flaming orange color. So, should you be short of Halloween ideas and wish to dress up like this comic mistress of evil, then simply find yourself some long orange hair to use as a Poison Ivy wig, gather some dry flowers to put in your hair, and do your best to find a two piece green outfit that is resemblant of Robinhood. Beyond that, simply look through some Google images to get the proper look.

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