Jheri Curl Mullet Wig

The Greatest Jheri Curl Mullet Wig Online

Thinking back to all of the hairstyles that I saw while growing up in the 80′s, the one that stuck out the most as being a sign of cool and sophisticated was the Jheri curl, which is a hair style that was – as the name implies – curly, yet also let off a shiny radiance when properly cared for. Many of my favorite actors and singers throughout the era, including Billy Dee Williams, Philip Michael Thomas (‘Rico Tubbs’ on Miami Vice), Michael Jackson, and even Weird ‘Al’ Yankovich wore this stylish hairdo throughout the 80′s and into the early 90′s. It was the epitome of cool back then, and even those who wear it now still make it look trendy.

This ‘do was brought into existence by Seth Kreiser who was a Jew living in the Big Apple, and from there, it sprung into instant popularity due to the looks and high-gloss appeal it gave off. To get this style perfected, there are several steps involved including the shaping stage, which consisted of the hair going through a solution that gave the hair its curls and allowed them to stay in place, and then the actual ‘setting’ stage, which consisted of chemicals put into the hair to freeze it in place; this combination of materials put into the hair often left the hair extremely dry and even brittle. Just as soon as the fad of the Jheri curl wore off, it made way for the infamous hi-top fade worn by Will Smith as ‘Fresh Prince’ and many other hip-hop music stars.

If you have patience and hair that can be permed then given the ‘Jheri curl’ appeal, then you are doing a lot better than most straight-haired people are. If you just want the instant look of this historical perm, then you can get yourself a wig to wear; should you even want to take it to the next level, then you certainly can by getting what is called a Jheri curl mullet wig, which is a combination of two hairstyles into one awesome look. Having a mullet is simply awesome already, and adding another historical look to it with the Jheri curl is even more spiffy that a plain mullet. Win the hearts and envy of many ladies with your new Jheri curl mullet wig found all over the internet or in retail stores around you.

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