Lost In Translation

The Sexiest Lost In Translation Wig Ever

When the television set gets old quickly and you wish to watch some films of distinction, many great choices fall onto your lap immediately, considering literally millions of movies exist from the 1900′s to present day. Should you be in the mood for some comedy mixed with drama, while having two well-known actors playing key parts, then you definitely need to check out a film that takes place mainly in Tokyo with some ties back to the United States, and stars such people as Bruce Willis and Scarlett Johansson; this movie is titled ‘Lost in Translation‘, and definitely has a great mixture of funniness and small bits of drama.

This is about an old school movie star that goes to Tokyo, Japan to film an advertisement for a specific brand of whiskey for which he will be paid handsomely for. While this is going on, a young woman (Johansson) is ditched in her hotel room by her husband who is a celebrity photo taker who is well known. As she sits in her room, she ponders her marriage and if she is happy, while at the same time, Bob Harris (Willis) is shooting his commercial, also contemplating the fall of his long marriage, which has lost its romance and flavor. As the movie progresses, both strike up a friendship and begin to spend time together sight-seeing in Tokyo. More drama occurs throughout the movie and as the plot winds down; Bob eventually kisses the young woman goodbye and departs back to the United States. This movie was an excellent show of romance, slight suspense and reconciliation, making it an instant classic.

The film eventually went up for nomination of 4 Academy Awards and also grossed approximately $120 million dollars on a shoestring budget of four million, which is remarkable. One of the most famous parts of the movie that is discussed frequently is a whisper that is made into Johansson’s ear as she is in tears on the sidewalk; no one has ever known what was said, which is why the mystery behind that scene makes the movie an even better box office draw. Should you run out of television shows to watch, I would highly suggest renting or buying this movie for its value in love and friendships.

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