John Travolta Wig

The Coolest John Travolta Wig Ever!!

Many great actors throughout time have shined on the big screen and continue to be born right into Hollywood stardom even to this day. We could list thousands here that make the grade of top actor of all time, including Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, John Wayne, Fred Astaire and the names keep going. One such actor that could very well fall into the ranks of the best all-time is John Travolta, an aspiring television show actor that evolved into a top movie actor, dancer as well as a producer. Getting his career started on the famous sitcom ‘Welcome Back, Katter’ as Vinnie Barbarino, he went on to star in many box office hits, including the epic ‘Grease’, ‘Face Off’, ‘Look Who’s Talking’ and ‘Ladder 49′.

Shortly before he was dancing to Grease Lightning, Travolta managed to get a song on the Billboard 100 charts that was named ‘Let Her In’ and even land a starring role in the cult classic ‘Saturday Night Fever’ as Tony Manero. Right around the time Grease launched, Travolta became one of the youngest film actors to ever receive a coveted nomination for an Oscar in Best Acting. It should also be noted that Grease was a family affair, of sorts: Travolta’s sister played as a waitress in the film. Shortly after the ‘Grease craze’ was simmering down, Travolta joined Debra Winger in the 80′s classic ‘Urban Cowboy’. This would eventually begin a host of money problems for Travolta which put his acting on hold; he turned down two noted movies that Richard Gere picked up the acting for: ‘American Gigolo’ and ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’, both which went on to become major hits of their time.

Travolta has changed his guise over the years, going from a gang leader in Katter with thick black hair, to a slicked back guise for Grease, all the way to where he is now, which is a mixture of well-groomed short hair and even some baldness. Since apparently his wife of 20 years, Kelly Preston, digs his ever changing looks, apparently you can also change the way you mimic Travolta by getting several different types of John Travolta wigs that will inevitably show your support for perhaps one of the most versatile actors our screens have ever seen.

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