Selena Gomez Wig

The Coolest Selena Gomez Wig Ever!!

Seems that now more than ever musicians are coming of age earlier than ever before since the start of the early 90′s when the duo of Atlanta teens commonly known as Kris Kross brought ‘Jump’ into the mainstream. These phenomenal youngsters have somehow been born with the natural talent to play various instruments, act in shows or movies, and even promote products through commercials. One particular young lady that has been an excellent source of both music and acting for the Disney Channel is Selena Gomez, the nineteen-year old Texas-born singer that includes her backup band ‘The Scene’ and actress starring in ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’. She was also recently crowned a UNICEF ambassador, which is a remarkable achievement for a girl of such a young age.

Gomez, with a Hispanic father and mostly Italian mother, grew up in Grand Prairie, which is a rather large suburb of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Her first name was derived from the famous singer Selena who had died at a young age, just a few years after Gomez was born. Her career began at the age of seven while playing Gianna on the hit show ‘Barney’; also, she has appeared on the made-for-TV movie ‘Walker: Texas Ranger’. While out doing talent scouting, Gomez was discovered by the Disney Channel and was given a two season stint on Hanna Montana aside Miley Cyrus. It was finally in 2007 that Gomez had settled into a main character role of Alex Russo on the Wizards show stated above. She continues to excel in that role while also finding the time to record with her band – which has produced a couple RIAA Gold-Certified albums.

Gomez has a doll face with long dark hair and dark eyes. She is really the epitome of young people that are aspiring to become childhood stars, and it shows in her public appearances and acting works. Should one want to follow in the footsteps of this dynamic superhero singer / actress, you could simply get a Selena Gomez wig which would assist you in becoming her, even if for only a short period of time. Make sure you watch some of her hit shows and listen to the music so you have an idea of her character as well.

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