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No musical discussion would be quite complete without a blurb about the Doors, being that they shaped some of the most widely used tunes of all time, including ‘Break On Through’, which has been used by several companies to promote their products, as well as ‘Riders of the Storm’, which has seen many other bands and cover bands rehash their basic tune. Overall, these rockers had lyrics with deep meaning that went well beyond the scope of the human eye and behind the lyrical ingenuity was the best lead vocalist in the era, Jim Morrison, better known to his following as simply ‘The Lizard King’.

Born in Melbourne, Florida in 1943, the poetic maestro witnessed an auto accident in the desert at just four years old, which he consistently makes reference to in his music career. With a reported IQ of 149, Morrison was a master of taking poetry to the stage and putting song behind it, which is evident in some of his early-day tunes. And while most people associate this rocker with psychedelic drug use and wild stage antics, this was actually one of the more intellectual rockers of our era, singing about deep and meaningful event in life and in his surroundings. He, of course, went outside the norm with his ‘Hello, I Love You’ tune that is perhaps one of the top 50 great songs ever; however, most of his tunes stayed deep in thought and meaning. It was unfortunate to lose this superstar at such a young age – he passed away in Paris, France in 1971 at the young age of 27. Mr. Mojo Risin will be missed by many generations since this style is a rare occurrence today.

Morrison had patented wavy hair along with many different guises that he wore off stage and on as well. Persons that wish to have a ‘dress-up party’ in his honor should definitely consider getting a Jim Morrison wig which would suit you to perfection if worn with a brown leather jacket and whatever else you can scrape up. Many online pictures accurately depict how he looked which would give you some idea as to what to dress like. Morrison, whose death is still undetermined in terms of cause, will forever rule the minds of the free spirited thinker.

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