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The Great Depression seen a lot of up and down financial problems occur, with unemployment rates shooting up over 25%, and stocks slamming to mere pennies. This Depression lasted about a decade, with Roosevelt basically talking the country out of fear and back into operational mode. It was during this era of poverty that one of the greatest voices in country music history was born, and his name was Willie Nelson; raised by his grandma and grandpa, Nelson wrote his first song at age seven, right at the end of the Depression, and was already in a band at age 10. From there he went on to join the U.S. Air Force, only to be let go due to back issues. Upon discharge, he attended the prestigious Baylor University but left that behind to stick with his successful musical career.

In the middle stages of his career, he was involved with the mega group ‘The Highwaymen’ which featured some of the best singers of all time, including Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings. They had such hits as ‘Highwaymen’ which was the cover of a famous Jimmy Web hit; this single hit the charts instantly at #1. Seemingly in financial distress over an alleged IRS tax debt of $32 million dollars, many of the country star’s earnings from mid-80′s albums clear into the early 90′s went to the IRS, along with many of his assets. He recovered, however, to make wonderful hits even to present day, with one of those being ‘Beer for My Horses’, a duet with Toby Keith. He’s even sung with Phish and even Johnny Cash again before Cash passed away in 2003.

Perhaps the most notable feature of Willie Nelson is his long hair that is often kept braided. Even to this day, his grayish hair is either kept long or even still braided, always wearing his bandana around his head and his signature Martin N-20 strapped and ready to strum. Many people throughout time have mimicked Nelson’s look, going as far as getting a Willie Nelson wig to pay homage to the country music great. Show your own spirit for this living legend anytime during the year simply by purchasing his works and, of course, the patented Willie Nelson wig worn by the masses in tribute to his good name.

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