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We all know about the ‘King’, what he has done for the world of music and his unfortunate demise at the pinnacle of his career. There is probably a lot of inside information that most people are not aware of, however, unless they are die-hard fans of the superstar. So, we’d like to take this opportunity to give you some informative tidbits about this music master that loves peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Grab your 50′s Elvis wig and sit next to the fire as we deliver some interesting FYI’s for you today.

Early on in his storied career, he was originally told he couldn’t sing. After walking into a studio to pay for recording time just to make a two-sided acetate disc for his mom, he was continually asked what kind of singer he was; after he simply replied that “I sing all kinds”, Sun records secretary Mark Keisker continued to drill the young man. The first disc was a flop, as was the second one he did about a year later in ’54. Shortly after this, he even failed to make it as a member of the Songfellows, claiming they said, again, ‘He couldn’t sing’. In fact, many of the early recordings and auditions that he entered flopped early in his career. He made it one time on the ‘Grand Ole Opry’; however, the manager there stated that he was ‘ok’, but didn’t fit the shows growing demand for astute talent. He then, of course, sprung into commercial music stardom with his first RCA recording in 1956.

After RCA Victor finally released Presley’s first album, which was a self-titled piece, it is then that Elvis sprung from an ‘ok’ singing act to the most phenomenal music legend we know of now. He appeared on the Milton Berle Show, which is the spot where he became famous for the cover song ‘Hound Dog’. From the dance you see there – provocative hip swaying and thrusting – the Catholic Diocese decided to deem him a ‘threat to the youth of the U.S.’. People had even dubbed him as ‘Elvis the Pelvis’ because of his maneuvers. And, of course, the most famous statistic of all is the fact that when Presley was booked on Ed Sullivan show, it drew an unheard of 86% of the United States viewing audience at that time.

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