Fake Old Man’s Beard

The Best Fake Old Mans Beard Ever!!

Everyone loves the look of a grey haired old man and his matching beard as it is a sign of experience and distinguished character. Whether short or tall, long beard or short and thick, these beards are not only worn by the men who grow them, but millions of other people that simply want to look different or cover up for some reason. If you are the person that loves to sport a fake old man’s beard as a practical joke or for some serious act, you are in good company; there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a fake old man’s beard, especially if done tactfully – and not to hide your face for anything illegal.

Old man’s beards have been a tradition in many worldwide communities for many centuries; they go by many names, such as the famous ‘Fu Manchu’ look which is long, triangular and pointed at the end. The rock group ZZ Top wears extremely long beards and, even as old men now, still wear them long (except for Frank Beard, who is notoriously beardless). Older hippie men wear their beards really long as well; many Harley riders will do the same. The list of people and reasons for wearing long beards goes on for days and the tradition of wearing it will go on forever. There are many ways you can join in on the old man’s beard festivities quickly and inexpensively as well.

To be simply about the entire process, you could go find yourself a fake old man’s beard to put on or glue to your face. This would enable you to immediately reap the benefits of old age and good looks to boot. For those that are more frugal with their spending, you have the option of making your own fake old man’s beard. Using such fabrics as wool or even braiding some sort of normal hair should do the trick; alternatively, you can simply cut your own hair and glue it together to make it long, then once you are finished, you can glue it to your face. Seems silly to do such a thing and even slightly outlandish yet for those that want a fake old man’s beard bad enough, it will do the trick nicely.

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