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Sitcoms, in some fashion, make gluing ourselves to the television set just a little more fun than other shows as the sitcom is a continuously running story that appears to have no end – until one day, it is taken off air and the show is over. For example, we all know that Gilligan and his crew never made it off that South Pacific island. However, a bold statement can be made about television sitcoms that most argue to be accurate: I Love Lucy is the greatest sitcom ever. Actors Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz portray perhaps the perfect marriage situation of all time with accuracy. And, if that fact is not enough for you, then the fact they were married in real life should be enough to convince you their acting is near perfect.

Ricardo, who is an aspiring musical genius with the hit song from the era ‘Babalu’, portrays a typical husband role in that timeframe, often making Lucy adhere to orders and treating her like a misbehaved child at times, too. You will see him often times relaxed unless he is upset with the actions of Lucy, making him overly excited. The main two shows you know of, ‘I Love Lucy’ and ‘Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour’, became instant classics, yet Ricardo was never to be seen on television again after an episode of the Comedy Hour in which he gives his wife a long hug. This was roughly in April of 1960. They do have one child together, many commonly know as simply ‘Little Ricky’. It should be noted that the older of the two, Ball, outlived the younger Arnaz: she passed on in ’89 while Arnaz, six years her junior, died in ’86.

It is unclear as to why Arnaz simply didn’t take his career into a different direction when he had the chance. The 60′s, especially late parts, brought about some exciting pictures yet Arnaz stayed in semi-retirement for the remainder of his years, mainly making guest appearances on ‘Alice’ and a few NBC talk shows. Arnaz had two wives, yet after the divorce of Ball they always remained really close friends, with Ball calling him just two days before his death to share one last ‘I love you’. The legend of Ricky Ricardo lives on even to this day.

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