Lady Gaga bob

The Greatest Lady Gaga Bob Ever!

There have definitely been some exciting and even ‘crazy’ actors and musicians in our time, each with a style and trademark that is unique to their personalities. Look at the singing and acting of Sam Kinison or Little Richard; they led exciting off-stage lives and had eclectic on-stage performances. In our current time, there is perhaps one of the most exciting live performers and singers that is widely known for wearing seemingly far-fetched and unheard of costumes, like bubbles, a dress made of raw meat, and dresses that even consist of shapes that one could never think as being possible. Of course we’re talking about Stefani Germanotta, better known to all of us as just Lady Gaga.

She is well known for not only her dresses, but for the way she inspires people to be themselves and not follow society‚Äôs expectations for looks. Although only 25, Gaga has a large global following due to her freedom in self-expression. Known for her first hit, ‘Poker Face’, the New York-born super singer is also an active humanitarian and supporter of many lifestyles shunned by many, including transgender and gay. She is the owner of several Guinness World records and Time magazine has even dubbed her as one of the most influential people of our present time. It is plain to see that you can express yourself as you wish, yet with tact, and motivate an entire generation to think outside their boxes. Since she is of such young age, there is no telling where this superstar is going to go in her career.

In terms of Gaga’s guise, she is known to wear tons of different dresses, hats, shoes, leggings and hair styles; for someone that is interested in wearing something simple like a Lady Gaga bob, then you could be in luck, considering it appears this is what she is seen wearing the most. The rest of the outfit would be completely up to you as it seems she throws or sells her clothes when done; personally, it has been rare for me to see her wearing the same thing twice. Pick one of her outfits and coordinate that guise with a blond Lady Gaga bob – then you can stroll down the street and turn millions of heads, too.

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