Monster Bride Wig

The Scariest Monster Bride Wig Online

Many famous brides of monsters have existed in movies for many decades; just look at the apparently helpless woman that caught the envy of King Kong, or even as sadistic as the woman who fell in love with Chucky. Everyone loves a monster with a woman love interest, and the best portray of this is done through the first sequel to the original Frankenstein movie of 1931, called ‘Bride of Frankenstein’. There are plenty of rolls that Boris Karloff plays in his time, yet the most highly heralded of those roles is that of the main monster created by Dr. Frankenstein. This classic 1930′s film is one to definitely watch to see why that statement was said.

This epic sequel begins with villagers gathering around in celebration of the apparent death of the ‘monster’ while also mourning the thought that the Doctor could also be dead, too; Hans – the young girl’s dad who died in the original film – seems to want proof that the monster is in fact dead, so he jumps into the pit where the monster had been sent. Once down there, the monster strangulates him to death, then begins his ascent from the pit, in which he immediate reaches Han’s wife and casts her to her death. The Doctor’s body is brought back to be cared for by his fiancée, Elizabeth, who immediately gives the attention to Henry so he can arise and be well, while helping to contain this monster once again. This is as far as we’ll go in describing one of the best films of all-time; simply rent or find this online and see how great acting was back 80 years ago.

The monster bride is a beautiful woman that is often depicted wearing a dress and has golden blond hair. Those young ladies and older women that want something unique to wear for the Halloween holidays, simply pick up a normal blond wig, or even visit specialty shops to find a monster bride wig that could go with virtually any dress, perhaps even a full corset. Having a ‘Monster’ with you would really set the costume off properly, too; just handcuff yourself to him and watch the neighborhood reminisce of the good old days when monsters had brides to call their own.

Braided Geisha Wig

The Best Braided Geisha Wig Ever!

Entertainment in the world comes in many forms with many guises to match. No matter if you are in Greece or the Philippines, Argentina or Canada, there is a special custom or entertainment prose that happens during certain galas or events worldwide. This trend is no different in the country of Japan, where for entertainment and various festivals, you will find ladies dancing to various Japanese tunes to keep guests happy, even during serious meetings. These ladies are known as ‘geisha’, or dancers, and they have some of the most intricate yet peaceful dance maneuvers one could ever know. And their costumes are each unique to the person bearing them.

The legend of the geisha stems all the way back to early 794 when they originally were called ‘saburuko’, which mean ‘a serving woman’. As the empires were aligning, the name eventually became the term it is today. Also, the dancing geisha, in some early years, were widely thought of as prostitutes, since they entertained male guests and early Japanese customs separate sexual activities from marriage. However, as the years progressed, geisha formed a strong bond and today are actually one of the most success women entrepreneurs in Japanese society today, although it is rumored that prostitutes consider themselves to be Geisha as well. The geisha ‘courting’ their guests is allowed but they must retire immediately upon developing anything leading up to a marriage, since they chiefly do not mix their personal lives with their fantasies – a large reason why geisha are so successful even to this day.

Traditional geisha dress includes a pale white colored make up, which is an extremely long process to complete correctly; hair that is traditionally worn in different shapes or even some wear a braided geisha wig; their clothing will always be a kimono; there are many color and style variations of this kimono, but the dress garb of the geisha will always be kimonos due to their customs. To keep a geisha’s hair perfect even when they sleep, specialized pillows were created, called a ‘takamakura’ that comfortably supported their necks so everything was kept in place correctly. These ladies are a legend in Japanese culture so if you are in the area, look them up and let them entertain you.

Jem and the Holograms Wig

The Sexiest Jem and the Holograms Wig Ever!

When it comes to ‘chic bands’, we all love the talent and the beauty that many of them possess. The Runaways, Heart, and other girl bands rock just as hard, if not harder, than their male counterparts do. So naturally, when you are a young teen and watch a tough woman band on a cartoon show, it makes you tingle a little bit more. This is the case of the Jem, the music company entrepreneur with an alter ego as the lead singer of Jem and the Holograms. Three different production companies had their hands in the production of this cartoon series, including Hasbro, making this show a perfect all-around cartoon show for most anyone to watch.

Along with the fact that Jem is a rock star, this beauty queen – that goes by the actual name on the cartoon of Jerrica is involved with the production company called ‘Starlight Music’ which she operates when not jamming on stage. This show is more than just flashy ‘chic music’, however; to cater to a wider spectrum of people, there is plenty of action involved in virtually every show. Overall, this show is a classic straight out of the 80′s that many people highly regard as ‘the push MTV needed to launch into what it is today’. The plot of the story throughout the series is made even more interesting as the previous half-owner of Starlight Music, Eric Raymond, now runs a separate company called Misfits Music which is constantly at odds with Jem.

If Lita Ford or even an early Joan Jett had a cartoon ‘double’, Jem would be it. Sporting wild pink hair and pink paint around her eye areas, Jem has the hard-core rock woman persona down to a science in terms of looks. She wears different outfits to her performances, mainly a pink jacket that matches pink pants and her pink earrings. There are multitudes of methods to get an official Jem and the Holograms wig, which could either be a real pink wig or simply just a long blonde wig that is painted pink. This character would certainly make an excellent outfit for Halloween for a young teen or even an adult; find a few episodes of the show online and see what I mean.

Super Mullet Wig

The Coolest Super Mullet Wig Online!

Many fads have populated our earth for quite some time, including the haircut trend. James Dean wore his hair with feathered sides and spiffed up in the front, while Marilyn Monroe wore a signature blonde curly hair style that was semi-long. People have been bald, wore spiked hair, even long pig-tails in some cases. One of the more interesting styles of hair worn in our time is undoubtedly the mullet, which is described best as a short top and sides with a long back mane. To some, this style is rather funny looking while to others, it is just as cool now as it was in the early 60′s when it was first spotted.

The actual term ‘mullet’ was made a famous household word by references made through Dragline, the character famous in ‘Cool Hand Luke’. Some references make the term ‘mullet’ popular through the hip hop super group Beastie Boys as they refer to the word in some of their songs. However, clearly the term was used first in the 60′s before most of the Beastie members were in kindergarten. In fact, Paul McCartney even rocked a mullet in the mid-70′s while with the Beatles. As the 80′s began, however, the mullets got bigger in size and more popular amongst the rock and metal genres. Even the famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus sported a well-maintained mullet back in his beginning days. This will be perhaps the best hair style amongst men that will go down in history books as such. It should be known that an Islamic movement in 2010 banned the mullet-style hairdo as a means to thwart a ‘cultural attack’ from Westerners.

If you are going to go mullet, then go all out by getting a super mullet wig to sport your love for history’s note mullet bearers. These super mullet wigs can be found at many places all over the world, and it’s simply a matter of locating them at those outlets. The super mullet is the sign of not only great taste, but that you dare to be different than the mainstream hairstyles that are boring. Whether you wish to wear this mullet wig every day or occasionally, you can give off the vibe of being totally rad with a super mullet wig.

Kenny Powers Curly Mullet Wig

The Coolest Kenny Powers Wig | Curly Mullet Online

Naming all of the baseball movies that have come out depicting a pitcher that is trying to rise back to stardom, the one that sticks out the most is Field of Dreams, a movie about a one-good pitcher that is close to retirement yet wants to go out with a ‘bang’. In doing so, he attracts the attention of a baseball ‘groupie’ who uses sex as a refocus for ball players to get their careers back on track, which the main star of the movie resists until the end. Stories like this have inspiration for the baseball player in all of us. In today’s television world, there is a new form of baseball magic in the form of an HBO show called ‘Eastbound & Down’.

In this hit series, the main character named Kenny Powers is a successful substitute teacher that is trying to rekindle his career as a once-great pitcher by making a comeback to the Majors. He was once a highly regarded player; yet with dwindling statistics and being traded constantly wearing him down, he was forced back to his hometown in North Carolina to take a teaching job, giving him time to regroup to make a run for the Big Leagues again. He often runs into difficulty getting back on track due to his bitterness and anger outbursts that hold him back from true success. If you are a baseball buff and love inspirational come-back stories such as this one, I encourage you to check this HBO exclusive show.

Because of this successful show, public announcements rang all over the internet that Kenny Powers merchandise would begin to hit shelves for Halloween, and even a campaign to make Powers – who is played by Danny McBride – the CEO of K-Swiss was making waves as well. So, if you would love to jump on the Powers bandwagon and look like a true superstar pitcher, the first and most obvious need would be to get a trademark of Powers on your head in the form of a Kenny Powers curly mullet wig. This signature style of hairdo has been worn by many real professional athletes over the years, such as Keith Hernandez of the Mets. Grab your piece of topical baseball history with a Kenny Powers mullet wig today.

William Shakespeare Wig

The Greatest William Shakespeare Wig Online!

Poetry and plays are what ultimately started the fads we know now as ‘acting’ and ‘movies’, hands down. And the history of poetry, with such names as Edgar Allen Poe, Maya Angelou and Robert Frost, is deep and widely used today, even over 500 years since most of it was created. When you think of plays and poetry, there is no other playwright in the world that has made a more profound impact on our literary society than William Shakespeare. With over thirty-eight plays and 150+ sonnets to his name, the often-named ‘Bard of Avon’ has shaped our world of poetry and prose into what it has become today.
Shakespeare grew up in the English town of Stratford-upon-Avon to a father who was an alderman and a mother with a highly successful farming family backing her up. His early educational records are unknown, yet his youth includes the marriage to Anne Hathaway, and older woman, at 18 years of age.

More of his early writing successes are unknown; however, he was more than likely active in the beginning part of 1591 since his works began to hit the London theatrical circuit around early 1592. Richard III is believed to be his actual first play works, followed up by Henry VI. Of course, the main plays we all know and love – such as Romeo and Juliet, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Taming of the Shrew, to name a few major plays – were all parts of what made Shakespeare the greatest living playwright and poet of our history, considering virtually all of his plays are quoted in schools, television and news.

Although one can only speculate what Shakespeare looked like, he is thought to have developed a receding hair line, leave a bald spot on top with hair on the back and sides. He was fair complected, with a moustache and thick eyebrows. If you have the desire to see more about what this epic playwright looks like, there are many different points of view and renditions of early photographs that are available all over the web and library, although one could easily make or find a William Shakespeare wig with little effort given the type and amount of hair that he had. Compliment this wig with a 16th century outfit and you will be ready to hit the stage.

Green China Doll

The Best Green China Doll Wig Ever!

For many long years, the look and history of the china doll has never much been discussed, although many people associate a good-looking or clean complexioned person as one with a ‘china doll face’. Collectible china dolls have a history that dates back well into the mid-1800′s with the peak of the production being towards the middle of the 1900′s. The term is actually in reference to the material that these dolls are comprised of, which is a delicate form of porcelain. With these china dolls come many looks, shapes and sizes to compliment every known guise that a humble woman could have.

Typically, you will see these china dolls come in an assortment of different sizes and looks, although most commonly the woman is formed from head to right above the breast area, and lacks arms but has defined shoulders. These are normally created with highly brittle porcelain that is glazed with an epoxy or other coat that gives the doll a luster to it. In some earlier days, home-made china dolls were fired in ceramic to ‘imitate’ the porcelain, glazed and painted to look nearly like their more realistic porcelain counterparts. These dolls feature curly hair with different colors such as black, brown or blond. Their eyes are surreally painted to match those of living people, and the skin shows slight resemblances to the oriental pigments which are generally a lighter skin color than Western women. Some companies still produce these china dolls; however, since our standard of producing products in a manufacturing environment has significantly sped up, the quality of the original china doll has gone down dramatically to make way for mass-productions.

Those that desire to find a wig or costume that represents, for example, a green china doll, can do so simply by finding the correct mask or hairdo that fits your style, along with perhaps a kimono that shows your colors well. While not everyone is fit to wear such a guise, you can certainly perform some research into the looks that generally are found on a green china doll and find the proper wig, mask or outfit that could suit you best. Plenty of pictures are available through your favorite search engine’s image search by typing ‘green china doll’.

The Rugrats Wig

The Best Rugrats Wig Online

Animated cartoons, for as long as I can remember, are what made my Saturday mornings fly by, and gave me something to watch right before school. Classic Looney Toons, He-Man, Thundercats and Tom & Jerry completed my morning line up of mischief, suspense and heroics; and, as time evolved and I grew older, there were many other hit cartoons that came out, like the Rugrats. These eight loveable babies and their dog were always in the center of mischief and getting into some form of trouble. Although I was slightly older at that point, which 1991 was their first run, I loved to watch this comical cartoon and the babies that each made toy shelves around the country.

Everyone that has seen the cartoon knows that the head honcho is Tommy, who tends to instigate most of the ‘mini-adventures’ that happen throughout the life of the cartoon. Although the twins come into play later on as do ‘Dil’ Pickles, the early episodes were just as interesting as the last ones in 2004 were. The Rugrats are loved by children of all ages, and no matter which of these lovable babies you wish to follow, there is something unique about each one, even Angelica Pickles, the mean cousin of Tommy that often stirs up the most trouble and blames it on the babies or Tommy. This show originally aired on Nickelodeon, where it mainly stayed until some other networks picked them up for reruns throughout time.

There are many cute guises that are on the Rugrats show, and depending on which character you fancy, there will be tons of Rugrats wig choices you will have if you or your children wish to dress up like on for the holidays. Unless you are Angelica, most of the wigs you could find consist of a few simple hairs on their heads, since they are babies. A couple of the Rugrats wear bib overalls, while others are just in diapers; therefore, it would benefit you to research each of the Rugrats and their overall looks before deciding which wig or outfit would be the most feasible for your needs. It would make wonderful sense to dress your baby up as ‘Dil’ Pickles or either of the twins while making yourself Angelica or Tommy, whom is slightly more developed.

Andy Warhol Wig

The Coolest Andy Warhol Wig Online!

Everyone loves paintings and arts of all types, including that which is depicted on films. Normally, we associate such painters as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Dali, and Da Vinci, perhaps. However, if you want an excellent painter that can also produce records, make films, author books and associate with Bohemian street folks as well as wealthy persons alike, then the only such qualified person that you will have left on your list is Andy Warhol, the master of the pop art movement as well as a diverse person with many talents under his belt. One of his works, named ’8 Elvises’, went for a record $100 million. That is a taste of just how good this talented individual really is.

The Pittsburgh-born cultural icon attended the Carnegie Institute where his artistic talents were immediately discovered. Once away from school, he began a brief career in advertising and illustration for a magazine outfit, gaining slight notoriety for some interesting shoe drawings he made. His spring into artwork fame commenced around 1950, and from there, we all know the profound impact he has made with his many paintings, capping his career off with a painting that depicted Michael Jackson and his success for one of the greatest albums of all time, ‘Thriller’. Warhol eventually passed away in 1987 from an apparent post-operation cardiac problem that stemmed from his poor gallbladder health. His works and talent will always be remembered throughout the years to come.

Of all the artists that exist one should aspire to look and be like, Warhol would be the number one choice of many for the contributions and the advancement of the pop art cultures around the globe as well as his entrepreneurial successes through writing and record productions. In fact, he had his entire estate willed towards the creation of advancing arts through the Andy Warhol Foundation, initially funded by the proceeds that his estate raked in, which was a hefty $20 million dollars. An Andy Warhol wig, should you want to copy his guise for any reason, would consist of a bowl-style haircut that is blondish brown in color, and also you would need his coke-bottle sized glasses to gather the fullest effect of his 60′s look. There will never be another profound artist in our time, so enjoy him while the memory is still alive.

It the Clown Wig

The Craziest It the Clown Wig Ever!!

There is no other author, arguably, that knows suspense and thrillers like Steven King does. The author who has penned tons of literary works for decades now is well known for making books turn into films, such as the Lawnmower Man I and II, The Langoliers, Pet Cemetery, Christine, and many more that would take up tons of paper space. One of his longest books and movies, IT, was a film introduced in ’90 that revolves around a vicious predator that takes the form of a clown and has the innate ability to transform a situation, or himself, into his prey’s worst fears. Throughout the course of the movie, time goes back and forth from present-1990 back to 1960, giving the movie the full effect.

The entire movie takes place in the fictitious Maine town of Derry and incorporates the “Loser’s Club”, which is a group of seven misguided youth that form a bond in the 60′s; when one of them is killed, the remaining group is shown in 1990 brought back together by one of the six. As each person has their own fears and trials they are going through at the time, ‘It’, the masochistic clown that is doing the killing, continues to hunt each member of the Club, finding them and luring them in based on each of their fears. The entire movie and book is a culmination of each person’s worst fears that is used against them, and ultimately kills them through those fears. Steven King is a mastermind narrator that put this movie together and ultimately made it an instant success.

If you think you hated clowns before, you really will dislike them after watching this horror film; however, for those who felt amused and want a wicked means to scare neighborhood bullies and other random people, you can find yourself the famous ‘It the Clown wig’ any given Halloween at thousands of shops around the country. Since it is just as famous as the Freddy or Jason masks that are sold on the holiday, you can wear your wig and post up behind a bush, jumping out to scare kids any day of the year. You may even have the chance to scare Santa into submission should you be the type to desire such an outcome.