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Believe it or not, professional athletics have been around well into the Roman Empire days when warriors would fight against each other for distinction and even prize money. In fact, our Olympics were based on the Greek and Roman ‘Olympians’ that were great athletes in their time. Fast forwarding to our current era of huge salaries, drama, and big trades, the professional athletes in our world are supposed to be the top performers in their craft and, for whatever reason, our society pays them millions of dollars to find themselves on the bench with an injury. Seems to not make much sense, yet it simply is how our world works right now, and citizens do not seem to care.

With the direction our professional athletes are heading now, it’s no wonder the government hasn’t stepped in to regulate some of the high salaries that take place. For example, paying a player nearly $200 million dollars a year to play baseball only to hit around .240 with little offensive production is literally a waste, considering that big salary is largely paid by the fans through ticket sales and other licensed memorabilia. Fans are going to eventually grow tired of that trend and either start watching their teams on television, or just walk away altogether. There should be some type of clause that is written into a contract where there is a smaller base salary with the potential of earning the big dollars if certain personal statistics are reached, such as getting 25 or more homers, 100+ RBI’s, perhaps even keeping the ERA below 3.40; we’re simply throwing away money for a player to ‘have a bad year’.

Professional athletes are no doubt extremely fun to watch and even have some great highlights to remember. There just needs to be some control on the amounts our favorite teams willingly fork over for poor performance. Imagine getting excited over your team landing a big prospect or scoring big in the trade market, then during training camp he either tears an ACL or even needs Tommy John surgery. That player will be gone for the whole year, and we just paid him $11 million dollars to sit on his ass and heal. With situations like that, and poor performance, there needs to be more control on our money being spent so flagrantly.

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