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Since no one really knows the root or reason that people would want purple hair, we simply sit back and speculate who may have invented this idea to color our hair in such a tone, and why people even bother wearing such an off color of hair. Given that our society has evolved into a ‘free for all’ in terms of self-expression, it is safe now to say that purple wigs and other hair treatments that turn hair purple are relatively normal to society. In theatrical performances, cosplay as well as on-stage singing performances, purple wigs are the new means we express our truly colorful inner selves. Having said that, we look at other possible reasons that people would want purple wigs.

Plenty of 80′s cartoons have come and gone, especially if you were a fan of MTV; Aeon Flux, Heavy Metal and ‘Oddities’ were some of the best cartoons of the 80′s and are not played today. In those cartoons, as well as your common Japanese anime cartoon showings, there are plenty of young ladies and grown women who have purple hair; we then, as crazy young teens, tend to copy those people to reenact the feeling and actions of our favorite characters. Also, plenty of people wear purple wigs to simply give off the punk rocker look since you can get these colorful hair pieces spiked much like the punk rockers of our time. Finally, ladies and men even just wear purple wigs to hit the club scene with a ‘louder’ appearance to express their daring natures.

Purple wigs have the same design possibilities as any other hair style on the market. If you want a purple perm or even just straight purple hair, there are purple wigs to accommodate those desires. You can get long purple hair wigs, even purple mullet wigs to commemorate the 80′s look sported by David Bowie and many others. There are literally no limitations on the styles and length you can buy a purple wig in. Show the daring nature that you keep bottled up inside and find yourself the purple wigs that you want from online and local retailers today and, should you not get the style you want, there is always the idea of buying a normal wig that has your style and painting it purple.

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