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The rarest and hardest shade of hair color to grow is red hair, which is such a rarity that it grows in only one percent of the human race. The rarity is due to the scientific makeup of the red hair, which is basically a formation of certain chromosome that mutates within the MC1R protein in people’s bodies. There is no known way to genetically alter your chromosomes to get the red hair color that you want; therefore, if you are a natural redheaded person, you are in an elite global group of people. The main tones that are associated with red-headed people is the copper and burnt orange shades. Also, our society labels people with red hair as those with a mean or ‘burning’ temperament.

Although our means of record-keeping may be a little shoddy, the red hair has been known to exist as early as the 14th century in some areas, and tends to be dominant in Western European areas like Scotland and Ireland. If you ever heard your red-head friends whimper in the bright sunlight, do not be too mean: red haired people tend to be increasingly sensitive to UV rays due to their fair complexions. Whereas red hair people make up the small percentage of global people, the concentration of redheads in just Europe alone stands roughly at four percent, which translates into one in twenty-five. The main pigment that is found within the redhead genes is pheomelanin, which is lacking in most people with simply dark hair who have the other pigment, eumelanin.

Unfortunately for the future of the red hair generation, many people feel that this color will die out at some point in the following centuries. If you want to preserve the red hair tradition, then you can always get red wigs that you can change intermittently to contrast with your style of dress. You can easily find the perfect hair style and shade of red that you are looking for anytime, day or night, right from your couch. Red hair is a rarity as you can tell, yet you still have the opportunity to look as red as you want to buy stocking up on red wigs that are available all over the world in many different lengths and shades.

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