Santa Claus

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Call the jolly fat man that comes once a year anything you want: Sinterklaas, Kris Kringle, or Saint Nick. Just don’t call this historical figure that delivers your child gifts late. The tradition of Santa Claus has been around for longer than you can possibly fathom, although many researchers speculate that he had begun to invade worldwide chimneys for about two centuries now. He knows when you are naughty or nice, and he also knows how to comply with FAA rules of flying around the friendly skies, too. Here is a brief tour of the North Pole, located somewhere way north of what you consider to be, well, north.

Guided by eight flying reindeer, an extra more popular reindeer that was originally shunned by the rest due to a defective nose until Santa decided to set them straight, and some GPS that is naturally induced, this man and his conveyance have the uncanny ability to delivery toys all around the globe before Christmas morning. No one is exactly sure how this tends to happen, but it does. With the evolving of technology, you can actually log onto the internet on Christmas Eve and track Santa’s current location like you were tracking UPS packages. And what happens to the elves after they work endlessly to make the toys for all of these children? More work. The elves have the individual energy and strength of a hundred grown men, allowing them to craft any kind of toy that is conceivable. They even take breaks and play with those toys, too; in all reality, they are acting as production workers and quality control at the same time.

Santa wears a traditionally warm suit that consists of a thick fur top, a hat that is made of the same quality of fur, trousers that are even thicker, a belt that fits perfectly, and shoes that are thick enough to kick through a concrete wall. Along with his trademark beard, Santa Claus is the greatest surprise to children and that epitomizes everything that is good. If you have been nice to your little brother and the mailman this year, Santa is bringing some great stuff your way; if not, then he just may leave you some undesirable coal or even skip your house altogether.

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