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Fear is what drives people to the deepest corners of their rooms and shrivel in terror while their worst thoughts unfold before their eyes. The best part of fear, however, is that fact it produces a lot of really great movies and sells tons of memorabilia that normal folks can use to scare each other. And, as the famous FDR speech tells us, “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”; therefore, we should all turn our darkest worries into some playful candor instead of letting the unknown and subconsciously-created fear control our movements. Grab some scary wigs and let’s hit the neighborhoods together and conquer each other’s fear.

Scary wigs are what make the greatest scary movies ever made happen. From the decade that brought us the Texas Chainsaw Massacre all the way forward to the ‘Scream’ trilogy, scary wigs and masks are the main ingredient to add suspense to a scene or entire movie. Yes, some of the greatest dismemberments have happened at the expense of mad men or women in masks or scary wigs. Freddy Kruger is perhaps one of the more scary and unpredictable of the scary men on the screen, since he seems to show up out of nowhere and slash your guts out no matter where you may be. And the Dancing Clown from the ‘It’ movie also had a sick demeanor due to the many ways he was able to prey upon the fears and nightmares of his victims. These are just a few examples of the scary people who lit our televisions up and sent us to bed holding our pillows a little tighter.

Scary wigs can literally be found in any color, shape or size. Depending solely upon the person you wish to portray, whether it be ‘Pinhead’, ‘Jason Voorhees’, or even the meter man, you can definitely score the masks that you want. Depending on the season that you need them, these masks can be found as locally as your Wal-Mart stores, or on most wig selling websites of distinction. The price you’ll pay is small compared to the priceless sight of someone you know peeing their pants in fear when you scare them; scary wigs are meant for fun, however, so keep that in mind.

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