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Theatrical performances are the best live shows that one could ever expect to see in their lifetime. Such acts as ‘Rent’, ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Peter Pan’ and thousands more have been on Broadway for decades now, and their performances couldn’t be nearly close to effective without the presence of theatrical wigs, generally used to depict a character from a book or story. These wigs are priceless and imperative to an effective theatrical performance; in fact, without theatrical wigs, most performances couldn’t exist at all. Therefore, it would be a good idea the next time you plan on a live play or musical to have theatrical wigs for each character you plan to portray. Here are some major differences between your theatrical wigs and a store bought wig.

There is actually a pretty big difference between a theatrical wig and the normal store bought wigs; first, there needs to be a level of durability added to theatrical wigs due to stunts and other rough uses that it may see, whereas your normal wig is simply going to be used lightly and not go through such stringent activity. Next, theatrical wigs have to be perfect in detail and color since the characters may be mere feet away from the audience, whereas normal wigs can be whatever color you want and not have to be so detailed considering your friends will love you no matter what the wig looks like. Finally, theatrical wigs are going to cost two to four times more than an average wig due to the demand for detail whereas the normal wigs are going to be simpler to make which drives costs back down.

Theatrical wigs are excellent keepsakes and even make perfect gifts for those that love to dress up for various parties or occasions; the detail that is involved in making one is impeccable, which means that you will get a theatrical wig that is perfectly symmetrical, highly colorful, and have everyone on the block talking about you. Shopping for theatrical wigs may be a challenge considering these are highly specialized types of wigs that only certain manufacturers make. Going to the theater and actually talking to a production manager about how to buy one has been known to work wonders for those that seek theatrical wigs.

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