Bob Marley Wig

The Craziest Bob Marley Wig Ever!!

Music wouldn’t be the same unless you included and discussed the reggae genre, more common to the Jamaican country but spreading over the world as time went on. This type of music is laid-back, chilled and talks about real world issues and releasing the cares of life in some manner. You will commonly hear light guitar riffs, an extremely high-tuned snare drum reminiscent of the timbale, bongos, and steel drums as well as keyboarding. Nothing could relax a person more – apart from classical music – than the light sounds of reggae. And when you think of reggae, the most obvious player in the game is Robert Nesta Marley, or simply Bob Marley to those that know him the best.

No one can deny that Marley and the music he wrote was perhaps the greatest in his genre ever. Even when he joined the Wailers to his act, things still got even better yet, and the music that he performed, such as the infamous ‘I Shot The Sheriff’, which was covered thereafter by Eric Clapton, and ‘One Love’, which was inspired by a painter friend of Marley’s from the North Caribbean. No one will ever deny the notoriety of this lyrical genius, and it is unfortunate he left the world at the young age of 37. If you haven’t experienced the tunes of Marley, I suggest that perhaps you listen to some online .mp3′s or go down to the local records store and find a few vinyl’s of his works. You will be amazed as well as relaxed.

If you want to dress and look like Marley, you are definitely not alone. Thousands of fans, even to this day, loved to grab posters, shirts and other Marley memorabilia to commemorate the life Marley led. His signature long dreads are grown by many people in the States as well as the world over. If your hair simply cannot form the kind of style that Marley had, you can always go around the web or around your locality and find a Bob Marley wig, sport a T-shirt, and listen to the cheery, up-beat tropical sounds of the reggae/ska master that birthed one of the most prolific sounds known by us today. Enjoy some reggae and get a Marley wig as soon as possible.

Bob Dylan Wig

The Coolest Bob Dylan Wig Ever!!

Music is what makes the world change moods from happy, to sad, even to rebellious amongst other types of feelings. Written songs have inspired movements, helped people understand war, and give us a deeper reason to fall in love with a person. Throughout the life of music, you have such artists as Mozart, Sly and the Family Stone, Yardbirds, Free, and hundreds of thousands more, each with their own unique style and message behind every written tune. If you want to listen to an artist that has inspired over five decades worth of music and is also a painter and poet, you definitely need to read up on, and listen to, the sounds of Robert Allen Zimmerman, better known to the musical society as Bob Dylan.

Even at seventy years old, this treasured story-telling soft rock icon is still rocking the stage just as good. His songs have been the centerpiece of several U.S. rights movements as well as anti-war movements. He has such hits throughout his illustrious career as ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ and ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’, along with many other soft melodies that still influence folk singers and writers today. His legend will live on forever, and the Duluth, MN born musician influenced many people through even deeper cuts such as ‘Times Are A-Changin’. If you would inspire to write and follow the music of any one singer, you should first read more about the goodness that Dylan has brought to the U.S musical scene during a period in our era when so many political issues were brewing, including war.

To really get the natural look and feel for this musician, it may be a great idea to find a Bob Dylan wig and attempt to mimic his style of prose. Since throughout the years he changed his topical appearance quite a bit, you should research some common Bob Dylan photos throughout his five decades of existence. He has been known to sport a short top hat and, of course, his six-string guitar. Finally, you could probably benefit from learning most of his common songs, which his albums are extremely prevalent and easy to locate online or offline. Perhaps you can go to his website and listen to some of his older tunes as well.

Richard Simmons Wig

The Craziest Richard Simmons Wig Ever!!

The New Orleans-born super workout king we all know as Richard Simmons has been the source of both a great deal of helpful vibes as well as some controversial times, too. This flamboyant exercise maven is a living legend by which most other current television workout programs follow. And yes, Mr. Simmons does live alone currently with his Dalmatians. He has seen such glamorous roles, such as playing himself for a brief four year stint on General Hospital, has even appeared on such a show as Dr. Oz, where he stated how much he has helped humanity over the course of 35 years; it is rumored that, in his life up to date, he has assisted Americans to lose roughly twelve million pounds, which is a remarkable number.

Many people put down this prolific character because of his voice, the way he may carry himself, as well as the fact he is rarely seen with a woman. All jokes aside, he is perhaps one of the most outstanding and helpful human beings in existence today, offering his basic workout routines to the masses and even at the age of 63, he still appears to be well in shape and still as healthy as he was when he was in his teens. Perhaps this man will live past a hundred years; I would be on at least 90 since he is showing no physical signs of slowing down. Perhaps this would be a good message to pass on to the older generation.

Should one decide that they want to play Richard Simmons dress-up, it really would be a rather easy task to accomplish. You will first need to find yourself a Richard Simmons wig to kick the party off right, while finding the right outfit to match may be slightly harder, unless you like wearing warm-up suits as Simmons rarely wears normal clothing. So, once you have gathered all of the necessities to be a Simmons for a day, you probably need to get in shape because someone that has no mobility and is lazy will probably not fit the role so well. Although a Richard Simmons wig is a great start, it just needs to be complete before you begin the journey of being like him.

Pennywise Clown Wig

The Craziest Pennywise Clown Wig Online

The most brilliant and renowned authors of our time, Steven King, has written a slew of books with various characters involved in the plots, such as animals as well as people. From such works as ‘Tommyknockers’, ‘Green Mile’ and ‘Christine’, King has pretty much cornered the market on mystery and horror novels, and unless he stops writing tomorrow under his name or his alter pen name, which is Richard Bachman, then I cannot see the title of ‘best’ ever leaving any conversation involving King. One of the best movies that came of his novels that still reigns as one of his personal best achievements is ‘It’.

The main perpetrator of evil throughout the entire movie is a mysterious character known only as ‘It’, which has also been known to be called Bob Gray. The main form that this film’s bad guy takes is that of a wacky clown that goes by the name “Pennywise the Clown”. To best describe the looks of this monstrosity, you need to take Ronald McDonald, Bozo the Clown and Clarabel from the hit children’s series ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’. So, with that combination of characters in one mixed with evil intentions, you have a pretty dangerous ‘thing’ running around on the loose. The main method of killing prey for this clown was to lure people through dreams or nightmares and utilize the fears of the prey as a means to kill them. For example, one person had a fear of drowning in water, and ‘It’ ultimately killed this person in their bath tub.

With razor sharp teeth and a look that could literally scare anyone, Pennywise is perhaps one of the most sadistic clowns that ever came out on screen due to the nature of his attacking and general stature. On any given Halloween you have the golden opportunity to become this clown with just a few basic steps, including getting the Pennywise wig and white paint for your entire body. Find yourself a clown costume next, which many party rental stores will have this item. Finally, get yourself some big floppy shoes and a tool that you can use and a weapon that will be effective enough to scare people and you’ll have the greatest costume on the block, guaranteed.

Styrofoam Wig Head

Get your Styrofoam Wig Head Today

If you are in the fashion industry or simply sell hand-made wigs, one of the more useful tools that you will encounter and be thankful for is the styrofoam wig head that is commonly used to display one’s hats for sale, wigs that were made, and even what a real human would look like wearing such apparatuses. Also, these are handy for those at home that are trying to make a living by forming their own wigs and hats because it allows the pieces to be stored properly and stay perfectly in form. This is a perfect tool for anyone that designs hats or wigs to have, and since they do not cost a ton of money due to the low cost to manufacture, you can easily afford several dozen.

Not all the time will you have a live head laying around your beauty shop or design studio to shape your wigs to perfection; this is why the styrofoam wig head is such a handy apparatus to have around. However, these wig heads are not recommended for long term storage as the styrofoam may wear into the actual wig or hat and make wearing the piece very uncomfortable. It is also recommended that you store these wig heads, whether they are bald or have a product on it, in a dry, cool place rather than a hot environment since styrofoam tends to let off chemicals when heated that may cause harm to your wigs or hats.

Styrofoam wig heads allow you to do so much more than you could before, especially when it comes to sewing or crafting the perfect wig. In days of old, one had to go through the trouble of measuring their heads, then getting a wig cap ready that fits the head, and then finally go through the process of creating the wig; this method was often times slow and menial. Master wig crafters that have the present-day equipment needed to do the job right, such as the styrofoam wig head, the job is made so much simpler and saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent in needless measuring and figuring out the best methods to store their finished goods.

Long Curly Clip in Ponytail

Get Your Long Curly Clip In Ponytail Today!

Ever dreamed of having more hair than you were born with, yet never had the means to get that hair quite the way you wanted it? There are innovation for that, my friends. No matter if you want long hair, curly hair, weaved hair or any hair style in between, the vast expanse we call the internet has the product you seek. And since hair extensions are as hot as ever, now is the time to think over what new look you wish to achieve in the upcoming year. The long curly hair has been around for many centuries and worn by many famous people in our history. You, too, can also wear a long curly clip in a ponytail which is still similar to the long haired look of great people.

If you can recall the type of hair that the young Annie wore during the epic movie of the same name, then you will have an idea of what a long curly clip in ponytail would look like. This form of extension can come in many different lengths to fit your style, as well as different colors to compliment any outfit or clothing style that you normally wear. Having this sort of flexibility in hair styles in a society of different personalities is perfect for everyone, whereas before many people were taboo about having a daring hair style, especially when that requires to sometimes extend the hair you already have.

A long curly clip in ponytail is available pretty much anywhere online where common hair products such as wigs are sold. You also have the option of attempting to make this yourself, but if you lack experience in this type of crafting, then it may not turn out as planned. The lengths also vary in sizes, making the option to have a long curly clip or a short one pretty flexible, with even the option of using your own hair as the clip in ponytail. As you can see, everyone can have the look of orphan Annie at any time throughout the year simply by having a long curly clip in ponytail made for them or already made to fit. This will be one hair care purchase that you’ll be glad you made.

Short Afro Wig

The Best Short Afro Wig Ever

The history behind the infamous hairstyle known as the afro, or simply the ‘fro’, has roots that date back as far as the 1860′s when a group of what is said to be concubine-like women called Circassia beauties wore their hair in a similarly upward and frizzy manner. Since that epic era of Russian beauty was formed, the afro style has become a symbol of freedom and also good looks, with many great people wearing the short afro as well as the extremely tall afro throughout history. Armed with an afro pick, some pretty crafty placed hair chemicals and plenty of patience, you can also have your very own short afro to strut around town with.

Afros have actually been adopted by quite a large group of people whereas before they were nearly strictly an African-American thing. The Jewish have their own version of the cultural hair style called the ‘Jew fro’, and there are even some Russian and Grecian folks that also wear their hair in that manner, as well as some Hispanic people. The early reasons for people to wear an afro style of haircut is to make fun of the white folks that were keeping the black people as slaves; it was more or less an inside joke, in short. Yet over time, the reasons seem to fade into a more ‘trendy’ and ‘cool’ look rather than ill-will from the days passed.

Making your hair shaped into an afro is relatively easy if you have hair that will cooperate. First, it is necessary to have the wettest hair possible and then braid your hair into six or even ten different sections. Once you have completed that step, you will want to sleep in those braids overnight, which is going to allow the hair to settle into balls, so to speak. Once you arise from a deep sleep, you need to undo the braids and comb the hair back and up into the necessary afro style that you want. This is how people with straight hair can pull this off; however, if you have little time and short of patience, you can get yourself a short afro wig and wear it around pretending that you worked hard on your afro. This method is good for jokes or parties.

Coraline Wig

The Coolest Coraline Wig Ever!!

People tend to rave about good books that have come out many years ago instead of paying homage to the current literary works of the thousands of acclaimed authors that exist in today’s world. One author to take note of is the horror and fantasy write Neil Gaiman, the British award-winning writer with many top pieces to his credit, including the novella titled ‘Coraline’, the story of a young yet somewhat unique girl named Coraline Jones. This story is chilling as well as thrilling, which is sure to have you on your toes from cover to cover.

The black haired and skinny young girl, who takes annoyance to people who mispronounce her name as ‘Caroline’, discovers a tiny little door in the home that her and her parents just moved into and when she walks through the door, it seems to be the same house with similar parents, yet these people are different. They want Coraline to stay with them and change who she is. From that point on begins an epic novel of young Coraline being torn between two worlds until the very end of the book when she finally shuts the door on the imposturous family and come to love the life she already has. All told, this story seems to bring to the forefront how young children can deal with nightmares that may occur early on in their childhoods. Wonderfully written and perhaps a great candidate for a movie one day, this story was a top seller on the New York Times best-seller list.

Coraline was a young girl that had a wiry frame to compliment her fair complexion and long brown hair. She was extremely ahead of her age group in intelligence and it showed in the way she was portrayed in the book. This young lass would make a splendid person to imitate in a movie, play, or just for a simple trick-or-treat festival. Simply find yourself a dark brown wig that you can customize to make your own Coraline wig, then compliment the remaining guise with a t-shirt and some jeans; nothing too elaborate. And if you know enough about the character, then you should have little trouble knowing somewhat how to act in accordance with the basics of the story line.

Fu Manchu Beard Set

The Best Fu Manchu Beard Set Online

We all know about the famous moustache that was sported by the character of Fu Manchu, but many people perhaps do not really know who Fu Manchu really is in literary history. We will attempt to clear the air for those in doubt with a short description of the Sax Rohmer character that has become historical mainly due to the style of moustache that is worn by the fictitious book murderer. You will grow to love this Chinese bad guy and perhaps find the time to rent the famous movie based on him called ‘The Face of Fu Manchu’ which is set in the Ireland city of Dublin.

Fu Manchu is best known for not only his murderous ways as illustrated by Sax, but he is equally famous for the many covert tactics he uses to get the job done. For example, he many have some of his henchmen plant snakes around you when you sleep, or perhaps even put some sort of deadly fungi in your food. He was the master murderer that orchestrated many deaths through both his own hands and through secret societies’ assistance. His facial appearance is that of the devil as drawn out by many, but seems to have the intelligence of Einstein while maintaining most of the looks of traditional 19th or 20th century Chinese men. Depending on what book or movie you watch, he claims to have many degrees from Western universities and has attended many colleges all over the world.

The main feature that, of course, that people are going to mention about the literary monster is his moustache which is a thin goatee without the connection on the bottom of the chin. Thanks to the literary writing of Sax, this character is best known throughout history for this moustache and people who attempt to grow one are often said to have a ‘Fu Manchu moustache’. There are many kinder ways to imitate the legendary villain, one of which would include getting a Fu Manchu beard set in which you can either shave your current face bald and apply to the dry skin or else simply add on to your current style of facial hair. Just make sure it is trimmed thin so the full effect of the Fu Manchu is kept intact.

Kramer Wig

The Best Kramer Wig Online

Sitting down on the couch at night and surfing for a comedy to watch almost always turns up an episode of Seinfeld for our family, simply because it is a priceless show with endless amounts of humor. The show features four main friends that have up and down personal issues, especially in relationships; for example, Jerry is the mild mannered comedian that often acts as the friends’ liaison in arguments and other such needs; George plays the role of the ‘cheap skate’ that always seems to think he has a romantic flare with the ladies; and then there is Elaine, who is Jerry’s ex-girlfriend who is sexy as well as often times too honest with people. The most electrifying, however, is Cosmo Kramer, the mainly unemployed neighbor across the hall from Seinfeld, known for his many off the wall antics.

Kramer is perhaps one of the most comical sitcom stars that your television set has ever know of. He combines a wacky sort of hip persona along with the trademark vintage suit and wing tipped shoes. He often enters in each show by means of busing through Jerry’s door with either some issue, or just out of sheer silliness. Also, Cosmo is known for his Cuban cigar smoking on occasion. He is best described, in terms of actual role in the show, as the one whom is often trying to get the other friends to engage in unethical and illegal acts just merely to have something to do, or to have some means to profit off the other person or the ‘system’.

Cosmo Kramer is also widely known for his crazy style of hair that seems to be washed then immediately thrown through a wind tunnel. It never gets much attention with a comb, so if you wanted to become a Kramer one day for a funny joke or for Halloween, simply taking your own hair and contracting static electricity may be enough, or you could also get a Kramer wig that has the hair already standing up for you. Get yourself a suit with a Hawaiian style shirt and some golf style shoes and you will be well on your way to stardom like you never knew possible, and perhaps end up the butt end of some good jokes.