General Custer Wig

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The American Civil war is perhaps one of the pinnacle events that has ever occurred in our history and will go down as such due to the many battles that were lost, territories that were taken over, and memorable battles that ensued on a daily basis. There are many war heroes and generals that took matters into their own hands when the situation called for it, and not many of the could direct their armies better than General George Custer, the mastermind cavalry commander of the Indian War and the American Civil War. Even though Custer was a near West Point Academy dropout, he was enlisted as a Union officer when the war began to break out, and made history from that point on.

His first piece of action was Battle of Bull Run which was the first of many different battles that he would end up fighting in. He was eventually appointed captain of his own Calvary within a short period of time, and was able to lead his troops through some of the most epic, long and grueling battles of all time. Custer is thought to have fathered a child with a Cherokee woman; however, since many researchers believe that Custer was sterile since he was in West Point, the actual Cherokee woman’s pregnancy is more than likely Custer’s brother Thomas. Many have mere speculation as to how Custer actually died with some historians believing that he was shot by White Bull the Indian, while others speculate that he was killed in action somehow. Nothing has been proven to be concrete in terms of his actual cause of death.

Custer wore the standard issue of Union clothing, consisting of the basic button down uniform jacket, hat, and boots. His hair was sort of curly and he also wore a moustache and small beard. Going to a medieval revival fair or even out for a convention would be so much more fun with the help of a General Custer wig, which would make you the talk of the Union town you are in, or possibly get you shot if seen rolling around in Confederate territory. He is a true hero of a war that changed the face of our nation forever, and you can own a piece of that history today with a General Custer wig.

Mrs. Doubtfire

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Love comedy and family-based movies that keep you laughing all the way through the movie? One of the top rated funny movies of all time is that of a Mrs. Doubtfire, acted out by Robin Williams and is originally based off the 80′s hit book ‘Madame Doubtfire’. You will constantly be on the edge of your seat rolling with laughter as Robin Williams effectively plays a housekeeper better than most women ever have. He co-stars with Sally Field in this classic hit movie about love and lessons in keeping an effective marriage together.

Daniel, who consistently is living out his childhood antics through his three children, is starting to agitate his wife Miranda who makes a living as an interior designer. When one of his children’s birthdays comes up, he hires a petting zoo to come into the house to celebrate this child’s birthday; however, since Miranda didn’t authorize this party to take place, she becomes infuriated and eventually divorces Daniel. Now broke and without any means to live, the kids go to the sole custody of Miranda. To help keep up with daily chores now that Daniel is gone, Miranda must place an ad for a housekeeper to help out, and when Daniel learns about this, he takes up the personification of a sixty year old Scottish house keeper that has the funny name Euphegenia, and eventually gets hired as the maid. Eventually the movie ends with Miranda allowing Daniel to move back in as the caretaker when his feminine cover is blown, giving the lesson to children that kids are the bond that holds all things together.

With a pair of Coke bottle glasses, greyish white hair and the look of a distinguished sixty year old woman to boot, you can look like the infamous Mrs. Doubtfire just as easily as Robin Williams did. There is a little housekeeper in all of us, and by taking a Halloween or just another ordinary day to dress up like Mrs. Doubtfire, you can bring joy to children, even if they are your own, and also be the laughing stock of the neighborhood at the same time. Preparing yourself for the feminine lifestyle may be a challenge especially if you are not accustomed to sitting down to use the restroom.

Short Tinsel Wig

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Tinsel, primarily the sparkling addition given to Christmas trees to give them luster, is also quickly becoming a fashion fad for men or women to wear as wigs much in the same manner they wear other wigs. With popular acts like Gaga raising the bar on fashion, more innovations have been developed that would give the wild and daring look while accompanying any outfit that a woman or man wants to wear. Short tinsel wigs are often worn during such fantastic gigs like theatrical displays, costume role playing between friends, or even just to take a break and go out on a party spree for a night. All in all, short tinsel wig wearers have much to be proud of.

The actual material we call tinsel was invented in Nuremburg, Germany and was actually initially made of real shredded pieces of silver. Since the cost of silver has increased out of the realm of affordability, modern day production of tinsel is general done with plastic and then coated with a metallic type of paint to give it the effect of being metal. It also had been known to be made of fool’s gold, or pyrite, but since the cost of that material was also outrageous, new innovations in manufacturing allowed for cheaper and faster methods of producing tinsel. In older days, the main concern with aluminum-based production of tinsel was the potential fire hazards that home owners faced due to the lack of proper coatings on light bulbs. In today’s age, Christmas lights are produced with enough insulation to keep the heat inside the bulb for the most part.

If you want your hair to be any length with any color possibility, then short tinsel wig wearing is the direction you need to head in. Tinsel is relatively cheap, can be customized to fit any lifestyle or need, and also is easy to maintain. You can literally have a Christmas party on your head anytime with short tinsel wigs; you can also look like an expensive movie star just by owning one of these wigs, too. The ease of care and cost effective nature makes owning a short tinsel wig more enticing now than it ever was in the past. Get your short tinsel wig today and live like a rockstar.

Blue Beard

The Meaniest Blue Beard Ever!!

Bluebeard, the 17th century masterpiece about a wealthy businessman with the same name that had an ugly looking blue colored beard that set his appearance apart from anyone else. He marries a young maiden and immediately moves her into his expensive villa, then suddenly announces that he is leaving the country, leaving the wife in charge of the villa. She is given the keys to every room that contains treasures and is told to have fun; she is then told about a room in the basement that she must never enter no matter what. And, of course, we all know that curiosity gets the best of anyone, so she goes into the forbidden room anyway.

Once she enters the room, she finds the bloodbath that is later described as the bodies of Bluebeards many other wives. She runs out of the room with a now blood-stained key and tells her family about this murderous monster. Suddenly it dawns on the maiden to flee the castle but it is too late because Bluebeard finally came home and discovers she went into the forbidden room against his commands. He vows to behead the woman; she pleads and asks for about fifteen minutes to say her prayers, giving enough time for her two brothers to show up. Just before the vicious mad man delivers the final fatal blow, the brothers kill the murderous Bluebeard, leaving all of his treasures to be split by his wife. She divides it up equally and eventually marries a wonderful man who helps her to forget the horrifying experience she just had.

This is a truly wonderful tale that is told by the late French author Charles Perrault, who wrote many other similar chilling tales. If you would love to inherit your own blue beard, then you certainly can do so. Bluebeard had facial hair that was wild and unkempt, which was utterly hideous. However, you can have a more manageable blue beard that can be shared by your friends and family as well. Blue is an excellent color for a beard and simply unique, and they are a great accessory to use when you are in a play, doing cosplay with friends, or simply want something a little exciting to go out on the town with.

Fake Straight Ponytail

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Ponytails have been worn for centuries by both women and men of all walks, and continue to be worn today. No matter if you have short hair, long hair, or no hair, you can enjoy a ponytail anytime of the day. There is little history or reason why people have chosen to wear their hair in this particular manner, yet women still do this every day and now men are doing the ponytail now more than ever, especially within the Native American Indian tribes. Beauty is perhaps the best reason love wearing this hairstyle, along with being able to keep the hair out of their faces. Ponytails can also be really short, depending on the total length of your hair.

In the workplace, such as a restaurant, it is required to have your hair away from food products due to health hazards and liabilities. Hair nets are provided by most restaurant employers, yet if they are not, hair needs to be pulled back in this ponytail to keep away from preparation of food. In the case of the business world in general, women usually wear their in ponytails as a sign of professionalism and to don respect for their employer. In the hot summer months, women will wear their hair in a ponytail to avoid getting any sweat in their eyes and allow their faces to evenly tan. Ponytails are not known to be a decisive factor in the order of natural selection, although it probably does help slightly.

If you are the person that cannot seem to grow hair even if Miracle Grow products are applied to your head, then you will definitely benefit from a new innovation on the scene called a fake straight ponytail, an extension that can be clipped to your hair and act as an extra little bit of hair for you. If you simply have the desire to have a ponytail to get a more professional look, then this fake straight ponytail is for you. Most people pick one of these up for the mere purpose of enhancing their already beautiful looks or just to have an extra accessory to have around the house in case one decides to go out and need that extra little ‘oomph’ to add to their clothing choice.

Belle Wig

The Best Belle Wig Ever!

War movies have become a tradition to watch for their seemingly realistic accounts of things that have happened during battle in various countries. History Channel has many great post-war documentaries, yet having people act out vital characters and actions that take place in a war adds to the realistic value of the movie. While most movies revolve around ground combats, there are only a handful of movies that actually take place about Air battles and situations, yet one of the best that aced it was Memphis Belle, a movie that came out roughly 1990 that revolves around the twenty-fifth and final mission of the B-17 bomber which, at that time, was stationed in England.

The story begins with the crew of the bomber being grounded while their aircraft is being repaired; while in waiting, various other planes are landing having completed their own missions. All of the planes that are incoming make a safe landing except for one that explodes while attempting a safe landing, wiping out the entire crew on board. Later that evening, it is announced that the Belle is about to begin the last mission upon which when it returns, a massive feast and party will take place. The movie then takes some twist and turns before the plot finally brings them around to the Belle landing, although not elegantly, with one of the crew members injured. The movie was dedicated to the people who fought for us, especially the Air Force, during the war at that time, WWII. It still remains one of the great movies of all time.

The clothing that was worn by the pilots and crew members were your standard issued military uniforms at the time with the hats to match. Women wore their service skirts and the same hats; therefore, should you want to relive this epic era in history, then find yourself the perfect Memphis Belle wig, which consists of a full head of hair cut short for the guys, a bun for the girls, and get a military uniform. Once these items are gathered, then you need to head on out to the nearest Air Force base and watch all of the planes go by, wishing and wondering what life was like in the military times of the 1940′s.

Mr. T. Wig

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Naming off some of the best all-around action shows on television of my life, one that always hits the near top of my list is the ‘A-Team’, a rarely great show that features a group of mercenaries that are on the run from the military most of the time while making money by doing odd jobs such as snatch bad guys or get money somehow. Since all of them are ex-members of the elite Special Forces, they are all trained in hand-to-hand combat and advanced weaponry. Having this combination amongst their group makes them a deadly force to be reckoned with, yet the gang seems to all find common ground to get along with each other, except when it comes to Mr.T.

Laurence Tureaud, whom the show introduces as B.A. Baracus (BA= Bad Ass), is the seemingly delegated ‘enforcer’ of the group due to his frame. He is the one that often is kicking in doors or snatching up two people at once. The entire team is widely known for their acrobatic maneuvers and high-action stunts which no one gets really injured on too badly. Mr. T has taken such famous lines as ‘I pity the fool’ and given them life, taking the phrase to pro wrestling and even forming his own show. He is also, of course, on the Rocky III movie, playing the bad ass boxer ‘Clubber Lang’. Currently, he still remains a bodyguard and motivational speaker while also sporting the loads of jewelry that has made him famous throughout the years.

Along with the many pieces of gold that he wears on his neck, Mr. T is famous for his spiked mohawk which is generally kept short. He has never had his hair any other way, and to this day – even reaching 60 years old – he still wears that same mohawk. Although many other people have attempted to imitate Mr. T, the only real way you can look anything close to his famous guise is to get a Mr. T wig, some gloves with the fingers cut off, about 12 pounds of solid gold jewelry for your neck, and a totally bad attitude to boot. This look would be optimal at work parties to set a bully straight, or just to act goofy around the town.

The Penguin Wig – Batman

The Meaniest The Penguin Wig - Batman Ever!!

Batman, in many people’s humble opinion, is the best DC comic’s creation ever to hit the shelves and the screen. The comic superhero has been existence since 1939 when he was in the ‘Detective Comics’ series; of course, he eventually was given his own comic from DC and is the hit success that it is today. As the protector of the people of Gotham, Batman has to deal with a handful of bad guys, such as Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and the most infamous bad boy of them all – The Penguin. Originally inspired by the penguin from the Kool cigarettes promotional pieces, the Penguin appeared shortly after Batman did in the Detective series, and has been a pain ever since.

Known chiefly for his elaborate umbrella collection and the uncanny ability to have a working villain-good guy relationship with Batman. Although several times throughout the comic series he has sworn to walk away from crime, Penguin is usually found creating havoc in the background through other bad guys and girls. He originally became a hated criminal due to the fact he was constantly bullied as a young child for being so short; finally, he lashed back. His love for birds was also often a center of jokes as a young kid; from there, he began a life of crime that included stealing artwork to gain recognition by the local mob to have a means to join them. When he eventually does, a string of well-orchestrated heists take place and soon the Penguin killed the mafia leader with a rifle that was stored in his umbrella.

The Penguin is known for his short stature and umbrellas that are high-tech and often lethal. He wears a top hat, has a cane, and you’ll see he wears suits nearly every chance you see him out in public. He has the look of a genuine mobster, one that looks evil and a force to be reckoned with, yet he still never seems to cause direct physical damage to Batman. Interested persons that wish to have the Penguin look simply need a monocle, top hat, a cane, The Penguin wig and suit, and plenty of slick tricks up your sleeve to try and foil Batman’s everlasting goal of peace for the people of Gotham.

Kate Middleton Wig

The Sexiest Kate Middleton Wig Online!!

Most families will never get the chance to be ascended to royalty, considering that United States government won’t permit such an act, and most other countries either have a prime minister or president. If you are as lucky as some of the British are, then you have the opportunity to be recognized as a royal family if you are still involved with that kind of lifestyle, such as the current Duke of Cambridge, Prince William; he will eventually become king, which will make his lovely wife and public figure, Kate Middleton, his queen. This exquisite Duchess is well-educated and comes from a family that is well-to-do, being involved with a mail order party supply company worth 30 million euros.

Kate is a very young twenty-nine, with plenty of aspirations for the people that she has touched through her marriage to the Prince of Wales. Most young ladies can only dream of marrying into royalty, which makes Kate’s wedding a dream come true for her as well as an inspiration to other young British women to grow up marrying an eventual King. Aside from being a noted modern day princess, Kate is also well known for her fashion sense, being placed amongst an elite group of fashionistas around the world. Another interesting fact about the Duchess is that she and Prince William share common ancestors through a long lineage of royalty; no one has openly insinuated incest, but it kind of makes you wonder that if they share common ancestors and relations, wouldn’t that qualify for an odd relationship?

Kate currently is world famous for her expensive dress that reports indicate could have a retail value of up to 250,000 euros ($334,000 USD). She wears long and beautiful dark brown hair, which can be best preserved with a Kate Middleton wig. These wigs are the perfect gift for the woman in your life that wants to look elaborate yet may not have the means to do so. She can simply slip on a dress, put on this wig, and look instantly like a million bucks. These Kate Middleton wigs are found online and are relatively inexpensive. So, if you want a fresh hot look for a night on the town or simply want to have a full head of hair all the time, then get this Kate Middleton wig.

Peg Bundy

The Coolest Peg Bundy Wig Online!

Some families simply work better if they are dysfunctional, such as the family from the television hit series ‘Married With Children’. With a shoe salesman, a house wife and two very disturbed children, there is no wonder millions of viewers tuned in to watch this series that began in the mid-1980s. The show lasted a little over a decade, finally calling it quits in 1997, keeping the title of longest running live action sitcom status on the Fox network up to date. And perhaps the most commonly known character besides Al Bundy the shoe salesman was the lazy wife who never wanted anything more than Al’s money, Peg.

Peg Bundy did her best for the entire show’s running to degrade and otherwise humiliate Al, making him out to be cheap and ungrateful. She constantly used his job as a tool to make fun of Al, and often times makes rash remarks about his lack of sexual performance that she expects. She treats the children the same way, which adds to the sitcom’s funny plot. The neighbors, Jefferson and Marcy D’Arcy, are constantly coming over and belittling Al as well, rubbing their fortune and sexual appetite for each other in Al’s face. Although Jefferson is a white-collar scam artist, Marcy still finds Jefferson to be a hero. Peg is always taking Al’s money to go on massive shopping sprees. She also refuses to cook or clean up the house, making Al frustrated no matter how hard he did or did not work.

Peg is well-known for her tall reddish hair and the high heel shoes she wore, walking in more of a scurry than a natural feminine walk. She wore sun dresses and also casual jeans, or whatever she was able to buy at the mall at Al’s expense. Believe it or not, shortly after the show came out, you could purchase Peg Bundy wigs and other types of dolls that signified her character and style of dress. These items are still available today, so those that wish to enjoy the Peg Bundy look and have a little money to throw around can definitely have the same beautiful looks that Peg had throughout the course of the show. The actual Peg Bundy wig is just as affordable as most of her outfit is.