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Some families simply work better if they are dysfunctional, such as the family from the television hit series ‘Married With Children’. With a shoe salesman, a house wife and two very disturbed children, there is no wonder millions of viewers tuned in to watch this series that began in the mid-1980s. The show lasted a little over a decade, finally calling it quits in 1997, keeping the title of longest running live action sitcom status on the Fox network up to date. And perhaps the most commonly known character besides Al Bundy the shoe salesman was the lazy wife who never wanted anything more than Al’s money, Peg.

Peg Bundy did her best for the entire show’s running to degrade and otherwise humiliate Al, making him out to be cheap and ungrateful. She constantly used his job as a tool to make fun of Al, and often times makes rash remarks about his lack of sexual performance that she expects. She treats the children the same way, which adds to the sitcom’s funny plot. The neighbors, Jefferson and Marcy D’Arcy, are constantly coming over and belittling Al as well, rubbing their fortune and sexual appetite for each other in Al’s face. Although Jefferson is a white-collar scam artist, Marcy still finds Jefferson to be a hero. Peg is always taking Al’s money to go on massive shopping sprees. She also refuses to cook or clean up the house, making Al frustrated no matter how hard he did or did not work.

Peg is well-known for her tall reddish hair and the high heel shoes she wore, walking in more of a scurry than a natural feminine walk. She wore sun dresses and also casual jeans, or whatever she was able to buy at the mall at Al’s expense. Believe it or not, shortly after the show came out, you could purchase Peg Bundy wigs and other types of dolls that signified her character and style of dress. These items are still available today, so those that wish to enjoy the Peg Bundy look and have a little money to throw around can definitely have the same beautiful looks that Peg had throughout the course of the show. The actual Peg Bundy wig is just as affordable as most of her outfit is.

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