The Penguin Wig – Batman

The Meaniest The Penguin Wig - Batman Ever!!

Batman, in many people’s humble opinion, is the best DC comic’s creation ever to hit the shelves and the screen. The comic superhero has been existence since 1939 when he was in the ‘Detective Comics’ series; of course, he eventually was given his own comic from DC and is the hit success that it is today. As the protector of the people of Gotham, Batman has to deal with a handful of bad guys, such as Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and the most infamous bad boy of them all – The Penguin. Originally inspired by the penguin from the Kool cigarettes promotional pieces, the Penguin appeared shortly after Batman did in the Detective series, and has been a pain ever since.

Known chiefly for his elaborate umbrella collection and the uncanny ability to have a working villain-good guy relationship with Batman. Although several times throughout the comic series he has sworn to walk away from crime, Penguin is usually found creating havoc in the background through other bad guys and girls. He originally became a hated criminal due to the fact he was constantly bullied as a young child for being so short; finally, he lashed back. His love for birds was also often a center of jokes as a young kid; from there, he began a life of crime that included stealing artwork to gain recognition by the local mob to have a means to join them. When he eventually does, a string of well-orchestrated heists take place and soon the Penguin killed the mafia leader with a rifle that was stored in his umbrella.

The Penguin is known for his short stature and umbrellas that are high-tech and often lethal. He wears a top hat, has a cane, and you’ll see he wears suits nearly every chance you see him out in public. He has the look of a genuine mobster, one that looks evil and a force to be reckoned with, yet he still never seems to cause direct physical damage to Batman. Interested persons that wish to have the Penguin look simply need a monocle, top hat, a cane, The Penguin wig and suit, and plenty of slick tricks up your sleeve to try and foil Batman’s everlasting goal of peace for the people of Gotham.

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